Words That Start With Pre

Check List Of Words That Start With Pre

The letter p usually makes sound as /puh/ when you pronounce words such as prey, press, predent, etc. This is quite a dependable letter which can change its sound when blended with another letter. Teaching words for kids will enhance their knowledge on blended letters. Similarly, pre is a trigraph which has many words listed in vocabulary. Kids need to have thorough knowledge on words that start with pre for better comprehension. For that, you can prepare a list of words that start with pre for expanding their language skills. 

Words that start with pre prefix emphasize creative ideas that can be beneficial for our young learners. Focusing on pronunciation and engaging activities will help learners to grasp the information much faster. However, there should be clarity in concepts and teaching techniques for developing vocabulary skills among kids. At this age, you can mould kids’ minds in the way that you want them to be. Therefore, attention should be on interdisciplinary activities for teaching vocabulary words for kids

A List of All Words That Start With Pre

Here is a list of words that start with pre prefix as mentioned in tabular column below: 

Preach Prefer 
Prevail Premium 
Prevent Presence
Previous President 
Pressure Precisely 
Predator Presume
Precisely Prediction 
Preparation Precede
Preview Prejudice 
Preposition Presentation
Preference Preamble 

Activities For Learning Words That Start With Pre

Have you thought about any activity to teach vocabulary for kids? If not, then try out these amazing activities that will help kids in boosting their vocabulary knowledge tremendously. To increase their reading comprehension and writing skills, it’s better that they explore spelling activities for kids designed specifically for them. With this, they will get an idea about some words that start with pre. In this regard, some of the activities are mentioned below:

  • Pictionary: All the kids love to draw. Isn’t it? Choose a set of words that start with pre for conducting pictionary game. Prior to this, prepare a list of easy pictionary words for kids so that they can understand and interpret accordingly. Assign words and ask kids to portray or depict them by drawing on the board. The other kids of the same group who have been asked to draw should guess the correct word. If kids are successful in doing so, the winner will be declared based on the number of right answers.
  • Mime: This is a very interesting and exciting activity for kids in learning vocabulary. You have to make a group of two and ask each kid from the team to come forward and act out the given word. The others have to guess the word correctly. Then, the winner will be declared based on the maximum number of points secured by the team. There are certain rules that kids need to follow while playing the game such as no speaking while acting out the word and need to complete the task in a given frame of time. Also, explore word search puzzles for kids.
  • Worksheets: Provide worksheet to practice words that start with pre. Include exercises such as tracing the hidden word, matching the word, completing the sentence, etc. These worksheets for kids will enhance their learning abilities and make them proficient in understanding the language better. Choose some attractive themes and colors for worksheets that are visually appealing to the children. This will engage the children for a longer period of time than expected. 

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