Words that Start with Er

Expand Your Child’s Vocabulary With This Complete List Of Words Starting With Er

Words that start with Er are not used very often, but it is important to learn them. Words are an important part of language and should be taught to help children communicate effectively. To communicate effectively, a child needs to understand that they need to use the right set of words to form meaningful sentences. This is why parents and teachers must introduce words for kids early to build a child’s vocabulary. Once they’ve learnt the basic words, move on to more complex words like words that start with Er. 

Once your little ones have mastered E words for kids, prepare a list of words that start with Er to teach the little minds. Along with effective communication, a vast vocabulary for kids can also help them succeed academically and professionally.  Additionally, involve the little learners in fun-filled games and activities to make their vocabulary lessons more interesting. As a result, kids enjoy their learning time and grasp things quickly. 

List Of Words That Start With Er

Here is a comprehensive list of words that start with Er to improve your child’s word skills.

List Of Common Words Starting With Er


3 And 4 Letter Words That Start With Er


5 Letter Words That Start With Er


6 Letter Words That Start With Er


7 Letter Words That Start With Er


Tips And Tricks To Learn Words That Start With Er

Learning words that start with Er can prove to be a bit difficult for kids, since these words aren’t used very often. So, parents and educators need to come up with more engaging ways to help kids learn these words. One of the best ways to make learning fun for kids is to involve them in literacy games for kids. Here are some tips and tricks to help your little ones learn words starting with Er.

  • Fill In The Blanks: Fill in the blanks is a fun way to help kids learn new words. Additionally, this is one of the best spelling activities for kids. Here are some fill in the blanks questions to help you get started.
    1. E _ A
    2. E R _
    3. _ R R O R
    4. _ R O D E
    5. E _ U P _
  • Reading: Reading is one of the best ways to boost a child’s vocabulary. Give your kids comic books or story books to read. Then ask them to write all the words that start with Er on a piece of paper. Then, ask them to form a simple sentence using these words. These on-spot activities help kids practice using the words to construct meaningful sentences. Use these reading games for kids to make it an interesting activity for kids. 
  • Word games: Most kids would choose to participate in a game rather than sit down and learn. They’ll participate enthusiastically even if it’s a learning game. So, word games like Scrabble, Pictionary etc are the best way to ensure children learn new words. To make the game more fun, use these Pictionary words for kids along with words that start with Er.
  • Word worksheets: Worksheets for kids is a great tool to ensure that kids revise and remember the information they learn. Print a few creative worksheets on words starting with Er and hand them to your kids. Help them solve the worksheet to learn the words and retain the information in their memory. 
  • Osmo has a wide range of games, activities and worksheets that make learning and teaching fun. Check Osmo’s kids learning section to know more. 

    Frequently Asked Questions on Words that Start with Er

    What are the Words that Start with Er?

    The Words that Start with Er are errand, erratic, era, erosion, erupt, erase, eraser, erasing, error, errors, eradicate, eradication, ere, ergo, err, eras, errs, erode, erred, etc.

    How to teach Words that Start with Er?

    You can introduce kids to Words that Start with Er by the following ways such as asking them to fill in the blanks, for example, _ R A, E _ O D E, _ R R O R, E _ U P T, read magazines and newspapers.

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