Spring Activities for Kids 

The biting cold winter is almost over, making way for warmer weather. With this, it’s officially springtime. Spring is the perfect time to head outdoors and play in the Sun and the flowers. With the weather getting warmer, your little ones will be ready and raring to step outside and enjoy the sunshine. So, it’s time to bring out some exciting spring activities for kids.

These spring activities for kids are the best way to keep them occupied and out of trouble. Additionally, it’ll get them outside enjoying the sunshine and help get in some exercise too. Looking for some fun spring activities for kids at home and outdoors? To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the best springtime activities for kids.

List of Spring Activities for Kids

Spring is when nature comes back to life after the harsh cold of winter. The season brings with it a riot of color with plants blooming, the Sun shining and insects whirring about busily. Here are some amazing spring activities for kids to enjoy and cherish the most of the beautiful season. 

  1. Make bubbles: There’s nothing more enjoyable than blowing bubbles outdoors during spring and summer. Follow this recipe to learn how to make bubbles with a bubble solution. Make homemade bubble wands and take the kids outdoors. Then, let them enjoy blowing bubbles and bursting them. This activity is also a great way to introduce children to science concepts like surface tension, evaporation etc. 
  2. Flower tea party: The warm weather and the beautiful flowers offer the perfect opportunity to host a flower-themed tea party in the garden. This is one of the most wonderful spring activities for kids. Make handmade invitations with your little ones and send them to their friends, inviting them to the party. Host a fun party with great food and games for the kids to enjoy.
  3. Make a birdhouse: With the start of the warmer weather, the birds come back. Make a little house for them to live in by building a birdhouse. Decorate the birdhouse and hang it in your garden with some birdseed to invite the birds. Check out some more spring crafts for kids.
  4. Flower suncatcher: A suncatcher is a perfect way to capture the warm sunshine of spring. Make a spring-themed flower suncatcher with your little ones and stick them on the windows. You’ll wake up to a riot of beautiful colors when the morning sunlight hits the window. This is one of the most creative spring activities for kids.
  5. Growing vegetables: Spring is the perfect time to grow some vegetables. So, make a vegetable patch with your little ones. Teach your child about plants, vegetables and fruits by sowing seeds in the vegetable garden. As kids water the plants and learn to care for them, they learn about the plant’s life cycle. Additionally, it also helps them learn to live a sustainable lifestyle and teaches them responsibility.
  6. Make kinetic sand: Making kinetic sand is one of the best activities for children during spring. Get your kids together and teach them how to make kinetic sand. Once it’s made, kids can enjoy playing with the wet but non-sticky sand for hours and mold it into different shapes.
  7. Make slime: Making slime is another fun springtime activity for kids. Little children love to squish and play with slime for hours at a time. Instead of buying them slime, help them make some of their own. This is one of the most fascinating springtime science experiments for kids.
  8. Color changing flowers: With the arrival of spring, the plants bloom, and you’ll find the world around you filled with beautiful flowers. Use this opportunity to teach your little ones about capillary action with the color changing flowers experiment. Your little ones will be awed by the magical color change in the flowers.
  9. Scavenger hunt: There’s no time like spring to play a game of scavenger hunt with your little ones. A scavenger hunt is one of the most popular spring activities for kids. Hide some clues and a treasure inside your house and in your backyard. Then ask the kids to decipher the clues and follow them to find the treasure. Check out these scavenger hunt riddles for kids to make the game more fun.
  10. Camping: If your little one loves exploring outdoors, plan a camping adventure for them. Take them on a small hike or trek and camp outdoors overnight. Your little one will love exploring their surroundings and cooking on an open fire. This will be an adventure that they’ll never forget. 
  11. Easter egg painting: The arrival of spring means Easter is just around the corner. This means it’s time to paint and decorate some Easter eggs. Easter egg painting is one of the best spring activities for kids that they’ll participate in enthusiastically. Hard boil some chicken eggs and allow them to cool completely. You can also dye them to give your kids different colored eggs. Then, hand them some paints and coloring pens and use their imagination to decorate the eggs. 
  12. Water balloon fight: Water games and spring go hand in hand. Give your little one a great time with a water balloon battle. Divide the kids into two teams and hand each of them the water balloons filled with different colored water. Then ask the two teams to lob the water balloons at the members of the opposing team. The team that gets the most hits wins the battle.
  13. Make flower crowns: If your little one loves fairy tales and princesses, they’ll definitely love crowns and tiaras. This spring, help your little one’s dream of being a fairy princess come true by making flower crowns. Help your child weave different flowers and twigs into a circle to make the crowns and wear them. Your little one will have fun for hours pretending to be a fairy princess. 
  14. Paper plate flowers: Art and craft are a wonderful way to keep kids busy and occupied during spring. Making paper plate flowers is one of the easiest springtime activities for kids. Also, check out flower craft for kids to learn how to make different kinds of flowers.
  15. Rain dance party: Along with sunshine and warmth, spring also brings rain. You might think it puts a damper on your plans, but it can be fun. Kids love playing in the water, so they’ll enjoy playing in the rain too. Bundle your little ones in protective gear like raincoats and have a rain dance party. Put on some music and ask the kids to dance in the rain. They’ll enjoy it so much; they might not want to stop!

We hope you and your child found these spring activities for kids useful. For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Spring Activities for Kids

What are some fun spring activities for kids?

Easter egg painting, growing vegetables, tea parties, rain dance parties, water balloon fights etc., are some fun activities for kids to do in spring.

What kind of learning activities can you do with kids in spring?

Spring is the perfect time to perform science experiments with kids. Making bubbles, baking soda volcanoes, color-changing flowers etc., are fun science activities for kids in spring.

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