Words that Start with Bio

A good vocabulary is a key to good reading skills. In addition, a strong vocabulary helps the little ones improve all areas of communication, namely, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Learning words for kids is important for a kid’s success. The parents and teachers must introduce words that start with Bio to the little minds. Once the kids have learnt easy spelling words, they find it pretty easy to understand these words that start with Bio and their definitions. Moreover, tutors must include games, interactive activities, coloring and drawing while teaching. These activities refresh the little minds and motivate them to learn effectively.

Words that start with Bio are one of the trickiest words to teach the young ones in their early stage of learning. Hence, the ideal age to introduce them to words beginning with Bio is during their third or fourth grade of schooling. By this time, they would have learned Hard Spelling Bee Words that help in grasping these words. In addition, parents and teachers must explain the meaning of each word in a simple way and help kids understand and remember the spellings. Finally, motivate the little learners to learn and form simple sentences. These vocabulary activities available at Osmo help kids learn the words quickly, starting with Bio.

List of Words that Start with Bio

Words that Start with Bio and Definition

It is a fact that most kids have an assumption that the word that starts with Bio is the word ‘Biology’ alone. However, it is not a fact, and it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to teach them the other important words that start with Bio and their definitions. Here is a list of words that begin with Bio with their definitions. Moreover, these are the words that start with Bio as a prefix. Also, refer to Spelling Activities, available at Osmo.

Words Starting with Bio

BioA short biographical portfolio or a profile that belongs to someone or a biography.
BiologyA branch of science that deals with organism, evolution and conservation.
BiogasA gaseous fuel produced by the fermentation of organic matter, especially methane gas.
BiopicA biographical movie that portrays the life of a person.
BiomassQuantity of organisms in a particular volume or area.
BiofuelA fuel obtained from a living matter
BiometryApplying statistical analysis to biological data.
BiosphereAreas of the atmosphere and surface of the planet Earth or other planets accommodated by living beings.
BiohazardA peril to the human health system or environment emerging from any biological activity, with microorganisms.
BionomicsStudy of the life cycle of organisms in their habitat and their adjustments to their environment.
BiophysicsIt is a field that applies the methods and theories of physics to comprehend how biological strategies work.
BiomaterialA synthetic substance that can be introduced to a living body as a medicinal device or replace bodily function or an organ.
BiodegradeAn object or a substance that living organisms or bacteria can decompose.
BioelectricElectrical phenomena produced within the living organisms or related to electricity.
BiochemistA student or an expert in the field of science relating to chemical procedures happening with living organisms.

Quiz on Words that Begin with Bio

Once the little ones have learned the above given words that start with Bio, it is time to test their knowledge by asking them to fill in the blanks for the below given words.

  • B _ o l _ g y
  • _ i _ d e g r _ d e
  • B i _ m a s _
  • _ i o h _ z a r d
  • B _ _ n o m _ c s

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