Words that Start with IS

Learning to spell a word is a special skill that every kid must master. Developing a kid’s communication and vocabulary skills takes quite some time. However, it is possible to train them and help them master their spelling skills. Kids learn quite quickly when they are engaged in interactive and fun activities. For example, parents can begin teaching the letters by singing alphabet songs and rhymes to them at home during their free time. Later, introduce the little ones to Spelling Games For Kids, which is available at Osmo. These spelling games help kids learn new words as well as master the words that start with IS. Hence, keep the little learners’ little minds engaged with exciting spelling games and activities.

It is vital to focus on one word while teaching children the words that start with IS. This certainly helps the kids learn the words faster and learn more words in a short amount of time. When parents and teachers teach these words to the little ones, teach them those words they frequently see or speak. In addition, make sure to help the child understand the word before teaching it.

Parents and teachers can engage the little learners in Speed Reading Games for Kids, available at Osmo.

3 Letter Words that Start with IS

Every kid has her or his ways and pace of learning. Hence, parents and teachers must consider these aspects before introducing the kids to 3 letter words that start with IS. Word building games are one of the best activities to involve the little learners in learning. In addition, Vocabulary for kids plays an important role in building and improving their communication skills. Make sure to teach the words that start with IS given below.

3 Letter Words that Start with IS

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)ISD (International  Subscriber Dialing)

4 Letter Word that Starts with IS

Below is a 4 letter word that Starts with IS.


5 Letter Words that Start with IS

Kids learning enhance during their early years. For example, if a child cannot read or write yet, parents can read to them, engage them in conversations. This is an excellent way to build their vocabulary. Parents must introduce their little ones to new words, and 5 words that start with IS. In addition, sing songs to teach the kid nursery rhymes and ask them to repeat. Fostering reading habits gradually contributes to the future success of a kid. Hence, teach them the 5 letter words that start with IS given below.

5 Letter Words that Start with IS


6 Letter Words that Start with IS

Here is a list of 6 letter words that start with IS.


Quiz on Words that Start with IS

When it comes to teaching words for kids, there are a lot of approaches. Namely, involving the kids in interactive sessions, singing word songs, using manipulatives to build a word and challenging the little minds with a quiz. Hence, below given is one of the best teaching approaches that parents and teachers can follow. Provide the children with a quiz form and ask them to fill in the blanks.

  • _ s l e s
  • _ s o
  • I _ s u e
  • I _ l e t
  • _ s s e i

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Activities to that Help to Teach Words that Start with IS

During the initial days of learning, kids are taught to recognize a letter or word by showing a picture. Once the kids have mastered the art of recognizing, they can be taught to read and write. Moreover, parents and teachers must be aware that practicing and memorizing the words that start with IS is not enough. Below provided are a few activities that help to teach words that start with IS.

  • Block Building Game: Engage the students in block building activities. Begin by writing down the 3 letter words that start with IS on each block. Now let the game begin according to the rule.
  • Tic tac toe: Kids love those activities which are filled with fun. Hence, this is one of those games little ones enjoy to the fullest. Now, add a twist in the game by asking a child to read the 5 letter words that start with IS and use it to form a sentence and spell it before adding O or an X on the board,

Osmo has a wide range of kid-friendly activities, games and learning materials. These are easy to teach and comprehend. Make sure to know more by clicking on the Important Vocabulary Words for Kids.