Time Order Words

Do your children find it challenging to tell events that happened in order? Sometimes, little ones do not know words to describe the order of events with correct vocabulary. Therefore, it is essential to teach time order words to kids. Teaching these vocabulary words for kids help them to understand the events in chronological order. They learn to narrate the stories from beginning to end with a clear understanding.  


Young children pick up words quite quickly. You can use this opportunity to teach time order words to enhance your child’s vocabulary and language development. Teaching words for kids help them make meaningful sentences for others to understand. For example, First, I went to the market to purchase chocolate. After that, I went to my tuition classes. Finally, I completed the lessons and left for my home. If you’re looking for the time order words list for kids? We are here to help you provide the list of time order words to help children learn new vocabulary words. 

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Time Order Words List for Kids

Using appropriate time order words enables children to narrate events meaningfully. People listening to the stories will relate and understand the information they are trying to convey. Apart from two, three or four letter words, you can also teach time order words for kids to enhance their English language skills. Here is a list of time order words for kids given below:

List of Time Order Words of Before, First and Next 

Before First Next 
Earlier At first After 
Formerly At the beginning After a few days
In the pastAt the onsetAfter a while
Not along soBefore After that
Once Commence As soon as
Preceding Embark Consequently 
Previously From this pointFollowing 
Prior to In the first placeHenceforth 
Up until that timeStarting with In time
Yesterday To begin In turn
In advance Initially Then
Last timeAt the outsetSoon after 
Previous toBefore all elseRight after

List of Time Order Words of Sometimes and Last

Sometimes Last
At timesAfterward 
From time to timeAt last
Gradually At the end
Occasionally Eventually 
Periodically Finally 
Rarely Hereafter 
Seldom In conclusion
Some of the timeIn the end
Every so oftenLast of all
On occasionLater on 
Every now and thenThereafter
Intermittently To Finish 
Once in a whileUltimately 

Refer to 3 letter words for kids to build their vocabulary knowledge. 

Example of Time Order Words in Sentences 

Some of the samples of time order words used in the sentences to make them meaningful are mentioned below:

  • Earlier, I had three puppies.
  • In the past, two children were staying in this house. 
  • Previously, I had a lot of trouble around the house.
  • Yesterday, I got some candies for my sister’s birthday.
  • Last time, many people attended my birthday party. 
  • Up until that time, I had beautiful peacock feathers in my notebook.
  • Prior to this, many children were playing on the ground. 
  • Initially, I thought of going to my grandma’s house near the countryside. 
  • Originally, I was planning to meet my friends.
  • To start with, pour some water into the jar.
  • From this point, I would not like to go out. 
  • In the beginning, it was difficult to understand the concept. 
  • Then, take some salt and add it to the water.
  • You can take all the materials afterwards from the store. 
  • After that, take some time to complete your lessons. 
  • After a few days, the temperature started reducing. 
  • At times, we forget to do what is required. 
  • Occasionally, I go out for lunch with my friends.
  • I rarely visit my grandparent’s home in the countryside. 
  • I keep looking for my glasses every now and then
  • I eat ice cream once in a while
  • Finally, I had an opportunity to meet my favorite actor. 
  • Ultimately, it was fun playing with my friends in the pool.
  • The overall experience of hiking in the mountains was incredible. 
  • It was eventually time for everyone to leave the stadium after a musical concert.
  • After that, things started getting better in the town. 
  • In the end, we decided to leave the place.
  • At the onset of summer, the temperature of the atmosphere gets warmer.  
  • I will not eat chocolates from this point

Ways to Teach Time Order Words for Kids

At times, little kids might ignore learning words if not presented in an engaging way. Therefore, you can teach time order words for them to tell or narrate the events meaningfully. To help them learn new vocabulary words, you can conduct exciting activities for kids. Some of the interesting ways to teach time order words for kids are mentioned below:

  • Use chart: This is the best way to teach kids time order words. You can hang or paste the chart related to time order words in your child’s study room. They will keep track of all the words as and when they come across the charts on the wall. These charts for kids are extremely useful in learning words to enhance their communication skills. 
  • Show flashcards: Using flashcards enable kids to learn words faster. They tend to concentrate on the visually appealing words mentioned in the flashcards. You can show the flashcards and ask kids to recite and write sentences with words in them. 
  • Dictate words: Apart from recitation, it is essential for kids to learn to spell to write the sentences correctly. They will think and write the spelling of the given words correctly. They can enhance their spelling skills by dictating time order words. 

Benefits of Learning Time Order Words for Kids 

Some of the benefits of learning time order words for kids are mentioned below:

  • It develops vocabulary and language skills in children.
  • It enables children to make meaningful sentences for communication.
  • It allows children to use time order words appropriately in the events they are narrating. 
  • It boosts the confidence of children to speak, listen, read and write effectively. 
  • It enhances the learning experience of children.
  • It minimizes the errors they make while communicating with others. 

We hope this article on time order words were useful to you. To learn more about activities, worksheets and games, explore literacy games for kids, puzzles for kids, kids learning sections at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Time Order Words

What are some of the time order words?

Some of the time order words for kids are before (earlier, last time, prior to, previously, yesterday, etc.) first (at first, starting with, initially, from this point, at the beginning, etc.), next (after a while, after a few days, consequently, henceforth, then, etc.), sometimes (occasionally, from time to time, gradually, once in a while, rarely, etc.) last (finally, at the end, hereafter, eventually, at last, etc.)

What are the examples of time order words used in sentences?

Some of the examples of time order words used in sentences are; From this point, I would not like to go out. Initially, I thought of going to my grandma’s house near the countryside. Previously, I had a lot of trouble around the house and I eat ice cream once in a while.

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