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The word Anti means opposing or against or not in favor of something. Apart from learning words that start with a, you must teach kids words that start with anti to improve their communication skills. This helps them learn opposite words for kids . So, we’ve compiled a list of words that start with anti that you can include in your child’s arsenal of words. Besides this, conduct spelling activities for kids so that they can spell the words correctly too. 

What are words that start with anti? These are words with the prefix “anti” attached to them to change their meaning. A word which starts with anti means the opposite or reverse of words that don’t have anti in the beginning. For example, antibacterial is a substance that prevents the growth or spread of harmful bacteria. Here are some words that start with the prefix anti along with their definitions. 

  • Antibiotic: It is a protein used for killing harmful microorganisms in the body. 
  • Antiseptic: It prevents the growth of microorganisms. 
  • Anticipate: Expecting something.

List of Words That Start With Anti

Here is a list of words starting with the prefix anti:


Activities That Help In Learning Words That Start With Anti

Children like learning when it is represented in the form of some kind of activity. Isn’t it? They develop a huge interest in understanding and incorporating them in real life. Having in-depth knowledge on vocabulary words that start with Children like learning when they’re taught using fun activities and games. They participate more enthusiastically in such learning activities and try harder to learn. Additionally, they retain the information in their memories too. 

  • Practice worksheet on words that begin with Anti:  Encourage kids to practice words they’ve learnt on a regular basis. To do this, you can download worksheets for kids available online. You can use different types of worksheets such as tracing the word, finding the missing word, matching the word, completing the sentences, etc. 
  • Reading words that start with Anti: Kids can retain information for long periods of time if they inculcate a reading habit. This will help them learn spellings as well as improve their academic performance. Ask kids to read a story, then write down all the words starting with anti they come across. This activity will also help kids understand how to use them in sentences. Besides this, conduct reading games for kids to enhance their reading skills. 
  • Fill in the blanks: Ask kids to fill in the blank for the words that start with Anti. This will help kids to critically read and fill in the correct letters to make meaningful words. 
    • A  N T I _ E N
    • A N T I L _ G
    • A N T I B _D _
  • Crossword puzzles:This is an interesting activity where kids can decode the words diagonally, vertically or horizontally in the puzzle. These crossword puzzles for kids will help them practice and learn new vocabulary words.

Benefits Of Learning Words That Start With Anti

There are many vocabulary words for kids that you must teach for their educational development. We come across words that start with anti in our day to day life. These words hold some specific meanings in overall communication. Apart from this, conduct spelling games for kids in order to build  better understanding and interpretation of information. Learning these words will encourage kids to broaden their vocabulary knowledge along with reading and writing skills. Here are some ways that learning words that start with anti is beneficial for kids:

  • Develops vocabulary and language skills.
  • Improves reading, writing and listening skills. 
  • Enhances learning experience for better academic performance. 
  • Boosts confidence to speak fluently. 
  • Enables better interaction with others without making any miscommunication. 
  • Enables proper understanding of the words that they are learning.
  • Promotes stimulation of fine motor skills. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Words That Start With Anti

What are the Words That Start With Anti?

The Words That Start With Anti are Antioxidant, Antipathy, Antivirus, Antigen, Antiseptic, Antifreeze, Anticipate, Anticipation, Anticlimax, Antibody, Antistatic, Anticipating, Antibacterial, Antiquity, Antibiotic, Antiviral, Antidotes, etc.

What are the advantages of learning Words That Start With Anti?

The advantages of learning Words That Start With Anti are that they improve the kids’ vocabulary skills and increase their confidence. They also enhance their reading, writing and speaking skills.