Symbol Names 

What is this symbol called “=”? This symbol represents equal to. There are collections of symbols representing an object or things you want to express in terms of letters, characters, signs, etc. These symbols stand for something that you want to signify or represent things or ideas. You can teach kids symbol names by conducting interesting activities for kids at home. They can learn symbol names related to English, Math, Science or other subjects to enhance their knowledge of the concept they are learning. One must be very careful about using the symbol names to avoid confusion while communicating. 

Learning symbols makes communication easier for kids. They can use them appropriately in making meaningful conversations. Therefore, kids can learn the names of symbols besides learning the names of flowers, animals, vegetables, etc. You can conduct what’s the name of the symbol activities for kids in a creative way. For example, the symbol name of $, ( ), /, and ! are dollar sign, bracket, slash and exclamation mark. Similarly, you can teach kids the name of # or + symbol names to kids. This will help little ones learn and memorize the symbol names effectively.

Symbol Name in English for Kids

There are different types of symbols, such as the pictogram, icon, logo, ideogram, etc. You can teach kids all the names of symbols by conducting various activities. This will help them stay focused and concentrate on learning the symbol names for better retention. It is better to come up with exciting activities or games to teach symbols with their names for kids. Learning symbols enable kids to understand the concept easily and will help them condense the information they want to convey to others. Learning vocabulary words for kids enhances their communication skills. Check out the symbol names for kids mentioned in this article. 

List of Symbol Name for Kids 

Below is a list of all the names of symbols for kids. 

Full stop Slash
Comma Colon 
Quotation mark Brackets
Hyphen Exclamation mark 
Semicolon Apostrophe 
Percentage Equal to 
Greater thanLess than
At the rateHash 
Bar Copyright
Bullet Underline 
And Ellipsis 
Question mark Underscore 
Dollar Square brackets
AsteriskMultiplication sign
Division sign Plus sign
Curly brackets Infinity 
Minus sign Square root sign 
Pi Angle brackets 

Free Printable Symbol Name for Kids 

What is the name of this symbol #? You must introduce kids to symbol names from an early age to get acquainted with them quickly so that they can make effective communication. Kids must recognize, memorize and learn the meaning of each symbol name for better understanding. They must know where and when to use these symbol names while expressing their thoughts and ideas. Therefore, you can download printable names of symbols for kids given below. 

Symbol Names 

Download Symbol Names PDF

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Fun Activities to Learn Symbol Name for Kids 

Some exciting activities to learn the names of symbols for kids are mentioned below. 

  • Hunt symbol names: In this activity, kids must explore and hunt the symbols representing an object or things in the house. They must identify the names of symbols illustrated on the calendar, books, magazines, etc. This is a fun activity to help kids recognize symbol names quickly. 
  • Play what’s the name of this symbol: In this activity, you must provide kids with a worksheet or chart consisting of symbols. You must ask kids what the name of this symbol is, for example, /, { }, ?, <, >, etc. The answer is slash, curly brackets, question mark, greater than and less than. They need to identify the symbol names within the given time frame. You can decide the winners based on the number of correct answers.
  • Show flashcards: In this activity, you must show kids flashcards consisting of symbols. They must identify the symbols and write the names on a sheet of paper, for example, hash, comma, percent, dollar sign, bar, etc. This will help them learn the spelling of each symbol name effectively. 

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Benefits of Learning Symbol Names for Kids 

The benefits of learning the names of symbols for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It helps children make short and precise conversations with others. 
  • It enables children to express their ideas effectively by using appropriate symbols in communication. 
  • It increases children’s knowledge of symbols and helps to learn how to use them appropriately. 
  • It helps children learn and understand the information faster. 
  • It enhances the learning experience of children. 

We hope this article on symbol names helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, words for kids, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Symbol Names

What are some common symbol names for kids?

Some common symbol names for kids are; comma, hash, full stop, exclamation mark, dollar sign, percent, and, at the rate, brackets, etc.

What are the benefits of learning symbol names for kids?

The benefits of learning symbol names for kids are that it helps them enhance their knowledge of symbols and use them correctly for making short and precise communication. Besides this, kids will improve their vocabulary knowledge and develop their language skills.