Words that Start with Dis

Dis is one of the most used prefixes in the English language. The prefix Dis means none or not. When the word Dis is added to the starting of a word, it becomes the opposite. For example, appear and Disappear. However, not all the words that start with Dis have an opposite meaning. For instance, Dis in words Distant and Distribute is not a prefix. Hence, the word Distant is an adjective. Parents and teachers’ primary responsibility is to teach kids Opposite Words for Kids before introducing them to prefixes and suffixes.

Kids love their learning sessions when fun activities are included, namely, CVC Word Games For Kids and Alphabet Games For Kids, available at Osmo. Tutors must keep track of the kids’ learning and help them ease the challenges in the beginning stages of learning. Once the little minds have learnt simple words, educators can teach them the opposite words, rather than simultaneously teaching all the words. One of the best practices to teach the little learners is to teach them step by step and motivate them in every learning point. Slowly introduce kids to the words that start with Dis and challenge them to fill in the blanks.

Prefix Words that Start with Dis

The list below has the most common words that start with Dis. These words are easy to teach the little minds. Prefix words that start with Dis can be taught easily by breaking down the words into two parts. For example, Dislike can be broken as Dis + Like. Hence, this helps a child learn the words effectively. 

Here is a list of prefix words that start with Dis:


What are Words that Start with Dis?

Teach kids the words that start with Dis by explaining the meaning of each word. When a child comprehends the meaning of a word, they find it quite simple to learn the spelling and remember. If your child takes their time to learn the words, give them the Color by Sight Word activity and ask them to practice. This is an engaging activity that helps children learn and enjoy their study time. Here is a list of the words that start with Dis.


5 Words that Start with Dis

Little ones find it easy to learn the Hard Spelling Bee Words when they have a strong foundation and knowledge about alphabets and word formation. The children need to learn to read, write and spell a word in the right way. Learning the spelling of a word is an essential skill that a child must master. Parents and teachers can introduce kids to the below provided list of 5 words that start with Dis.

  1. Distract
  2. Disguise
  3. Discover
  4. Disparity
  5. Discredit

Quiz on 5 Words that Start with Dis

Once the kids have mastered Easy Spelling Words and the words that start with Dis given above, you can challenge them with a quiz and ask them to fill in the blanks.

  • D _ s l i k e
  • _ i s o b e y
  • D i _ h o n _ s t
  • D _ s c _ v e r
  • _ i s c o _ n t