Valentine’s Day Trivia: Explore Questions for Kids

Valentine’s Day is also known as the day of love. It is the day you show your love and appreciation to your loved ones by wishing them with sweet messages and gifts. But what does your child know about Valentine’s day? Valentine’s Day trivia questions for kids are the best way to help your child learn more about the day of love. These fun trivia questions for kids keep them entertained and also boosts their knowledge during the celebration. Playing trivia games for kids is one of the best ways to enhance their cognitive skills, creativity and brain development. We’ve compiled a list of amazing Valentine’s Day trivia questions for kids to help you get started. 

50 Best Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

Valentine’s Day trivia questions for kids is one of the best holiday activities for kids. Here are 50 Valentine’s Day trivia questions and answers for kids. Use these questions for kids to test your child’s knowledge of the celebration.

List of Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions for Kids

  1. Who is the symbol of Valentine? Answer: Cupid
  2. Which country grows more roses that are sold in the United States for Valentine’s Day? Answer: Colombia
  3. What do red roses symbolize? Answer: Love
  4. Who was Cupid’s mother, the goddess of love and beauty? Answer: Venus
  5. Which is the common color that you wear on Valentine’s Day? Answer: Red
  6. Whose favorite flower was red roses? Answer: Venus
  7. When is Valentine’s Day celebrated? Answer: February 14 
  8. How many wedding proposals are made during Valentine’s Day? Answer: More than one million
  9. What is the number of towns named Valentine in the United States? Answer: Four
  10. What was the genre of the movie titled ‘Valentine’ released in 2001? Answer: Horror
  11. Which is the famous website established on February, 14? Answer: Youtube
  12. In which Shakespeare play, Valentine’s Day was mentioned? Answer: Hamlet
  13. Which is the monument referred to as the ultimate gift of love? Answer: Taj Mahal
  14. In which country, women traditionally buy chocolates for men? Answer: Japan
  15. Which is the famous fruit which is also known as love apple? Answer: Tomato
  16. In which year, St. Valentine was believed to be martyred? Answer: 269 AD.
  17. Whom did Cupid fall in love with? Answer: Psyche
  18. Who was a six-time Academy Award winner born on Valentine’s Day? Answer: Thelma Ritter
  19. Name the US State that produces the maximum amount of chocolates. Answer: Pennsylvania
  20. In which country will you find the oldest love poem written? Answer: Southern Iraq
  21. The goddess of love, Venus, was born from what? Answer: Sea-foam
  22. Which is the hormone also known as the love hormone? Answer: Oxytocin
  23. In which year, February 14 was declared as St. Valentine’s Day? Answer: 1537
  24. Who created the first box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Answer: Richard Cadbury
  25. Cupid is described as what? Answer: Blind
  26. Besides Valentine’s Day, which is the biggest day of giving flowers? Answer: Mother’s Day
  27. How many percent of people buy gifts for their pets? Answer: 27 %
  28. Which Latin word Valentine was derived from? Answer: Valor
  29. Who popularized the tradition of giving cards on Valentine’s Day? Answer: Esther Howland
  30. Cupid, the love of God, is depicted holding what? Answer: A bow and arrow
  31. How many Valentine cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day? Answer: 1 billion 
  32. Which King declared Valentine’s Day as a public holiday in England in 1537? Answer: King Henry VIII
  33. What is the name of the girl who planted an almond tree with pink blossoms beside the St. Valentine’s grave? Answer: Julia
  34. How many stems of roses are sold on Valentine’s Day every year? Answer: 189 billion 
  35. How much does a person spend on Valentine’s Day on average? Answer: $ 160
  36. Who wrote the oldest-known Valentine’s Day messages? Answer: The Duke of Orleans
  37. In which city, letters to Juliet are sent every year? Answer: Verona, Italy
  38. What do yellow roses symbolize? Answer: Friendship
  39. On average, how many heart-shaped chocolate boxes are sold every year on Valentine’s Day? Answer: 35 million
  40. Which country celebrates Valentine’s Day as Friend’s Day? Answer: Finland
  41. How much money do Americans spend on Chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Answer: $ 1 billion 
  42. On what the oldest living love poem was written? Answer: A Clay tablet
  43. What is accompanied by a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day? Answer: Chocolates
  44. Where do you wear your heart if you want to show your feelings? Answer: On your sleeves
  45. Which is the symbol that is illuminated on New York’s Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day? Answer: A heart
  46. Who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards? Answer: Teachers
  47. Which invention was patented on Valentine’s Day? Answer: Telephone
  48. What is the most common phrase used on Valentine’s Day? Answer: I love you
  49. Where do wooden love spoons carved and given as gifts on Valentine’s Day? Answer: Wales
  50. Which color rose symbolizes purity and innocence? Answer: White 

Benefits of Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions for Kids

Some of the benefits of fun Valentine’s Day trivia questions for kids are mentioned below:

  • Develops critical thinking and problem solving skills in children.
  • Improves knowledge about the history and traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day.
  • Increases affection for the people they love.
  • Develops questioning skills in children.
  • Boosts confidence to learn something new.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions for Kids

What are some of the Valentine’s Day trivia questions for kids?

Some of the Valentine’s Day trivia questions for kids are: What do red roses symbolize? When is Valentine’s Day celebrated? Who created the first box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day?, etc.

What are the benefits of Valentine’s Day trivia questions for kids?

Some of the benefits of Valentine’s Day trivia questions for kids are that it helps children gain knowledge about the customs and traditions of Valentine’s Day. Besides this, it enables children to develop critical thinking and questioning skills.