Words that Start with Man

Comprehension is the ultimate aim of learning new words along with words that start with Man. A great vocabulary enhances communication, namely, speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. Parents and teachers must encourage the little learners to think and learn about the world. Kids must be exposed to real-time experiences and activities that foster exploring new words for kids. Meanwhile, in this context, using the word ‘Man’ as a prefix denotes the meaning of ‘human’, as mentioned in man-eating, man-made, mankind, etc.,

There are several ways in which parents and teachers can include vocabulary into kids’ daily routine. Involving kids in meaningful conversations and discussions around their routine is an excellent way to improve their vocabulary skills. In addition, educators can include words that start with Man in their discussion with the little ones. Finally, make use of technology-based activities and games available online at Osmo, like, Kids Learning Toys. These games are the best ways to inculcate a sense of learning in the little minds.

List of Words that Start with Man

Parents must talk to their children and understand their ability to comprehend the words taught. If they feel a child takes more time to learn, it is essential to slow down and teach them by breaking down the words starting with Man into each letter. For example, here are some words that begin with Man.

Words Starting with Man


Compound Words that Start with Man

Firstly, explain to the little minds the meaning of a compound word and then introduce them to the compound words starting with Man. In simple words, compound words are two small words that are put together to create a word. Moreover, reading to the little learners is another excellent way to teach Compound Words for Kids. Here is a list of compound words that begin with Man.

Compound Words Beginning with Man

Man + Power = ManpowerMan + Hole = Manhole
Man + Kind = MankindMan + Made = Manmade
Man + Hunt = ManhuntMan + Handle = Manhandle

Importance of Teaching Words that Start with Man to Children

It is important to involve kids in Osmo’s Vocabulary Activities before teaching the words that start with Man. Learning these words is certainly vital to a kid’s success. Here are some points that explain the importance of teaching words starting with Man to little ones.

  • Understanding Capability: Learning words is a fundamental part of understanding any language. Unknown words become a hindrance in the sentence preventing a kid from comprehending what the other person is trying to convey. Hence, it is significant to teach Root Words For Kids and words beginning with Man during the later stages of education.
  • Grasping Power: The more words a child has learnt, the more they can understand and remember. Teaching a third or fourth grade kid compound words starting with Man plays an essential role in building their vocabulary. Moreover, kids would be capable of forming a sentence without any grammatical errors.

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