Tree Poems For Kids

Trees are mature and tall plants with woody branches. The main function of trees is to provide oxygen and food for living organisms. Apart from this, they also provide shelter, furniture and other essential tools for livelihood. Trees are the most essential part of the environment and ecosystem. To increase your knowledge about trees, you can explore tree poems for kids. Learning these poems for kids will not only help them learn about trees, but also develop their vocabulary and language skills. Check out some interesting poems about trees here. 

List Of Tree Poems For Kids

12 Beautiful Tree Poems For Kids

Here are a few poems about trees to help children learn to appreciate them.

  1. My Tree
  2. By Lenore Hetrick

    Now I will plant this little tree!

    Forever and ever it belongs to me.

    When it’s grown up I will lift my eyes

    To see my tree against the skies.

    A great, tall, living thing I shall see.

    And how glad I’ll feel that it’s my tree. 

  3. The Old Orchard Trees
  4. By Kate Slaughter McKinney

    Why cut them away? The dear old trees,

    They never did aught of harm,

    But scattered their perfume out to the breeze,

    And sheltered the birds from the storm.

    For an age, they have stood on the town’s outer meads, 

    The skirmish and battle have braved;

    Alike they have gazed on the war’s bloody deeds, 

    And the white flag of peace as it waved. 

    But you cut them away! My pleading is vain!

    In their shade moves the carpenter’s hands,

    I watched him today as he leveled his plane,

    And he spoke of the architect’s plans. 

    Then a wave of distress in my heart flowed anew,

    For dearly I love each old tree;

    Ah me! Many secrets are hidden from you

    That the apple tree whispered to me.

    I used to go by, and the sweet morning air, 

    Like incense, arose from the spot,

    It would crowd from my heart some pain gnawing there, 

    While the world with its care was forgot.

    Here, I’ve heard the first news of the blue bird and dove,

    And the round, silver note of the thrush,

    A concert, with sweet variation of love, 

    Seemed pouring from the tree and from brush. 

    I walked there today; as an accent profane

    That falls on the heart and the ear,

    I heard the harsh echo of hammer and plane,

    And the pant of a mill in the ear. 

    So I muffled my face with the veil that I wore,

    Time, that moment of pain can’t appease;

    Unlike the birds from the scene I can soar, 

    And like them, forget the old trees. 

  5. Trees
  6. By Harry Behn

    Trees are the kindest thing I know, 

    They do not harm, they simply grow.

    And spread a shade for sleepy Cow,

    And gather birds among their bows. 

    They give us fruit in leaves above, 

    And wood to make our houses of, 

    And leaves to burn on Halloween

    And in the spring new buds of green. 

    They are first when day’s begun

    To tough the beams of morning sun, 

    They are the last to hold the light 

    When evening changes into night. 

    And when a moon floats on the sky

    They hum a drowsy lullaby

    Of sleepy children long ago.

    Trees are the kindest thing I know. 

  7. Firwood
  8. By John Clare

    The fir trees taper into twigs and wear

    The rich blue green of summer all the year,

    Softening the roughest tempest almost calm

    And offering shelter ever still and warm

    To the small path that towels underneath, 

    Where loudest winds–almost as summer’s breath–

    Scarce fan the weed that lingers green below

    When others out of doors are lost in frost and snow.

    And sweet music trembles on the ear

    As the wind suthers through each tiny spear

    Makeshifts for leaves; and yet, so rich they show,

    Winter is almost summer where they grow. 

  9. Come And Plant A Tree
  10. By Aunt Mary

    Plant a tree to save the world,

    Plant a tree to save the earth. 

    Tree provides the shelter and food, 

    Cleans up the air and makes it good.

    Trees saves us from hot sun rays,

    Cools up the ground and cools up the ways.

    Bring clouds and trees bring rain, 

    Let them flourish on our land. 

    Trees add beauty to our place.

    With its goodness and its grace. 

    Come on children,  where have you been?

    Plant a tree and just go green. 

  11. Loveliest Of Trees
  12. By A.E. Housman

    Loveliest of trees, the cherry now

    Is hung with bloom along the bough,

    And stands about the woodland ride

    Wearing white for Eastertide.

    Now, of my threescore years and then,

    Twenty will not come again,

    And take from seventy springs a score,

    It only leaves me fifty more. 

    And since to look at things in bloom

    Fifty springs are little room,

    And about the woodlands I will go,

    To see the cherry hung with snow. 

  13. Tree, Dear Tree
  14. By Jonathan George

    Tree, Dear Tree,

    In the spring, you give the birds a place to rest.

    On your lovely branches, I can hear a family of Robbins,

    Singing in their nest.

    Some trees are short, some trees are tall, 

    But all the trees are lovely as their leaves change in the fall. 

    I love to see your red and browns, but your golden 

    Yellow are the best of all. 

    How beautiful you are covered in winter white,

    As you stand in the snow and your branches are frozen in ice. 

    Then again comes the spring so crisp and clean,

    Waking you out of your slumbering sleep. 

    Joyfully telling you another year has gone by,

    “Look up dear tree you have grown one inch more closer to the sky. 

  15. Under The Greenwood Tree
  16. By William Shakespeare

    Under the greenwood tree

    Who loves to lie with me,

    And turn his merry note

    Unto the sweet bird’s throat,

    Come hither, come hither, come hither:

    Here shall he see

    No enemy

    But winter and rough weather.

    Who doth ambition shun,

    And loves to live i’ the sun,

    Seeking the food he eats,

    And pleased what he gets

    Come hither, come hither, come hither:

    He shall he see

    No enemy

    But winter and rough weather. 

  17. Poet’s Tree
  18. By Shel Silverstein

    Underneath the poet tree

    Come and rest awhile with me,

    And watch the way the word-web weaves

    Between the shady story leaves.

    The branches of the poet tree 

    Reach from the mountains to the sea.

    So come and dream, or come and climb

    Just don’t get hit by falling rhymes. 

  19. My Pretty Rose Tree
  20. By William Blake

    A flower was offered to me;

    Such a flower as May never bore.

    But I said I’ve a pretty rose tree

    And I passed the sweet flower o’er.

    Then, I went to my pretty rose tree;

    To tend her by day and by night

    But my rose turned away with jealousy.

    And her thorns were my only delight.  

  21. Friendly Tree, This Is Your Day
  22. By Annette Wynne

    Friendly tree, this is your day,

    So we’ll stop our work and play

    And talk of you,

    And all the things that you do.

    Standing still and quiet there, 

    Sending branches into air,

    Making pleasant shade around,

    Delving far beneath the ground,

    Holding all year safe from harm

    Little nest within your arm,

    Keeping firmly where you are,

    Reaching up to touch a star,

    Growing, working, just as I, 

    Seeking God within the sky. 

  23. Tree Gowns
  24. By Lenore Hetrick

    In the springtime of the year

    The trees wear blossom gowns.

    They change into pink fairylands

    All the hills and towns. 

    In the autumn of the year

    The trees put on new dresses!

    Red and gold and yellow are 

    The colors each one stresses. 

Benefits of Learning Tree Poems For Kids

Some of the advantages of learning tree poems for kids are mentioned below:

  • Imparts knowledge on trees and their importance in our lives. 
  • Develops literacy and vocabulary skills among the children. 
  • Improves creativity and imagination skills. 
  • Develops language and communication skills. 
  • Boosts confidence to learn new words and formation of sentences for effective communication. 

We hope this article on tree poems for kids was useful to you. Check our kids learning section for more poems, activities and other learning resources.

Frequently Asked Questions On Tree Poems For Kids

What are tree poems for kids?

Tree poems for kids are the expression of thoughts and feelings about trees and their importance in the environment and our lives. Some of these poems are My Tree, The Old Orchard Trees, Trees, Firwood, Come And Plant A Tree, Loveliest of Tree, Tree, Dear Tree, Under The Greenwood Tree, etc.

What are the benefits of learning tree poems for kids?

The benefits of learning tree poems for kids are that it imparts knowledge on trees and develops vocabulary and language skills. Additionally, it improves creativity and imagination skills among children.