Words that Start with Em

‘Em’ is a prefix, which means ‘bring it to a certain state or put into’. One of the words that start with Em is Embed, which means to fix or set firmly into a surrounding mass. When teaching such words for kids, parents and educators need to pay special attention because kids usually get confused with words that start with Em and Im. Involving the children in some reading and pronunciation activities will solve the confusion and help kids learn the words quickly. Before teaching words that start with the Em, make sure to teach them simple E words for kids.

Words are the building blocks of a language, without words you cannot read, write or communicate in the language. Additionally, a vast and varied vocabulary is the key to academic and professional success. So, as soon as your little ones have learnt the letters of the alphabet, help them learn simple words. Introduce them to words, one alphabet at a time. This ensures that the child learns without any confusion. Here is a complete list of words that start with Em to boost your child’s word skills.

List Of Words That Start With Em

We’ve made your job easy and compiled a comprehensive list of all the words starting with Em for kids.

Commonly Used Words Starting With Em


3 And 4 Letter Word that Starts with Em


5 Letter Words that Start with Em


6 Letter Words that Start with Em


7 Letter Words that Start with Em


Activities To Help Kids Learn Words That Start With Em

Once your kids have learnt words that start with Em, you need to help them revise and practice using these words often. Using fun literacy games for kids and hands-on activities keep kids engaged in their learning and also helps them learn quickly. Here are some fun activities you can try to help your kids revise words starting with Em.

  • Write or narrate a story: Kids are very creative beings and love listening to and telling stories. Tap into their creativity to help them revise words that start with Em. Ask your kids to write or a narrate a story with as many words that begin with Es as possible. It’s ok if it’s not very long or grammatically correct. You can correct their errors and help them rephrase the sentence so that they understand how to use the words correctly in a sentence.
  • Fill in the blanks: One of the easiest ways to help kids revise words is fill in the blanks exercises. Additionally, it helps kids learn how to spell the words too. Here are some fill in the blanks exercises on words starting with Em.
  1. E __ P T __
  2. E __ P __ R __ R
  3. E M __ L __ M
  4. __ M P __ Y
  5. __ M __ I __

For more word lists, games, worksheets and activities, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Words that Start with Em

What are the Words that Start with Em?

The Words that Start with Em are emu, emily, emit, emission, emma, emmy, emus, embed, emptiness, empty, email, emits, ember, employee, emporium, employee, employed, emigrate, emulsion, emigrant, etc.

Why should kids learn Words that Start with Em?

Kids should learn Words that Start with Em because they help them to improve their vocabulary and develop their communication skills. Kids will certainly learn when they are introduced to these words in a simple and interesting method.

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