Words That Start With Im

Check List Of Words That Start With Im

The letter i is the third vowel and the ninth alphabet in English language. It usually makes sound as /eee/ for the words such as imagine, impose, important, etc. Preschoolers start learning alphabets from an early age in order to recite and recognise the letters efficiently. Once they acquire complete knowledge of the alphabet, the focus should be on teaching words that start with im. We can say that the English language cannot function without the letter i. There is a significant list of words that start with im in the vocabulary. Teaching i words for kids will help them to make meaningful sentences for better communication. 

To expand their vocabulary skills, you must focus on teaching the important words that start with im. At the beginning, preschool kids can learn 4 letter words that start with im and gradually increase based on their level of understanding. For this, you require well planned activities that can boost their confidence to learn new words. Besides this, conduct spelling activities for kids to make sure that they are able to spell the words correctly in order to improve reading and writing skills. Some of the vocabulary words for kids are mentioned below: 

 A List of Words That Start With Im 

Here is a list of words starting with im mentioned below: 

Imperial Imbibe
Immunity Impurity 
Impossible Impressive 

Vocabulary Words That Start With Im 

5 Letter Words That Start With Im 

  • Image
  • Imply
  • Impel

6 Letter Words That Start With Im

  • Impost
  • Impart 
  • Impose

7 Letter Words That Start With Im

  • Implant
  • Imagine
  • Impulse 

8 Letter Words That Start With Im 

  • Immobile 
  • Immunity 
  • Immature

9 Letter Words That Start With Im

  • Imbalance
  • Implement
  • Important

10 Letter Words That Start With Im 

  • Immaterial 
  • Impatience
  • Impossible 

How to Teach Words That Start With Im? 

The list of words that start with im will help preschool to fourth grade kids in learning vocabulary. Naturally, kids will not be able to remember if you give them 14 letter words. Therefore, you need to prioritise the words that will enable kids to remember depending on their understanding. In this regard, try to include as many words as possible in the form of literacy games for kids. By doing this, kids will be able to learn and at the same time entertain themselves. Some of the activities that help in learning words that start with im are mentioned below: 

  1. Art and Craft: What can be more interesting than learning words in the form of art and crafts. Conducting crafts for kids will encourage them to participate in hands-on activities for learning words that start with im. Give them color papers, cardboards, ribbons, water colors, clay, etc to make something innovative and creative. With this, kids will develop communication and fine motor skills. Some of the topics that you can choose for teaching words are mentioned below:
    • Christmas
    • Thanksgiving 
    • Popsicle Stick
    • Summer
    • Animals
    • Flower
  2. Spelling Games: Apart from recognizing words, kids should be able to spell and write accurately. It is extremely important and mandatory for kids to learn spellings for the words that start with im. For this, you can conduct spelling games for kids where they are able to learn spelling in the form of activities. You can teach spellings to the kids with the help of the following methods given below: 
  • Dictation 
  • Puzzles
  • Spelling bee games 

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