Vegetable Names 

Can your children name a vegetable they like the most? Kids must be familiar with the taste or the appearance of the vegetables they eat on a daily basis. But, if you ask your children the name of a vegetable they are eating, they might struggle to tell their names. In such a situation, you need to teach them how to recognize and memorize the names of vegetables for better learning outcomes. Therefore, you can help your children learn and remember the names of vegetables creatively. You can also enhance your children’s knowledge about the names of flowers, fruits, animals, etc., apart from learning the names of vegetables. 

Sometimes, children restrict themselves to eating only particular vegetables. They do not want to try out or avoid other vegetables. Therefore, you need to teach them the importance of eating all the vegetables for a healthy life. Besides teaching the vegetable names, you can explain to them the nutritional benefits of each vegetable for their better understanding. This will help them gain vocabulary knowledge of vegetables and show interest in eating vegetables they’ve never eaten before. You can conduct various activities for kids at home to teach them all vegetable names. 

Names of Vegetables for Kids

Eating vegetables is extremely important for children’s growth and development. It provides necessary nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fibers, carbohydrates, etc. Most importantly, it protects them from harmful infections and diseases. Therefore, you must encourage children to eat all vegetables for better immunity. Eating healthy food helps children to become physically and mentally fit. You can teach kids vegetable names to help them understand what they are eating and how beneficial they are for the body and mind. 

List of All Vegetables Name in English 

Below is a list of names of all the vegetables for kids. 

Potato Celery 
Lettuce Onion 
Tomato Pumpkin 
Corn Sweet Potato
Leek Asparagus 
Cucumber Pea 
Cauliflower Red Cabbage 
Eggplant Mushroom 
Red Chili PepperEndive
Zucchini Artichoke 
Carrot Beetroot 
Green BeanFrench Bean
Cluster BeanBell Pepper
Green OnionGarlic
OkraBottle Gourd
Bitter Gourd Spinach 
Drumstick Apple Gourd
Pointed Gourd Ridged Gourd
Mint LeavesCoriander
Basil Lemon 
Brussels Sprout Fennel
Swiss ChardAsh Gourd
Bok ChoyKnol Knol
Fenugreek LeavesPlantain
Squash Taro
Spring Onion Parsley 
Microgreens Watercress 

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Free Printable All Vegetables Name

Do your children eat everything that you serve them on a plate? Sometimes, they do not eat certain vegetables due to their taste. But you need to explain to them about their benefits and cook the vegetables in such a way that they enjoy eating them. You can ask them to name a vegetable found in the kitchen or a plate. This helps them revise and memorize the names of vegetables effectively. Besides teaching them this way, you can also download printable vegetable names. You can use this printable to teach kids the names of all the vegetables by conducting engaging activities. 

Vegetable Names 

Download Vegetable Names PDF

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Fun Activities to Teach Vegetable Names to Kids

A few activities you can conduct for kids to learn the names of vegetables are given below. 

  • Arrange a few vegetables on the table and ask kids to identify them within the given time frame. You can reward children based on the maximum number of correct answers they give. 
  • Show vegetable flashcards to children and ask them to identify them. 
  • Ask children to match the names of vegetables with their corresponding images on the worksheet. 
  • Allow kids to explore the kitchen and get the vegetables of the names mentioned on a sheet of paper. 
  • Ask kids to fill in the missing letters of the vegetables on the worksheet. For example, P U M _ K _ N, R _ D _ S H, C _ R R _ T, etc. The answer is PUMPKIN, RADISH, and CARROT. 

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Benefits of Learning Vegetable Names

The benefits of learning the names of vegetables for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It develops vocabulary and language skills in children. 
  • It increases children’s knowledge about vegetables and their nutritional benefits. 
  • It creates interest among children to eat vegetables. 
  • It improves the spelling skills of children by learning the names of vegetables. 
  • It enhances children’s learning experience. 
  • It helps children understand the importance of eating vegetables in boosting their immunity to protect them from infections and diseases. 

We hope this article on vegetable names helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, words for kids, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Vegetable Names

What are some names of vegetables?

Some vegetable names are; broccoli, carrot, beetroot, pumpkin, potato, tomato, bell pepper, green chilly, asparagus, zucchini, lettuce, peas, spinach, etc.

What are the benefits of learning the names of vegetables?

The benefits of learning vegetable names for kids are that it increases their knowledge of vegetables and the importance of eating them for a healthy mind and body. Besides this, it improves children’s vocabulary skills for better learning outcomes.

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