Tool Names

What would you do when you want to fix a screw of an object? You would be using a screwdriver to fix the problems. Similarly, you can find many such tools that perform specific functions to make things work smoothly. You can teach kids about different tool names they encounter in daily life. Kids would’ve seen the tools but might not recognize their names. Therefore, you can teach kids the names of tools in a creative way. Also, you can show how to use these tools to kids by practically demonstrating to them. 

Learning tool names will help children acquire vocabulary knowledge for effective communication. It is needless to say that vocabulary for kids helps in enhancing their language skills. Learning about tools helps your kids make their job easier whenever they need to carry out specific tasks.

Tool Names in English for Kids

How would you introduce household tool names to kids? You need to develop effective strategies or activities that can help them learn the names of tools quickly. Kids must gain knowledge of tool names to help them accomplish and make their tasks easier. You can teach the names of tools to kids in such a way that they learn and memorize them easily. You can also give them toy tools to help them recognize and learn about their uses effectively. Check out the list of all the names of tools for kids mentioned in this article.

List of Tool Names for Kids 

Below is a list of all the names of tools for kids. 

Nut Screw 
Screwdriver Measuring tape
Hammer Corkscrew 
Pliers Drillers 
Spanner Wrench 
Bolt Tester 
Saw Ax 
Chisel Mallet 
Spirit level Brace 
Backsaw Rake 
Shears Trowel 
Garden fork Hoe 
Shovel Spade 
Caliper Clipper
Clamp Magnifying glass
Hatchet Sandpaper 
Stepladder Grater 
Lemon squeezer Strainer
Tongs  Knife 
Chopstick Steak hammer 
Fork Wheelbarrow 

Free Printable Tools Name for Kids

Little ones must’ve seen different tools around the house and their surroundings. Do they recognize or know their uses? If not, it is better to teach them the names of tools with their pictures for better understanding. This will help them recognize and memorize the tool names easily. You can download a printable consisting of a list of all the names of tools in English for kids. Little ones can learn about electric, kitchen and garden tool names with the help of this printable. Besides this, you can also conduct different activities to teach the names of tools to help them retain the information they are learning for a longer time. 

Tool Names

Download Tool Names PDF

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Fun Activities to Learn the Names of Tools for Kids

You can teach kids tool names they come across in their daily lives, such as scissors, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, bolts, etc., by conducting activities. This will help them learn how these tools increase the speed and efficiency of their work and provide accurate results. Learning the names of tools upgrades their knowledge and enhances their skills from an early age. Besides, they can learn the names of flowers, animals, vegetables, etc. Some interesting activities you can plan for kids to teach tool names are mentioned below. 

  • Fill in the missing letters: In this activity, kids must fill in the missing letters of the tool names on a sheet of paper, for example, B O _ T, H A _ M _ R, S _ I S S _ R, etc. The answer is bolt, hammer and scissor. This activity will help little ones learn the spelling of tool names effectively. 
  • Act it out: In this activity, you must enact the use of tools for kids. They must identify the tool names that help in carrying out particular tasks. For example, what is the tool used for cutting papers? The answer is scissors. This activity will help kids recognize the names of tools based on their uses. 
  • Write the names of tools: In this activity, you need to provide a worksheet consisting of images of tools to kids. They must identify the illustration and write the names of the tools in the space provided. This will help them retain the information and enhance their spelling skills.

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Benefits of Learning Tool Names for Kids 

The benefits of learning the names of tools for children are mentioned below. 

  • It improves children’s vocabulary knowledge for better communication. 
  • It helps children recognize and learn the benefits of tools effectively. 
  • It enables children to learn how tools increase the efficiency of the work they carry out.
  • It helps children perform the tasks better with precision and accuracy. 
  • It keeps children informed about different tools available in the market to perform various tasks. 

We hope this article on tool names helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, words for kids, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Tool Names

What are some common tool names for kids?

Some common names of tools for kids are; spanner, measuring tape, scissors, clamp, tester, hammer, screwdriver, nut, bolt, etc.

What are the benefits of tool names for kids?

The benefits of tool names for kids are that it helps them become familiar with different kinds of tools available for carrying out various tasks easily. Besides this, it will increase the vocabulary knowledge of children.

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