This or That Questions for Kids

Looking for a fun icebreaker activity for kids? This or that questions for kids is a wonderful way to get everyone talking and have fun. This is also a great activity for family game nights too. Questions for kids are a wonderful way to get to know your kids better, in an enjoyable way.

How to Play the Game

Playing a game of this or that questions is quite simple. This or that questions for kids are quite similar to would you rather questions for kids. All you have to do is pose a question with two options for the player to choose from. The options are usually two unappealing  or funny scenarios. For example, An extra leg or an extra hand? The players will have to choose between this or that.

75+ This or That Questions for Kids

This or that questions for kids are a great way to kill some time when your kids are bored. Especially, when they’re stuck in waiting rooms or in a car during long drives. These questions will distract them and keep them entertained. We’ve compiled below, a list of this or that questions for kids to help you.

List of This or That Questions for Kids

  1. Cats or dogs?
  2. Two noses or three mouths?
  3. Sleep under the table or in the bathtub?
  4. Eat pizza for 4 continuous days or never eat pizza at all?
  5. Eat steak in popsicle form or drink like a smoothie?
  6. Sleep with your ears closed or mouth open?
  7. Live as a fish for a day or as your pet cat?
  8. Be a painting or a statue?
  9. Fly around on a broom or a mop?
  10. Walk around barefoot or walk on your hands?
  11. Pee when you sneeze or fart when you sneeze?
  12. Eat cheeseburgers only for the rest of your life or never eat cheeseburgers?
  13. Eat ice cream with steak or with fried chicken?
  14. Add BBQ sauce in your coffee or mayo?
  15. Eat pancakes with gravy or Turkey with maple syrup?
  16. Swimming in winter wear or in track pants?
  17. Eat only broccoli for the rest of your life or never eat at all?
  18. Wash one week’s worth of dirty dishes in the kitchen or clean a dirty toilet?
  19. School during Christmas or school throughout the year?
  20. Blueberries on pizza or on steak?
  21. Sit in a boring class or stand in class?
  22. Work for a day as the janitor or as the lunch lady?
  23. Brussel sprout flavored popsicle or broccoli flavored popsicle?
  24. Kale chips or carrot chips?
  25. Grow all your food or buy food?
  26. Ketchup in strawberry milkshake or on chocolate cake?
  27. Vegetable flavored ice cream for dinner or baked vegetables for dinner?
  28. Three hands or no hands?
  29. Five eyes or no eyes?
  30. Claws instead of fingers or tentacles?
  31. Pet snake or pet shark?
  32. Meet Bigfoot or a witch?
  33. Become a goldfish for a day or an octopus?
  34. Become friends with a vampire or a werewolf?
  35. Live on the moon or on Mars?
  36. Become a famous scientist or an unknown basketball player?
  37. Live as a superhero for a day or as a supervillain?
  38. Become a princess or an unknown superhero?
  39. Live in a house made of cotton candy or burgers?
  40. Crawl on all fours like a baby or hop like a toad?
  41. Never stop dreaming or never dream at all?
  42. Christmas break or summer break?
  43. Locked in a tower or in a dungeon?
  44. Broccoli flavored cheesecake or steak flavored?
  45. Live in a castle in the clouds or an underwater palace?
  46. Live in a tiny hut in the woods or a hut near the sea?
  47. Brave and unknown or cowardly and famous?
  48. Remote control helicopter or car?
  49. Play dough or Lego?
  50. Board game or jigsaw puzzle?
  51. Pillow fort indoors or tent in the backyard?
  52. Read aloud to yourself or read in front of your school?
  53. Watch TV in black and white or never watch TV?
  54. Live for a day as Iron man or Superman?
  55. Act in a sci-fi movie or in a horror movie?
  56. Never hear a sound or never see color?
  57. Craft with glitter or with sequins?
  58. Toy story or Frozen?
  59. Soccer or baseball?
  60. Freezing cold winter or extremely hot summer?
  61. Live as Aladdin’s genie or Frozen’s Olaf?
  62. Camping alone in the forest or sailing alone in the ocean?
  63. Eat a raw fish or eat a spider?
  64. Thunderstorms or hurricanes?
  65. Live as a cactus or as seaweed?
  66. Hot smoothie or frozen chicken?
  67. Rain or sunshine?
  68. Building a snowman or a sandcastle?
  69. Swim on the beach in winter or go to the desert in summer?
  70. Vacation in Disneyland or a water park?
  71. Trip to the zoo or an aquarium?
  72. Halloween or Thanksgiving?
  73. Bacon or ice cream?
  74. Live as Snow White or Cinderella?
  75. Family game night or movie night?
  76. Designer clothes or comfortable clothes?
  77. McDonald’s or Burger King?
  78. Tacos or macaroni and cheese?
  79. Cookies or cupcakes?
  80. Drink bitter medicine or take an injection?

For more such fun activities, games and worksheets to help kids learn easily, check our kids learning section.

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