Words that Start with Er

Words are an important part of effective communication. Therefore, it is essential to understand that meaningful sentences are formed using the right set of words. Therefore, parents and teachers must introduce important words for kids that enhance their vocabulary. Tutors must prepare a list of words that start with Er and begin teaching the little minds. Learning these words is undoubtedly helpful for kids to understand the grammatical rules for academic enhancement. Meanwhile, parents and teachers should involve the little learners in fun filled games and activities. As a result, kids enjoy their learning time and grasp quickly.

List of Words Starting with Er

Words that start with Er can be introduced for the second grade kids along with the 2nd Grade Spelling Words. Motivate little ones to learn words at their pace and do not rush them to learn quickly. It is a fact that kids take their time to comprehend and remember words. Hence, teach them six to eight words in a week. In addition, teach them these words daily and urge them to question. When kids question, they learn more and remember the words. Here is a list of words beginning with Er.

Short Words that Start with Er

Parents and teachers’ primary responsibility is to introduce the little learners to short words that start with Er. Once the kids have finished learning these Easy Spelling Words, you can teach them lengthy words. In addition, include some fun activities like crafts, Easy Riddles for Kids and coloring activities during the class hours. For example, here are some short words that begin with Er.

Short Words Starting with Er


5 Letter Words that Start with Er

When kids feel comfortable learning the above given short words that start with Er, parents and teachers can introduce them to 5 letter words beginning with Er. Involve the kids in some interactive activities like taking them for a walk and asking them to list all the words that start with Er and read them aloud. By doing this, kids learn each letter’s sounds, and that helps them to learn effectively. Next, parents and teachers can introduce the little ones to Root Words For Kids, available at Osmo. Here is a list of five letter words that begin with Er.

Five Letter Words Starting with Er


Quiz on Words that Start with Er

When kids read comic books or watch cartoon series, ask them the new words they come across and write all those words on a piece of paper. Then, randomly ask them to spell a word or form a simple sentence. These on-spot activities help kids learn quickly. In addition, ask them to fill in the blanks.

  • E _ a
  • E r _
  • _ r r o r
  • _ r o d e
  • E _ u p _

Also, refer to Osmo’s Riddles for Kids.