Solar System Worksheets

Kids love learning about planets, the moon and the stars. They find it fascinating to learn about space. Hence, introduce the little minds to the solar system and help them practice solar system worksheets for effective learning outcomes. Practicing these printable solar system worksheets allows the children to understand and remember the aspects of the solar system. These science worksheets help them recognize and understand the types of planets found in the solar system. 


Parents and teachers can introduce the little learners to solar system worksheets pdf and ask them to recognize all the planets. By doing this, kids find it easy to learn the facts about the solar system. In addition, provide the children with the solar system worksheets with creative and innovative exercises for them to practice. Also, develop ideas to conduct solar system project for kids for effective learning experience. 

Free Printable Solar System Worksheets

Teaching kids about the solar system plays a vital role in improving their academics. Parents and teachers can introduce them to STEM activities for kids. These activities allow students to learn the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics effectively. In addition, parents can show their children images of different planets and satellites and ask them to recognize each of them so that they can memorize the planets easily. Kids can also be given to color the solar system worksheet, which helps them enjoy their study time. Solar system worksheets for kids can be provided according to the different age groups and grades. Here are the solar system worksheets for kids that help to make learning fun.

Label the planets on the solar system worksheet

Solar System Worksheets

Write the names of the plants on the space provided

Solar System Worksheets

Use the hints to identify the planets on the solar system

Solar System Worksheets

Types of Solar System Worksheets based on Grades

The types of solar system worksheets for kids based on their age and grade are mentioned below: 

  • Solar System Worksheets for Kindergarten: Kindergarten is the first stage of education in a child’s life. Therefore, it is essential to teach them about the sun, moon and stars. Also, kids love colors and enjoy drawing. Therefore, motivate them to keep themselves engaged in coloring the solar system. Little learners must be provided with the formation of the solar system worksheet, and educators must teach them the importance of each planet and star. Here is the kindergarten worksheet for the solar system. Moreover, introduce the little minds to STEM activities for kindergarten for an effective learning process. 
  • 1st Grade Solar System Worksheets: Introducing the children to solar system worksheets right at a young age is one of the best teaching methods to follow. Kids are the most curious creatures, and hence, it is the right time to teach them about the planet Earth and its importance, along with other aspects of the planets. Parents and teachers can ask the little ones to draw the solar system and color it. By doing this, kids get hands-on experience of learning more about the solar system. When kids reach their first grade of schooling, educators have already introduced them to the solar system. Hence, the teachers must give them first grade solar system worksheets to practice. Moreover, engage children by introducing STEM education for kids in an effective way. 
  • 2nd Grade Solar System Worksheets: Once the kids have completed their first grade, they have an idea about the solar system. Little minds love tales, and this is the right subject for them to know more facts about the solar system. Also, let them practice the solar system worksheets pdf. These worksheets help them learn effectively. So take kids out for a walk on a full moon day and ask them to recognize the moon and other stars. Children enjoy spending time outdoors and take this opportunity to teach them more about the cosmic world. In addition, to improve their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills, introduce them to engineering projects for kids

What is the Solar System?

Solar System Worksheets

The solar system comprises the Sun and all the other minor planets that revolve around it. Apart from the Sun, the most prominent planets of the solar system are the eight planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Fun Facts About the Solar System

By now, kids are familiar with the number of planets and their names by practicing the solar system worksheets. Now, it is time to learn some interesting facts about the solar system. So, let’s know more about our solar system.

  • The solar system was formed about 4.6 billion years ago.
  • The solar system comprises eight planets.
  • Jupiter is the heaviest and biggest planet in the solar system.
  • Neptune is the last planet that was discovered.
  • Earth is the only planet that consists of oceans and massive water bodies.
  • There are four inner and four outer planets in the solar system.
  • The inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. These planets are made of metal and rock.
  • The outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These planets are made of helium, hydrogen and other gases.
  • Saturn is considered to be the most beautiful planet. It is because of its rings. Saturn’s rings are made of ice particles.
  • Mercury is considered the lightest and tiniest planet in the solar system.
  • Asteroids are found between Jupiter and Mars.
  • Our solar system belongs to the Milky Way Galaxy. Moreover, there exist other hundred billion solar systems in the same galaxy.

Benefits of Solar System Worksheets for Kids

The benefits of solar system worksheets for Kids are mentioned below:

  • Helps recognize planets: Worksheets play a vital role in helping kids recognize the planets found in the solar system easily. They learn and practice solar system worksheets for effective learning experience. With the help of different types of worksheets, kids tend to memorize the planets pretty soon. 
  • Creates fun learning environments: Practicing solar system worksheets enables kids to enjoy their learning process. They actively participate in learning activities and understand different types of planets in the solar system. They learn fun facts about the solar system to improve their knowledge and perform well in their academics.
  • Helps in revision: Worksheets are the best ways to help kids revise the information they have learned before. They can increase their knowledge and understanding of the concept they are learning. Most importantly, it helps them recall the names of the planets and retain them in their memory for a longer time. 
  • Develops scientific thinking skills: Practicing worksheets enables kids to develop good observational, critical thinking and decision making skills. They tend to explore and experiment with things before jumping to conclusions. There is a logical and scientific reason behind their answers or solutions to the problems. 

We hope this article on solar system worksheets for kids was useful to you. Osmo has various worksheets for kids, activities for kids at home and science games for kids for the benefit of the little learners.

Frequently Asked Questions on Solar System Worksheets

What are the solar system worksheets?

The solar system worksheets are an excellent resource for kids to learn and recognize planets found in the solar system. They learn about the planets and their features that differentiate them from other planets.

What are the benefits of the solar system worksheets?

The benefits of solar system worksheets are that it helps kids learn about planets creatively. They improve their knowledge and achieve academic success in the subject with the help of solar system worksheets. Most importantly, it develops observation and critical thinking skills in children.

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