Words That Start With Mis

Check List Of Words That Start With Mis

The letter m usually makes /mmm/ sound for the words such as miser, mission, mister, etc. The  word mis is a trigraph constituting some of the significant words in vocabulary. Therefore, it is extremely important for kids to have thorough knowledge of words that start with mis for effective communication. In this regard, you can explore a list of words that start with mis to teach vocabulary for kids. Introduce words in such a way that kids do not feel difficulty in memorizing them. 

The tiny tots have an instinctive sound for the words that start with m from an early age. Teaching m words for kids will help them to build strong vocabulary and language skills. This is possible when you take initiative in conducting engaging activities for kids. With this, they will be able to express themselves and learn at their own pace by developing their creativity skills. In addition to this, there will be improvement in academic performance as well. 

A List of Words That Start With Mis 

Here is a list of words that start with mis mentioned below: 

Mist Mistake
Mischief Mistrust 
Mistaken Misquote 
Miserable Miscraft 
Misbehave Mismanage 
Miscarried Misfortune 

Vocabulary List of Words That Start With Mis 

Kindergarten and preschool kids have started focusing on words after successfully recognizing letters. However, you need to create opportunities for kids to concentrate on learning vocabulary words for better interpretation of information. In addition to this, you can conduct activities that will certainly help them in learning new words. Also, explore four letter words that start with m to enhance their reading and writing skills. Some of the words that start with mis are mentioned below: 

5 Letter Words That Start With Mis

  • Misty
  • Miser
  • Missy
  • Misdo
  • Mists

6 Letter Words That Start With Mis 

  • Misled
  • Mister
  • Misuse
  • Misery
  • Mishap

7 Letter Words That Start With Mis

  • Miscode
  • Miscast
  • Misused 
  • Mistake
  • Mislead

How to Teach Words That Start With Mis ? 

Kids find it extremely easy to pronounce m words such as miss and mist. However, there are vocabulary words for kids that start with mis. To enhance their knowledge on these words, incorporate literacy games for kids on a regular basis. You cannot expect tiny tots to remember the words just by glancing, instead they have to put great effort in memorizing them. Some of the activities that help in learning words that start with mis are mentioned below:

  • Playing Charades: Playing acting out games can create a lot of excitement in enhancing kids’ learning experience. This is not only educationally beneficial for kids but also entertaining and fun. Kids take utmost interest in this activity where they have to depict the word through actions. There will be no lip movement or speaking involved in the game. You can choose different topics or themes for the activity such as animals, festivals, general knowledge, etc.
  • Hunting Words: Apart from listening, kids at this age prefer kinesthetic activities for learning. They want to let their energy out in some way or the other. Why can’t you make use of this opportunity in teaching words that start with mis? Give a set of words to the children and ask them to hunt within a given frame of time. By doing this, kids will develop critical thinking skills and boost their confidence by completing the task successfully. Also, explore scavenger hunt riddles for kids.
  • Practicing Worksheets: Kids love to create and discover things around them. Therefore, learning becomes much easier when you encourage them to come up with creative ideas. It is nothing like they cannot make mistakes, instead motivate them to learn from those mistakes. There are many worksheets for kids available online where you can conduct hands-on activities and brainstorming games. For example, fill in the blanks, complete the sentence, find the hidden words, match the words, bingo, etc. 

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