Words That Start With Bio

Learning words for kids is important for a kid’s academic success and overall development. Once they’re acquainted with B words for kids, introduce them to words that start with Bio to boost their vocabulary skills. Include interactive games and activities to teach words that start with Bio to kids.

Words that start with Bio are one of the trickiest words to teach the young ones in their early stage of learning. Therefore, you can teach these words in such a way that kids are able to understand the meaning of the words that they are learning. Incorporate vocabulary activities in order to help kids learn words starting with Bio quickly. 

Words That Start With Bio

At the beginning of the learning process, kids must be acquainted with short and simple words that start with Bio so that they can remember them easily. Here is a list of words that start with Bio for kids given below:

List Of Words that Start with Bio

Biopic Biodata
Biofuel Biogas
Biography Biometer
Biosphere Biotechnology 
Bioscience Biosynthesis 
Biometrics Biomedicine 
Biophysics Biotic 
Biochemical Bioethics 
Biocatalyst Biochemist 
Bioscope Biocycle

Explore More Words That Start With Bio 

Kids must be familiar with more and more words that start with Bio in order to attain mastery in vocabulary. From an early age, they should start learning new words in order to communicate well with others using appropriate words. Check out more words that start with Bio given below. 

6 Letter Words That Start With Bio 

Biopic Biomes 

7 Letter Words That Start With Bio 


8 Letter Words That Start With Bio 

Biometry Biogases

9 Letter Words That Start With Bio

Bioactive Bioethics 
Biosphere Biography 

10 Letter Words That Start With Bio

Biocontrol Biomedical

Common Words That Start With Bio And Their Definitions

Here is a list of common words that start with Bio and their definitions mentioned below:

BioA short biographical portfolio or a profile that belongs to someone or a biography.
BiologyA branch of science that deals with organism, evolution and conservation.
BiogasA gaseous fuel produced by the fermentation of organic matter, especially methane gas.
BiopicA biographical movie that portrays the life of a person.
BiomassQuantity of organisms in a particular volume or area.
BiofuelA fuel obtained from a living matter
BiometryApplying statistical analysis to biological data.
BiosphereAreas of the atmosphere and surface of the planet Earth or other planets accommodated by living beings.
BiohazardA peril to the human health system or environment emerging from any biological activity, with microorganisms.
BionomicsStudy of the life cycle of organisms in their habitat and their adjustments to their environment.
BiophysicsIt is a field that applies the methods and theories of physics to comprehend how biological strategies work.
BiomaterialA synthetic substance that can be introduced to a living body as a medicinal device or replace bodily function or an organ.
BiodegradeAn object or a substance that living organisms or bacteria can decompose.
BioelectricElectrical phenomena produced within the living organisms or related to electricity.
BiochemistA student or an expert in the field of science relating to chemical procedures happening with living organisms.

Activities That Help In Learning Words That Start With Bio 

To help reinforce a lesson for kids, you need to come up with exciting activities that are engaging and entertaining. It is evident that monotonous activities might lose the concentration of kids in learning. Therefore, you need to develop activities that are creative and easy for kids to participate and learn words that begin with Bio. Here are some of the activities that help kids in learning vocabulary words:

  • Fill in the Blanks: Once the little ones have learned the words that begin with the prefix Bio, it is time to test their knowledge. Challenge your child to solve these fill in the blanks exercises correctly.
    • B _ o l _ g y
    • _ i _ d e g r _ d e
    • B i _ m a s _
    • _ i o h _ z a r d
    • B _ _ n o m _ c s
  • Worksheets: Worksheets are one of the best educational tools for kids to practice words that begin with Bio. You can engage kids with different types of worksheets such as tracing, fill in the blanks, cut and paste, complete the sentence, matching, etc. These worksheets for kids are beneficial in enhancing their vocabulary for better comprehension. 
  • Puzzles: This is a great tool for kids to develop their thinking abilities and other important skills. Kids will be asked to decode the words on the puzzle sheet given to them. These puzzles for kids are designed to teach vocabulary words based on their needs and interests. For example, Jigsaw, connecting the dots, word search puzzles, etc. 
  • Riddles: Solving riddles is something that kids would love to do. They will critically think about the question and come up with logical answers. For example, This words starting with bio is the study of living organisms. What is it? Answer: Biology. Also, explore riddles for kids

Benefits Of Words That Start With Bio 

Here is how learning words starting with Bio will help your child:

  • Understands the words and their definitions for better understanding of the concepts. 
  • Improves knowledge of science and other important topics that include words that start with Bio. 
  • Develops vocabulary and language skills. 
  • Enhances good learning experience. 
  • Develops cognitive skills. 

Parents and teachers can introduce the little learners to Osmo’s variety of Literacy Games for Kids and Phonics Games For Kids.

Frequently Asked Questions on Words that Start with Bio

What are the 7 letter words that start with Bio?

The 7 letter words that start with Bio are biomass, biology, biofuel, biotech, biotype, biotics, biopics, biochip and many other meaningful words. When you help kids learn these words along with their meaning, they will learn effectively and remember for a longer period of time.

What are the 8 letter words that start with Bio?

The 8 letter words that start with Bio are bioscope, biologic, biofuels, biocycle, biochips, biometry, bioscopy, biogenic, biolytic, biolysis, biolyses, biometer, biofuels, biotypes, etc. These are some of the words that start with Bio.

What are the 9 letter words that start with Bio?

The 9 letter words that start with Bio are bionomics, bioactive, biography, biomarker, biosphere, biosocial, biohazard, biologies, bionomist, biologist, biofueled, biometric, biometers, biocycles, etc. These are a few important words that start with Bio for kids.

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