Words That Start With Non

Check List Of Words That Start With Non

The letter n is the fourteenth consonant in English language. It plays an important role in building a strong foundation for communication. Parents and teachers put a lot of effort in teaching alphabets to the children so that they can have good educational growth. Kids between the age of 2-3 years start picking up words from their surroundings. Therefore, it is the right time to teach words that start with non which is a trigraph in the vocabulary list. Teaching n words for kids will help them to have better linguistic skills. For that, you can explore a list of words that start with non. 

Is it that simple to teach vocabulary for kids? Well, it is certainly possible if you want them to attain mastery in prefix words that start with non. Incorporate innovative activities where you can help them in recognising and understanding the short words that start with non. The best way is to offer personalized learning experiences for kids to develop their vocabulary and language skills. Besides this, focus on spelling games for kids so that they are well acquainted with words. 

A List of Short Words That Start With Non

Here is a list of words starting with non mentioned below:

Nonfamily Nontarget
Noncitizen Nonspecific 
Non essential Nontoxic 
Nonaquatic Non Complex
Nonvocal Noninjury 
Nonaqueous Nonauthor
Non Aromatic Nonliving
Noncreative Non Cooperate

Why Do You Use Words That Start With Non? 

The words that start with non are basically expressed as oppose or reverse of something. It is widely used in the English language for something that is absent. The prefix word non is basically used in front of the adjectives or nouns. In simple words, non can be expressed as No for the things which you do not agree with. Some of the examples of short words that start with non along with their meanings are mentioned below: 

  • Nondairy: Something that does not contain milk or dairy products. 
  • Nonessential:  Not necessary or essential things. 
  • Nonfat: Products without fat. 
  • Nonliving: Something that does not have life. 
  • Nonstop: Something is continuous or without stop. 
  • Nonverbal: Not speaking or communicating. 
  • Nonsense: Something that does not have sense or meaning to it. 
  • Nonprofit: Something that does not have any profit. 
  • Non renewable: Natural resources that cannot be replenished or renewed. 
  • Nonfiction: Something that is true and not imaginative. 
  • Nonexistent: Something that does not exist. 
  • Noncarrier: Things that do not carry anything. 
  • Nonbeliever: Someone who does not have religious belief.
  • Non Automatic: Things that do not work automatically. 
  • Non Aromatic: Something that does not have any odour or smell. 

Engaging Activities To Learn Words That Start With Non

The process of learning words starts with recitation and recognition of letters. Then, gradually kids understand the meaning of words and become proficient in language. To teach words for kids, you must connect the words that start with non to the real world or stories. In this regard, they somewhat relate with the words and enhance their language skills. Have you thought about any activities for teaching vocabulary words for kids? If not, then check some of the engaging activities or teaching methodology to learn words that start with non mentioned below: 

  • Find the hidden words: Introduce vocabulary words in a most fun and engaging way. You need to make sure that kids learn and revise vocabulary on a regular basis for better understanding. There are many worksheets for kids available online which include exercises to find the hidden words. Here, kids have to find the hidden words that start with non. If they are successful in finding the correct word, points will be awarded to them. With this, kids will be able to enhance their concentration and focus towards learning. 
  • Segregate the words: Provide a substantial number of flashcards to the kids. Now, ask them to segregate or isolate the words that start with non from the given flashcards. By doing this, they will be able to recognise the words and use them appropriately in communication. Also, explore puzzles for kids
  • Guess the words: Kids develop curiosity to know anything and everything around them. This activity will help them in enhancing their curiosity by participating in guessing games. For this, you have to prepare a set of flashcards consisting of riddles for kids. Allow them to guess the words that start with non by solving the riddles. For example, It is something that does not exist. The answer is nonexist. You can prepare such riddles so that kids learn new words and improve their critical thinking skills. 
  • Draw the words: All the kids would prefer to draw if ever they are given an opportunity. This is quite an interesting activity for kids to sharpen their creativity and visualization skills. You can ask kids to draw the words that start with non on the board. For example, nonverbal, nontoxic, nonliving, etc. Then, team members have to guess the word correctly. Let me remind you that, there will not be any speaking or giving verbal clues to the team members. The team with maximum points will be declared as the winner. Also, explore pictionary words for kids
  • Color the words: This is one of the best educational tools for kids to learn vocabulary. Apart from letter n coloring pages, kids can even color words that start with non. It creates interest and higher retention of words among the children. You can include different themes and backgrounds for coloring pages to make it more visually appealing. 

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