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The letter m makes the sound /mmm/ in words like me, mast, mission, mister, etc. When you teach words for kids, it’s important to teach them about root words, suffixes and prefixes. Mis is a commonly used prefix in the English language, so it is important to teach children words that start with mis. When the prefix mis is added to a root word, it changes the meaning of the word to the opposite. For example, adding the prefix mis to the word “communication” changes the word to miscommunication, which means failure to communicate clearly or successfully. To help your kids learn easily, we’ve compiled a list of words that start with mis to help you build a strong vocabulary for kids.

The tiny tots have an instinctive sound for the words that start with m from an early age. Teaching m words for kids will help them to build strong vocabulary and language skills. This is possible when you take initiative in conducting engaging activities for kids. With this, they will be able to express themselves and learn at their own pace by developing their creativity skills. In addition to this, there will be improvement in academic performance as well. 

List of Words That Start With Mis 

Here is a list of commonly used words that start with mis. 

Mist Mistake
Mischief Mistrust 
Mistaken Misquote 
Misbehave Mismanage 
Misjudge Misfortune 

More Words That Start With Mis 

Kindergarten and preschool kids have started focusing on words after successfully recognizing letters. However, you need to create opportunities for kids to concentrate on learning vocabulary words for better interpretation of information. In addition to this, you can conduct activities that will certainly help them in learning new words. Also, explore four letter words that start with m to enhance their reading and writing skills.

4 And 5 Letter Words That Start With Mis


6 Letter Words That Start With Mis 


7 Letter Words That Start With Mis


How to Teach Words That Start With Mis ? 

Kids find it extremely easy to pronounce m words such as miss and mist. However, they’ll have difficulty learning more complex words that begin with mis. To help them learn these words, incorporate literacy games for kids into their lessons. You cannot expect tiny tots to remember the words just by glancing, instead they have to put great effort to memorize them. Here are some activities that help in learning words that start with mis.

  • Playing Charades: Little kids love games like charades, so use this game to help them learn new words. This makes learning entertaining and fun and helps build their interest in vocabulary lessons. Write down several words starting with mis on flashcards and shuffle them. Ask your child to pick a card and act out the word in the flashcard. For example, kids will have play a trick or do something naughty if the card they picked has mischief written on it.
  • Hunting Words: Apart from listening, kids learn when they revise and practice words often. Try a fun energy-busting game like scavenger hunt riddles for kids to help them learn words starting with mis. If they don’t want to play outdoors, you can make them hunt words on some word search puzzles for kids.
  • Practicing Worksheets: Make your little one practice using the words they’ve learnt using worksheets for kids. For example, fill in the blanks, complete the sentence, find the hidden words, match the words, bingo, etc. All these activities make learning more fun and help kids learn words faster too.

For more vocabulary words for kids, check Osmo’s kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Words That Start With Mis

What are the Words That Start With Mis?

The Words That Start With Mis are Mistake, Miss, Misquote, Mislead, Misfit, Mismanage, Misfortune, Mishandle, Misfortune, Mister, Miscall, Misjudge, Misheard, Misinterpret, Misorder, Miserable, Misery, Mission, Misty, Mischief, etc.

What are the six and seven letter Words That Start With Mis?

The six and seven letter Words That Start With Mis are Mishap, Misuse, Misled, Miscode, Misused, Mislead, Mister, Misery, Miscast and Mistake.