Words that Start with Dis

A Comprehensive List Of All The Words Starting With Dis To Boost Your Child’s Word Skills

Words are the most basic units of language. Learning words and building a strong vocabulary is a very important part of a child’s early education. Learning words for kids is necessary for children to learn how to read, write and communicate. When your child starts learning D words for kids, introduce them to this list of words that start with Dis to boost your child’s word skills. When you start vocabulary lessons for your child, introduce them to words one letter at a time. This helps them learn words easily without any confusion.

Affixes are a string of letters that are added to the beginning or end of a word to alter its meaning, tense or form a new word. A prefix is an affix that is attached at the beginning of a word. Dis is one of the most used prefixes in the English language. The prefix Dis means none or not. When the prefix Dis is added to the beginning of a word, it changes the meaning of the word to the opposite. For example, adding the prefix dis to the beginning of the word appear changes it to disappear. 

However, not all words starting with Dis have an opposite meaning. For instance, Dis in words like Distant and Distribute is not a prefix. Before introducing your children to words that start with Dis, introduce them to Opposite Words for Kids. This will help them understand the concept easily. 

List Of Words That Start With Dis

Here is a complete list of all the words that start with Dis to expand your child’s vocabulary.

Commonly Used Words that Begin with Dis:


4 Letter Words That Start With Dis


5 Letter Words that Start with Dis


6 Letter Words that Start with Dis


7 Letter Words that Start with Dis


Activities To Help Children Learn Words That Start With Dis

Once your child has mastered the list of words starting with Dis, you need to ensure that they remember it. Hands-on activities and games make learning vocabulary for kids an enjoyable and exciting experience. Additionally, these activities help children remember these words easily too. Here are some fun activities to help your child learn words that start with dis.

  • Pictionary: Pictionary is a wonderful game to help children learn new words and understand the meaning of the words. Help your child learn words that start with dis with a fun game of Pictionary. Check Pictionary words for kids for more words to play the game.
  • Spelling bee: Spelling bee contests are great tools to help children learn new words. Kids love participating in games and activities, so turn their vocabulary lesson on words starting with dis into a spelling bee contest. Little ones find it easy to learn the Hard Spelling Bee Words when they have a strong foundation and knowledge about alphabets and word formation. The children need to learn to read, write and spell a word in the right way. Learning the spelling of a word is an essential skill that a child must master. This game helps your child remember the words that start with dis and learn how to spell them too. Here are some words to help you get started.
    1. Distract
    2. Disco
    3. Dish
    4. Distance
    5. Disguise
    6. Discover
    7. Disparity
    8. Discredit
  • Quiz: Once the kids have mastered Easy Spelling Words and the words that start with Dis given above, you can challenge them with a quiz. Ask your child to fill in the blanks to complete the words that start with Dis.
    1. D __ s l i k e
    2. __ i s o b e y
    3. D i __ h o n __ s t
    4. D __ s c __ v e r
    5. __ i s c o __ n t

Frequently Asked Questions on Words that Start with Dis

What are the 6 letter words that start with Dis?

The 6 letter words that start with Dis are, dismay, dismal, dispel, disown, distil, disced, discos, disuse, disarm, dishes, etc. These are a few words that start with Dis for kids.

What are the 7 letter words that start with Dis?

The 7 letter words that start with Dis are discuss, disturb, disgust, disrupt, distill, dismiss, dislike, dispute, discern, disable, distort, disregard, etc You can introduce these words to kids along with their meanings.

What are the 8 letter words that start with Dis?

The 8 letter words that start with Dis are dispatch, district, distinct, diaster, discover, distance, disgrace, dissolve, discreet, distract, disarray, disclaim, dispense, disorder, disgrace, disperse, diseased, disciple, disloyal, dishonor, displace, etc

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