Words that Start with Es

A Complete List Of All The Words That Start With Es To Enhance Your Child’s Vocabulary

A great vocabulary is a necessary skill for kids. Therefore, it is essential to teach the little learners words that start with Es during their second grade. These words for kids play a significant role in building a child’s vocabulary skills. Learning words is an essential part of building an excellent vocabulary. Hence, teach the little minds six to eight new words each week.

Be it at home or school, parents and educators must involve the children in different activities and interactive games. These literacy games for kids undoubtedly help the little learners grasp and understand the meaning of words that start with Es. In addition, kids learn quickly when the parents and teachers include fun activities during the teaching hours.

List of Words That Start with Es

Once your child has mastered E words for kids, improve their skills by teaching them more complex words. Here is a list of words starting with Es.

Commonly Used Words That Start With Es


5 And 6 Letter Word that Starts with Es


Tricks To Help Kids Learn Words That Start With Es

Do kids learn everything during study time? The answer is, yes, they do but tend to forget soon after. It is quite a known fact that little minds grasp things super fast, but they have difficulty remembering these things. So, you need to involve little kids in activities and games that will help them revise their lessons and remember them too. Here are a few activities that will help your child learn words that start with Es.

  • Fill in the blanks: Help your little ones revise their lesson on words starting with Es using activities like fill in the blanks. Not only are they fun, but they also test your child’s memory power and spelling skills. Challenge your kids to fill in the blanks of the words given below.
    1. _ S P Y
    2. E _ T E E M
    3. _ S T _ T E
    4. E _ S _ N T I _ L
    5. _ S T _ B L I S H M _ N T
  • Quiz: Quizzes are great ways to help your child revise the words starting with Es. Additionally, these games also help your child learn the meanings of the words. Here are some questions to help you get started.
    1. This word starting with Es is another name for a strong cup of coffee. What is it?
    2. Answer: Espresso

    3. This word starting with Es is the name of an digestive organ in a human or animal’s body. What is it?
    4. Answer: Esophagus

    5. This word starting with Es means a moving staircase. What is it?
    6. Answer: Escalator

    7. This word that starts with Es means “to break free or run away.” What is it?
    8. Answer: Escape

    9. Word Puzzles: Another great activity that helps kids learn words in a fun and engaging way is solving word puzzles. Help your child solve word search puzzles or crossword puzzles for kids to improve their vocabulary.

For more engaging activities and games to help kids learn effectively and quickly, check Osmo’s kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Words that Start with Es

What are the Words that Start with Es?

The Words that Start with Es are establish, especially, estrange, esophagus, estimate, estimation, escape, escaping, escalator, essay, estate, esteem, etc.

How to learn Words that Start with Es?

You can learn Words that Start with Es by the following ways such as engaging kids in solving riddles and playing crossword puzzles, quiz, filling in the blanks, word search games, scavenger hunt, etc.

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