Spring Poems For Kids: List of Beautiful Spring Poems for Kids

Spring is one of the four seasons, which comes after winter and before summer.  It is the time when flowers bloom and plants and trees grow new leaves after the winter. In the US, the spring months are March, April and May. Kids especially love this season because they can explore the nature around them and learn fun and interesting things. To enhance their knowledge about the season, teach them spring poems for kids. These poems for kids will help kids appreciate the season and learn new vocabulary words and language skills. Check out some famous spring poems for kids here. 

Spring Poems for Kids: Explore Best Spring Poems in English

It is so beautiful to see flowers blooming and birds chirping in your surroundings. Help children explore the beauty around them through poetry. Writing spring poems will enable them to explore their creative side in an effective way. Also, practicing vocabulary words for kids will improve their spelling, listening, reading and writing skills. Check out beautiful spring poems for kids below.

List of Fun Spring Poems for Kids

Here are some beautiful spring poems for kids to help children revel in the beauty of the season.

  1. Little Seeds
  2. By Else Holmelund Minarik

    Little seeds we sow in spring

    Growing while robins sing, 

    Give us carrots, peas, and beans, 

    Tomatoes, pumpkins, squash and greens.

    And we pick them,

    One and all, 

    Through the summer, 

    Through the fall. 

    Winter comes, then spring, and then

    Little seeds we sow again. 

  3. Buttercups And Daisies
  4. By Mary Howitt

    “Buttercups and daisies,

    Oh, the pretty flowers,

    Coming here the springtime,

    To tell of sunny hours.

    While the trees are leafless, 

    While the fields are bare,

    Buttercups and daisies,

    Spring up here and there”

  5. Spring
  6. By Mohammed Rashid

    I love spring

    Spring is new

    It’s new blades of grass

    It’s rain on a lass

    It’s violet and rain

    It’s a wood-scented lane

    It’s a new bird song

    It’s days growing long

    It’s a tree in bud and puddles of mud

    It’s birds in a tree and buzz from a bee

    It’s kites in the sky

    It’s spring. That’s why

    I love spring

  7. Flying A Kite
  8. By Lenore Hetrick

    The best game of all is flying kites!

    I don’t care what you say!

    What fun it is when the big wind comes, 

    And carries your kite away.

    Up, up it goes into the deep blue

    Like an airship, red and white!

    Want a heap of fun? Then take my tip.

    Go out and buy a kite!

  9. Spring’s Way
  10. By Patricia L. Cisco

    Winter fights to stay

    Sweet spring always wins her way.

    Flowers bloomed today!

    Spring has final say,

    Sending winter on his way.

    Her true love is May!

    Spring’s June wedding day.

    White lily and rose bouquet.

    Bells ring out today!

  11. The Swing
  12. By Robert Louis Stevenson

    How do you like to go up in a swing, 

    Up in the air so blue?

    Oh! I do think it’s the pleasantest thing

    Ever a child can do!

    Up in the air and over the wall,

    Till I can see so wide, 

    River and trees and cattle and all

    Over the countryside. 

    Till I look down on the garden green,

    Down on the roof so brown

    Up in the air I go fly again, 

    Up in the air and down!

  13. It’s Spring
  14. By Winnifred J. Mott

    Good bye, snow! Good bye, ice!

    Though of course, you’re very nice,

    I am glad you’ve gone away.

    Leaving us this fine spring day.

    Here’s my good old bat and ball!

    Marbles too! How are you all?

    I am sure that I can play

    Without you now, most any day.

    Good bye, winter! Though it’s true

    I’ve had lots of fun with you,

    Now I just could shout and sing;

    I am so glad because it’s spring!

  15. The Gladness Of Nature
  16. By John Greenleaf Whittier

    Is this a time to be cloudy and sad,

    When our Mother Nature laughs around,

    When even the deep blue heavens look glad,

    And gladness breathes from the blossoming ground?

    There are notes of joy from the hangbird and wren,

    And the gossips of shallows through all the sky;

    The ground squirrel gayly chirps by his den,

    And the wilding bee hums merrily by. 

    The clouds are at play in the azure space, 

    And their shadows at play on the bright green vale, 

    And here they stretch to the frolic chase, 

    And there they roll on the easy gale.

    There’s a dance of leaves in that aspen bower;

    There’s a titter of winds in that beechen tree;

    There’s a smile on the fruit, and a smile on the flower,

    And a laugh from the brook that runs to the sea. 

    And look at the broad faced sun, how he smiles

    On the dewy earth that smiles in his ray,

    On the leaping waters, and gay young isles,

    Ay, look and he’ll smile thy gloom away.

  17. Waiting To Grow
  18. By Frank French

    Little, white snowdrop just waking up, 

    Violet, daisy, and sweet buttercup, 

    Think of the flowers that are under the snow,

    Waiting to grow!

    And think what a number of queer little seeds, 

    Of flower and mosses, of ferns and of weeds,

    Are under the leaves and under the snow,

    Waiting to grow!

    Think of the roots getting ready to sprout,

    Reaching their slender brown fingers about, 

    Under the ice and the leaves and the snow, 

    Waiting to grow!

    No seed is so small, or hidden so well, 

    That God cannot find it; and soon he will tell

    His sun where to shine, and his rain where to go,

    Making it grow!

  19. Spring To Summer
  20. By Genevieve Gaherty

    The daffodils now blooming in the sun

    Signalling to us that winter is done

    With different flowers soon to show their hues

    Tulips now blossoming, with red, white and blues. 

    Spring is such a lovely time of year

    Telling us, that summer is near

    Time to sit outside, on a nice day

    Perhaps taking a break, if you may

    Grass is now green, there are buds in the trees.

    Planting soon starts, with different seeds

    Let’s hope it will be a lovely year

    Thankful for the things, that we hold dear. 

  21. Spring Is Here
  22. By Kenn Nesbitt

    Spring is here!

    At last it’s here!

    I’m so glad

    I gave a cheer!

    I am so pleased 

    I had to say,

    “Wow! Yippee!

    Hip-hip hooray!”

    I’m so thrilled 

    I did a dance.

    Then I went

    And wet my plants.

  23. A Spring Morning
  24. By John Clare

    The spring comes in with all her hues and smells,

    In freshness breathing over hills and dells;

    O’er woods where may her gorgeous drapery flings,

    And meads washed fragrant by their laughing springs.

    Fresh are new opened flowers, untouched and free.

    From the bold rifling of the amorous bee. 

    The happy time of a singing bird is come,

    And love’s lone pilgrimage now finds a home;

    Among the mossy oaks now coos the dove,

    And the hoarse crow finds softer notes for love.

    The foxes play around their dens, and bark

    In joy’s excess, mid woodland shadows dark.

    The flowers join lips below; the leaves above;

    And every sound that meets the ear is love. 

Activities That Help in Teaching Spring Poems for Kids

Some activities that can help kids in learning poems on spring are mentioned below:

  • Use Tunes: You can encourage your child to recite poems with a tune or in a rhythmic way. This will create interest among the children to recite poems in an effective way. 
  • Act it Out: Reciting poems with actions are more beneficial for children to remember and understand the spring season that they are learning. For example, they can flap their hands as wings to show butterflies or birds. 
  • Use Illustrations: Most kids are visual learners and in such cases teaching poems with the help of illustrations will be more effective. They will visualize the information that you’re trying to convey about the spring season for better understanding. 
  • Nature Walk: Plan outdoor activities where kids can explore the nature around them and learn spring poems. You can show them growing plants and trees in order to explain the importance of the season to the kids. 

We hope you found these spring poems for kids useful. To know more about the different seasons, check out seasons worksheets. Check our kids learning section for more poems, activities and other learning resources.

Frequently Asked Questions On Spring Poems For Kids

What are spring poems for kids?

Spring poems for kids are the expression of thoughts and ideas about the spring season and their importance in the environment. Some well known poems on spring are Little Seeds, Buttercups And Daisies, Spring, Flying A Kite, Spring’s Way, The Swing, It’s Spring, Etc.

What are the activities to teach spring poems for kids?

The activities that can help you in teaching spring poems for kids are reciting poems using tunes, acting out poems, reading poems with the help of illustrations and taking children for a nature walk to teach spring poems.

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