Turkey Crafts For Kids

What can be the more classic symbol of Thanksgiving than Turkey.  This Thanksgiving, you can try out these amazing paper turkey crafts for kids at home and make this day even more memorable. During this holiday, we want you to expand their creativity through turkey arts for kids. Before this, you must explore ideas on how to draw a turkey for kids and eventually make interesting and creative crafts. At the beginning, teach kids how to draw a turkey so that they can make innovative items to develop their fine motor skills.  

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Be ready with your little ones and your art supplies as we are going to give some of the most creative ideas on paper turkey kid crafts. There are many paper turkey kids crafts available online. Besides this, explore popsicle stick crafts for kids where they can get some idea about using popsicle sticks for making turkey. Stay tuned for turkey pictures for kids to draw. 

Easy Turkey Crafts For Kids 

We want our preschoolers and kindergarteners to explore and discover their creative side by taking part in turkey art for kids. They can try different types of paper turkeys kid crafts which are super simple and understandable for preschoolers. Moreover, it does not require much expensive stuff to create great turkey crafts for kids. Instead, they can gather any materials that you think are useful for making turkey.  Beside this, explore construction paper crafts for kids to get some ideas on turkey crafts for kids to make bookmarks, paper plates, jar, balloon, etc. 

List Of Turkey Crafts For Kids 

  •  Paper Plate Turkey
  • What you would need: 2 paper plates (one bigger than the other one), sketch pens or paints and scissors. 

    Instructions: In this Turkey art, kids will have to place the smaller plate on top of the bigger one. It should be placed a little lower than the centre of the bigger plate. Kids have to color the visible part of both the plates with dark brown (or any color they want their Turkey to be in) and let them dry. Then, they have to draw a pair of eyes and a beak of a Turkey using pencils or sketch pens. Cut these from the paper and color them appropriately. Then they have to paste the eyes and beak on the smaller plate. 

  • Moving Turkey
  • What you would need: feathers, a paper bag, colorful papers and a pencil.

    Instructions:Give a nice twist to your old paper bags with this amazing craft idea. On the closed side of the paper bag, paste the feathers on the backside. Make a beak and pair of eyes and paste them on the front side of the paper bag. Now, kids can put one of their palms inside the paper bag and take that moving turkey anywhere they want.

  •  Leafy Turkey
  • What you would need: paints, paper, pencils, bottle cap and scissors. 

    Instructions:For this craft, kids have to draw autumn leaves on paper, color them and cut them out using scissors.Put the leaves on top of each other and paste the cap of a bottle at the bottom front. Now, color the cap in dark brown and paste googly eyes on it. Then, cut a short piece of paper in the shape of a beak, color it and paste it on the cap. Your leafy turkey is ready.

  • Playdough Turkey
  • What you would need: playdough

    Instructions:This is a very simple and self-explanatory craft where kids have to create a Turkey using playdough. Create two spheres – one bigger one and the other smaller. The smaller sphere should be placed on the bigger one. Draw, cut and paste a pair of eyes and beak on the smaller sphere. 

  • Turkey Jars
  • What you would need: glass jars, glass markers or paint, colorful feathers and googly eyes. 

    Instructions:This craft would require kids to paste googly eyes on the front of the glass jar. At the back, they have to paste the feathers such that they look like the feathers of the turkey. Then, kids have to draw the beak of the turkey using paint or glass markers. 

  • Palm Turkey
  • What you would need: paints, paint brush, paper and scissors.

    Instructions: Kids have to color their palms such that the centre of the palm is in brown color. The fingers have to be colored in the colors of feathers so they can be orange, orangish brown, red, etc. Then, children can draw eyes and beak on paper and color them appropriately. Finally, they have to paste the eyes and beak at the centre. 

  •  Balloon Turkey
  • What you would need: Balloon, feathers, colorful sheets of paper and scissors. 

    Instructions: In this Turkey craft, kids need to blow a balloon and paste lots of colorful feathers at the mouth of the balloon. Then, they need to draw eyes and beak on the paper sheets of relevant colors and cut them out. Finally, they have to paste the eyes and beak at the front of the balloon. Balloon Turkey is ready which they can hang in their room. Those were a few brilliant Turkey craft ideas for kids which can be easily made at home. Kids enjoy such crafts and you get to spend some quality time with them. 

  • Paper Bag Turkey
  • What you would need: Brown paper bag, colorful feathers, googly eyes, color paper, glue and scissors. 

    Instructions: For this craft, you have to take a brown paper bag. We know that it looks like simple plain paper, so why not make it visually attractive for kids. Take the upper side of the bag and fold it in such a way that it looks like an envelope. Now, stick googly eyes on the front side of the bag along with a small triangular beak made from color paper. To complete the look of turkey, you can add a few colorful feathers to the paper bag. The bag is ready and you can carry this to school and other places of your choice. 

  •  Puppet Turkey
  • What you would need: Bottle cap, watercolor, popsicle stick, colorful feathers, glue, scissors, color papers and googly eyes. 

    Instructions: This is quite interesting turkey crafts for kids to make. You need to take a small bottle cap and paste it on one side of the popsicle stick. Paint the bottle cap with brown color. Now, stick googly eyes to the bottle cap along with a small tiny beak made up of yellow color paper. To complete the process, stick colorful feathers behind the bottle cap. Now, your puppet turkey is ready. 

  • Bookmark Turkey 
  • What you would need: Chart paper, googly eyes, color papers, glue and scissors. 

    Instructions: DIY turkey crafts for kids are extremely beneficial for them to expand their thinking abilities in order to come up with creative stuff. However, bookmarks are quite useful for kids in terms of giving gifts or using themselves for their books. Let’s get started with making bookmark turkey for kids. Take a chart paper and cut it into a shape of your choice. For example, rectangular, triangle, oval, heart shaped, etc. Now, draw a face of turkey on one end of the card. Color the turkey using brown crayons or watercolor. Then, paste googly eyes and tiny yellow beak on the face of the turkey. Finally, make feathers with crepe paper and paste it behind the card. The bookmark turkey is ready for use. 

Benefits Of Teaching Turkey Art For Kids

Some of the benefits to learn turkey crafts for kids are mentioned below: 

  • Develops fine motor and cognitive skills. 
  • Smooth handling of accessories and equipment to make crafts. 
  • Learning cutting, pasting, measuring and coloring items in order to make crafts. 
  • Develops creativity and imagination for developing something innovative. 
  • Recognition of shapes, colors, patterns and texture while working with crafts. 
  • Encourages children to explore and experiment with crafts. 
  • Enhances eye to hand coordination. 
  • Develops social and emotional bonding with others. 
  • Develops listening and communication skills. 
  • Promotes problem solving and decision making skills. 
  • Boosts confidence and self esteem. 
  • Helps in expressing thoughts and feelings with others. 
  • Increases visualization and retention of information for longer periods of time. 
  • Promotes positivity even during stressful situations. 
  • Enables kids to think out of the box and come up with logical solutions. 
  • Promotes analytical thinking on what they see and make decisions accordingly. 
  • Encourages kids to actively participate in the activities conducted for them. 
  • Improves time management, accuracy and speed in whatever activity they do. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Turkey Crafts For Kids

What are the easy Turkey Crafts For Kids?

Some of the easy Turkey crafts for kids are bookmark turkey, paper turkey, balloon turkey, cardboard turkey, palm turkey, turkey jars, playdough turkey, leafy turkey, etc.

What are the advantages of Turkey Craft For Kids?

When you engage them in Turkey craft for kids, there is improvement in their hand to eye coordination, improvement in imagination and creativity, enhancement of fine and gross motor skills, increased self confidence, and improvement of their time management and speed.

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