Water Pollution Essay

500+ Words Water Pollution Essay, The Causes And Effects Of Water Pollution And How To Prevent It

Water pollution or aquatic pollution is the contamination of water bodies like oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes etc with pollutants. These pollutants enter the water bodies and contaminate as a result of human activities like industrialization, urbanization, oil spills etc. Water is one of the most important resources that makes the earth a perfect place to sustain life. Once it’s contaminated, it negatively affects and reduces the ability of water to provide the ecosystem services it usually provides.

Two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water and humans have managed to pollute it. Water pollution poses a serious threat to the existence of life on this planet. It can lead to water-borne diseases, degrade the quality of water and the soil in the surroundings, damage aquatic ecosystems etc. Since water is one of the most important resources for sustaining life, we should prevent and put a stop to water pollution.

Learn more about what causes water pollution and how it affects the environment in this water pollution essay. 

Water Pollution Essay: Causes Of Water Pollution

Changing the properties of water, whether it’s biological, chemical or physical and reducing the quality of water is called water pollution. Water pollution is mainly caused due to human activities. Here is a list of causes for water pollution:

  1. Domestic waste: Domestic waste is one of the primary causes of water pollution. Sewage from cities and towns are released directly into water bodies without any treatment. Even treated sewage is not completely safe and still pollutes the water.
  2. Industrial waste: Waste from factories, refineries and other industrial operations are also a major source of water pollution. Some industries release toxic waste like poisonous, radioactive, explosive, carcinogenic (causing cancer) etc into water bodies. These toxic chemicals are very difficult to get rid of and cause severe damage to the ecosystem.
  3. Chemicals: Industrial waste is not the only source of water pollution. Pesticides, insecticides and other chemical fertilizers used in agriculture also cause water pollution. Even soaps and detergents are contaminants that cause water pollution. Oil spills, plastic and solid waste are also another major source of water pollution.

Contaminated water has lasting effects on the environment. Learn more about the effects of water pollution in this water pollution essay.

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Water Pollution Essay: Effects Of Water Pollution

Water is vital for all living beings. All humans, plants and animals depend on water for their survival. Consuming contaminated water can have disastrous consequences. Here are some of the effects of water pollution:

  1. Water-borne diseases: Polluted water is not fit for consumption or any kind of use. It could spread water-borne diseases like typhoid, cholera, hepatitis etc.
  2. Damage to the ecosystem: Contaminated water can destroy ecosystems and affect the ecological balance. It could lead to the death and extinction of several aquatic animals and plants. Contaminated water can also lead to soil infertility.
  3. Eutrophication: Water pollution also leads to eutrophication. The increased amounts of chemicals in the water leads to the growth of algae. The algal layer encourages bacterial growth and reduces the oxygen level. This harms aquatic life adversely.
  4. Adverse effects of the food chain: Several humans and animals consume aquatic animals and plants. The aquatic life in a contaminated water source carries the toxins and pollutants. Consuming aquatic life from a contaminated water source can indirectly cause the humans and animals to ingest the toxins and pollutants. This could have adverse effects on their health.

Water pollution can have disastrous consequences for life on earth. Learn more about ways to prevent water pollution in this water pollution essay.

Water Pollution Essay: Ways To Prevent Water Pollution

We have only one planet we can call home, so we need to learn to prevent and stop water pollution. Contaminating water sources will lead to water scarcity and a polluted, inhospitable land. Preventing water pollution is the only way to protect ourselves from dire consequences. Here are some simple steps that help prevent water pollution:

  1. Sewage Treatment: Sewage treatment removes pathogens and toxins to a large extent. Additionally, finding more environment-friendly solutions to dispose of waste also reduces water pollution.
  2. Use environment-friendly products: Most products used today are laden with harmful chemicals. Shifting to more environment-friendly products like detergents, organic farming methods etc reduces water pollution.
  3. Water conservation: Water pollution is fast leading to water scarcity. Conserving water helps reduce water shortages and water pollution. 
  4. Waste management: Irresponsible waste management is one of the major causes of water pollution. Proper waste disposal and reduced use of plastics and not littering reduces water pollution.

We all need access to clean and safe drinking water to survive on earth. So, we need to ensure that we put a stop to water pollution to save the planet and continue to exist on earth.

Frequently Asked Questions On Water Pollution

What is water pollution?

Water pollution is the contamination of water with waste, toxins, chemicals etc, which renders it unsafe for use. Water pollution is mostly caused due to human activities.

What are the effects of water pollution?

Water pollution can have catastrophic consequences for the ecosystem. It leads to the spread of water-borne diseases, poisoning, loss of ecosystems, soil infertility, ecological imbalance, eutrophication etc.

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