Tracing Lines Worksheets

Is your little one ready to learn how to write? Then start off by teaching them to draw lines using tracing lines worksheets. Tracing lines is the first step to learning how to write. Learning how to draw horizontal, vertical, curved and diagonal lines prepares your child for writing. Additionally, it’s also important to build muscle memory and develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Introduce your child to writing by giving them tracing lines worksheets. 

Here is a collection of tracing lines worksheets for your kids. Practicing tracing lines sets a foundation to teach children how to write the alphabet. To learn how to write the letters of the alphabet and numbers, kids will have to know about different shapes and line formations. These tracing lines worksheets for kids will help your child learn how to draw straight lines, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved lines and even circles. 

List of Tracing Lines Worksheets

Before you jump to tracing letters, teach your child to draw different kinds of lines with some tracing lines worksheets. This will help them learn the shapes and lines in the letters and write them easily. Once they can draw neat, straight lines, zigzag lines and circles, give them letter tracing pages to help them learn to write the letters. Check out these line tracing worksheets for kids.

Vertical Line Tracing Worksheet

Teach your child how to draw a vertical line using this vertical line tracing worksheet. This worksheet will help your little ones learn how to trace a straight line and curved line vertically.

Horizontal Line Tracing Worksheet

Help your little one learn how to draw a horizontal line with this tracing line worksheet. This worksheet will help them practice tracing straight horizontal lines and horizontal zigzag lines.

Curved Line Tracing Worksheet

This fun line tracing worksheet will help your child learn how to draw a curved line easily. 

Diagonal Line Tracing Worksheet

A diagonal line is a slanted straight line that is at an angle or an inclination instead of being straight up or across. It is neither horizontal nor vertical. Learn how to draw a diagonal line with this diagonal line tracing worksheet. 

Directions for Tracing Lines Worksheets

Before your child starts tracing lines on the worksheet, help them understand how to trace the lines. The directions for tracing lines worksheets are quite simple.

  1. Ask your child to grasp their pencil and start at the top of the page from the left hand side.
  2. The page will have matching objects on the top and bottom with a dotted line in between the objects.
  3. Ask the child to trace on the dotted lines from the object at the top to the matching object at the bottom.
  4. Ask the child to repeat tracing until they can draw the line on their own.

Give the children an erasable marker and ask them to trace on the completed tracing worksheet often until they can draw a line on their own. You can also laminate the tracing sheet once the child has finished tracing on it and turn it into a tracing mat. You can wipe the mat and reuse it whenever your child needs to practice tracing again.

Benefits of Tracing Lines Worksheets for Kids

You might think that tracing lines is a waste of time, especially when your kids can learn how to write the letters of the alphabet easily. But learning how to trace lines is extremely important. Here are some benefits of having your children work on tracing lines worksheets:

  1. Tracing lines is a precursor to good writing skills. Learning how to form different lines/shapes helps them understand how to form letters, numbers, geometric shapes etc.
  2. It also helps boost a toddler’s fine motor skills and help them learn how to grasp a pencil correctly.
  3. It is very important to strengthen the muscles in the child’s hand.
  4. Tracing lines is important to improve their hand-eye coordination, which helps them learn to write where their eyes are telling them to.
  5. It aids visual tracking and helps build awareness of the right and left sides.
  6. It helps build muscle memory, which in turn helps develop better handwriting.
  7. Introduces children to different types of lines, which sets a foundation for geometry learning.

We hope you found these tracing lines worksheets useful. For more activities, games and worksheets to make learning and engaging, check our kids learning section.