Words that Start with IS

Here Is A Complete List Of Words That Begin With Is To Enhance Your Child’s Language Skills

In English, the word “Is” is a verb that represents the third person singular form of be. It is one of the most commonly found words in English, however words that start with is aren’t very common. Before you teach a child to read, you need to help them learn words. Teaching more words for kids ensures they can read and write uninterrupted and speak fluently. Additionally, it helps children build a strong vocabulary, which helps them excel in school and in their professional lives. Once your child has mastered I words for kids, help them master words that start with Is.

It is vital to focus on one word while teaching children the words that start with IS. This helps the kids learn the words faster and learn more words in a short amount of time. When parents and teachers teach these words to the little ones, start with words they hear frequently. Start with 3 letter words for kids and gradually teach them more complex words. In addition, make sure to help the child understand the word before teaching it. 

List Of Words that Start with Is

Here is a comprehensive list of all the words that with Is to boost your child’s vocabulary.

4 And 5 Letter Words that Start with Is


6 Letter Words that Start with Is


7 Letter Words that Start with Is


8 Letter Words that Start with Is


Activities To Help Kids Learn Words That Start With Is

Kids usually learn words quickly, but they tend to forget them quickly too. To build an extensive vocabulary, a child needs to remember the words they’ve learnt and use them meaningfully too. When it comes to teaching words to kids, there are a lot of approaches. Namely, involving the kids in interactive sessions, singing word songs, using manipulatives to build a word and challenging the little minds with a quiz. Here are some fun learning games and activities for kids at home or school to revise their lesson on words.

  1. Fill in the blanks: One of the easiest ways to help kids revise their lesson on words that start with Is is to solve fill in the blanks questions. Not only will this activity help them learn the words, it’s one of the best spelling activities too.
    • __ S L __ S
    • _ S O __ E R
    • I _ S _ E
    • I _ L E __
    • I S __ A __ D
  2. Reading: Building a strong vocabulary for kids is crucial to building and improving their communication skills. One of the best ways to do this is to help children read often. As your kids read, ask them to point out all the words that start with is in the story.
  3. Tic tac toe: Kids love learning when it is combined with fun activities and games. Tic tac toe is one game that most kids love. Now, add a twist in the game by asking a child to read the 5 letter words that start with IS and use it to form a sentence and spell it before adding O or an X on the board.
  4. Word puzzles: Word puzzles are a wonderful activity that makes learning new words fun and entertaining. Additionally, these puzzles are one of the best spelling games for kids too. Try Osmo’s fun word puzzles for kids to help your little ones learn words that start with is.

Osmo has a wide range of kid-friendly activities, games and learning materials. These are easy to teach and help kids understand quickly too. To know more click on the kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Words that Start with IS

What are the Words that Start with IS?

The Words that Start with IS are island, isle, isles, issei, issue, isbas, isled, islet, issued, issues, isabel, isobar, etc.

What are the activities that help children to learn Words that Start with IS?

The activities that help children to learn Words that Start with IS are tic tac toe word games, word building activities, crossword puzzles, word search games, reading newspapers, magazines, and comic books.

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