Words That Start With Ja

List of Words Starting With Ja

The letter j is the tenth alphabet in English language that sounds as /juh/ for words such as jam, jar, jaggery, etc. Once the kids are familiar with the alphabet, you can focus on teaching words that start with ja. Needless to say, j words for kids  will help them to express their thoughts and feelings efficiently. Most importantly, using appropriate words will give rise to meaningful sentences without any misunderstandings. However, check out the list of words starting with ja in order to enhance their vocabulary skills. 

In addition to this, teaching vocabulary words that start with ja will improve their reading and writing skills. Suppose, your child is asked to present a short speech on their favorite holiday destination. They will be able to use these vocabulary words to enhance their speech to make it more suitable for the target audience. Keep in mind that kids at this age require simple and understandable 3 to 7 letter words that start with ja rather than the complex ones. Moreover, conduct literacy games for kids in order to enhance their language skills for better comprehension. 

A List of Words That Start With Ja

Here is a list of words starting with ja mentioned in the tabular column below:

Jamming Jaggery
Jackfruit Jade
Jaguar Jacuzzi

Vocabulary List of Words That Start With Ja

In the initial period of learning, you must introduce short and easy vocabulary words for kids. If you give them complex words such as jawbreakers, jargonized, jackhammer, etc it would be difficult for them to recognise and retain in their memory. Therefore, focus on teaching 3 letter words starting with j followed by other words. Moreover, you can also enhance their learning by teaching them 3 letter words ending in j for better comprehension. You can also explore list of vocabulary words that start with ja as mentioned below:

3 Letter Words That Start With Ja

  • Jam
  • Jaw
  • Jag
  • Jar

4 Letter Words That Start With Ja

  • Jack
  • Jazz
  • Jabs
  • Jaws

5 Letter Words That Start With Ja

  • Jazzy
  • Jaded
  • Japan
  • Jaggy

6 Letter Words That Start With Ja

  • Jacket
  • Jaguar 
  • Jargon
  • Jackal

7 Letter Words That Start With Ja

  • Jaggery 
  • Jasmine
  • Jackpot
  • Jarhead

How To Teach Words That Start With Ja ?

Can you engage your child for longer periods of time? If not, then you might want to explore different activities that can grab their attention towards learning. Asking kids to memorise words will not serve the purpose of learning and understanding the concepts. However, it requires creative and innovative thinking in order to teach vocabulary words for kids. With this, there will be enhancement of learning experiences along with gaining in-depth knowledge on words that start with ja. Some of the activities that help in learning vocabulary words are mentioned below: 

  • Word Search: It is evident that word search is quite an important source of learning vocabulary for educational development. You can create and implement different types of activities that allow kids to search and explore words for improving their vocabulary skills. Similarly, word search puzzles for kids will encourage them to process their thinking abilities and problem solving skills. You have to provide them with a printable word search puzzle to decode and expand their vocabulary knowledge.
  • Word Coloring: We are quite aware of the fact that coloring will improve kids concentration and focus towards learning. You can encourage your kids to color words that start with ja similar to the letter j coloring pages. With this, they will not only enjoy their time in coloring pages but also sharpen their mind with higher retention of information. This activity will allow them to color the words and their images within the defined lines. Also, explore alphabet coloring pages. 

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