Easy DIY St Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

St Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids 

St Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and we know you would love to make some easy DIY craft for kids on this special day. We are here with some brilliant St Patrick’s Day craft ideas for kids that you can explore and utilize. 

But, before we start, here is a bit of history behind this day!

Saint Patrick’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, is celebrated on the 17th of March every year to commemorate the coming of Christianity to the country of Ireland. The day was originally celebrated in honour of St Patrick who was one of Ireland’s patron saints. Over time, it became a celebration of Irish culture.

Fun Kid Crafts for St Patrick’s Day

  1. Making Shamrocks with a twist
  2. We know that shamrocks are green in color. But why not bring about a little twist in our art. 

    What you need: Paint, Pencil, Paper and a lot of creativity!

    This St Patrick’s Day, let your little ones draw and paint a shamrock not only in one green but different types of greens – dark, light, yellowish-green, bluish-green, and all other shades that have a tint of green in them!

    To involve more twist, you can ask kids to paint with their fingers.

  3. Rainbow of glitters
  4. What you need: glitter pens, cotton, glue, pencil and paper. 

    In this craft idea, kids will need to make an outline of a rainbow. Get glitters of all the seven colors – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Kids have to color the rainbow with these glittering colors. And what’s there at both the ends of the rainbow? 

    Yes, the clouds!

    Kids have to make 2 clouds with cotton and paste the clouds at both ends of the rainbow. 

  5. Shamrocks footprints
  6. Can someone have a footprint of shamrocks? Well, we don’t know but what we do know is that your little ones can make shamrock footprints. 

    What you need: paper and paint.

    Kids have to color their feet with green and bring both their feet close to each other. Next, they have to keep their foot on the paper. In this way, kids have to create a shamrock with their footprints on paper. 

    To create a shamrock, they would need to do the above activity three times overall. 

  7. Leprechauns of playdough
  8. Alright, we know this might be a bit hard but why not give it a try!

    What you need: playdough, a sample image of a Leprechaun’s face available online. 

    In this St Patrick’s Day craft for kids, they need to make Leprechaun’s face, beard and hat – all using playdough. 

  9. Crepe Rainbow
  10. What you need: crepe paper, cotton, glue, shiny stickers, paper, pencil and scissors. 

    In this super easy kids crafts for St Patrick’s Day, kids have to draw a semi-circle with a radius of around 5 cm. Cut out the semi-circle from the paper. Now, cut crepe papers into thin and long strips of all the rainbow colors and paste them next to each other on the semi-circle in the VIBGYOR order. Paste shiny star-stickers at the ends of each strip of the rainbow. 

    Now, cover the semi-circle with cotton which will look like a cloud. 

  11. The fork-ed beard
  12. What you need: a pencil, black marker, paint, fork and paper. 

    Using a pencil, kids have to draw an outline of a Leprechaun’s face on paper. Next, they will dip the fork in the paint of whichever color they wish the beard to be. Using the fork, kids need to draw Leprechaun’s beard. 

    Then, they can paint the rest of the face and hat with a paintbrush.

  13. Rainbow – the healthy way
  14. This is an amazing idea for St Patrick’s Day food crafts for kids. 

    What you need: a plate, tomato (for red), yellow capsicum (for yellow), green capsicum (for green), carrots (for orange), blueberries (for blue), blackberries (for violet) and black beans (for indigo).

    These will make a great combination for a rainbow salad. Before you go on to make a salad out of it, with the help of your little ones you can decorate all these fruits and vegetables in the shape of a rainbow. 

    You can skip an ingredient or two and add some other ingredients to this amazing food craft. 

Fun Fact

Who are Leprechauns?

Leprechauns, as per the Irish folklore, were some cranky supernatural beings who used to mend the shoes of fairies. They were tricksters and no one would wish to mess with them. 

The legend goes that Leprechauns pinch whoever they see. And that, if you wish to hide from their sight, you must wear green-colored masks. It is believed that Leprechauns leave their footprints or shamrocks wherever they go. 

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