Transition Words 

You must be wondering how to teach transition words for kids? We are here to help you provide a list of transition words for kids to enhance their vocabulary and language skills. These words for kids are a great way to teach clear and cohesive sentences for communication with others. Kids must learn to connect one sentence with another using appropriate words. 


To teach vocabulary words for kids, you must explore words and phrases as per their grades for better understanding. They must learn what transition words are and how to use them in making meaningful sentences. Learning transition words enables children to narrate stories and events systematically. It helps kids develop reading and writing skills. Kids can construct sentences smoothly for others to understand. 

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Transition Words List 

Incorporating transition words in sentences makes sense to the conversation you make. If appropriate words are not used, it may be a miscommunication of the information that you want to convey. Teaching transition words enables kids to add information in a flow. For example, similarly can be expressed as likewise, in addition to, another, etc. Here is a list of transition words for kids given below:

List of Transition Words of Addition and Comparison

Addition Comparison 
Also Equally 
Or Similarly 
FurthermoreIn the same way 
In addition toLike 
And Comparable 

List of Transition Words of Contrast and Emphasis

Absolutely Whereas
Particularly Nonetheless 
Especially Alternatively
Obviously In contrast to
Definitely Unlike

List of Transition Words of Time and Opinion 

Time Opinion 
Later I believe that
Whenever I feel 
Next In my opinion 
Until In my view
Always As far as I know 

Examples of Transition Words Used in Sentences

A few examples of transition words for kids are mentioned below:

  • You can go whenever you want.
  • In spite of repeated reminders, you did not complete homework.
  • Kids especially love playing video games at home. 
  • He purchased chocolates from the store and gave them to poor children. 
  • The toy seems better in comparison to what we saw earlier.
  • He should not go unless he wants to. 
  • She prepared well for the exams yet lost marks in all the subjects.
  • I believe that you can do much better in exams next time. 
  • I like beaches. Also, I like to go for a hike in the mountains. 
  • He can do great things, as far as I know
  • Two people started walking in the right direction, whereas the others in the left direction.
  • You can encourage kids to do physical activities in the same way you do for studies. 
  • My mother is an excellent cook, particularly in Italian cuisine. 
  • I believe that there is more scope in learning different languages for kids. 
  • Kids always look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving Day every year. 
  • Take a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water. Then, add some food coloring liquid to it.  

Ways to Learn Transition Words for Kids

Here are some of the ways to learn transition words for kids are mentioned below:

  • Use worksheets: Once your kids reach elementary school, you can teach them transition words using worksheets. These worksheets for kids are a great way to practice transition words effectively. They learn to systematically recognize, match, trace, search and write words. 
  • Solve puzzles: Kids love playing puzzle games irrespective of any theme you give them. You can use this opportunity to teach kids new vocabulary words by asking them to solve the puzzles. You can provide puzzles for kids and ask them to mark or circle the transition words hidden diagonally, vertically or horizontally. 
  • Sort words: In this activity, children can sort transition words from the given set of words to learn recognition. For example, contrast words can be expressed as apart from, although, in spite of, etc.
  • Play scramble: Provide kids word scramble printable to learn the rearranging of letters of the words. You can assist children with clues if they find it challenging to unscramble words. You can download word scramble worksheets for kids to practice learning new words.

Benefits of Transition Words for Kids

Some of the benefits of transition words for kids are mentioned below:

  • It develops vocabulary and language skills in children.
  • It enables children to express themselves smoothly using appropriate transition words.
  • It boosts the confidence of children to communicate with others effectively.
  • It enhances the academic performance of children.
  • It helps in understanding the information on various topics.
  • It develops reading and writing skills in children. 
  • It enables children to improve their phonics, storytelling and comprehension skills. 

We hope this article on transition words was useful to you. To learn more about activities, worksheets and games, explore literacy games for kids, puzzles for kids, kids learning sections at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Transition Words

What are some of the transition words?

Some of the transition words for kids are; addition (and, in addition to, also, etc.), comparison (like, equally, similarly, comparable, etc.), contrast (absolutely, particularly, definitely, etc.), emphasis (nonetheless, whereas, in contrast to, etc.), time (later, next, always, etc.) and opinion (in my opinion, in my view, I believe that, etc.).

What are the benefits of transition words?

The benefits of transition words for kids are that it helps them learn vocabulary and develop language skills. Most importantly, it enables children to link words and phrases from one topic to another.