Shape Poems For Kids

Shape poems are the arrangement of words in the shape of an object. It basically takes the shape of the information that you are writing about. For example, you can make a shape of a hand or a star with their information. Shape poems for kids are extremely beneficial in terms of developing strong vocabulary and language skills. Besides this, you can create and  learn different shapes of an object and their characteristics. There are fun shape poems for kids available online on various themes and topics. Check it out!

In this article, explore Shape Poems For Kids,

Best Shape Poems For Kids 

Here are some of the fun shape poems for kids mentioned below:

My Dog

My dog is the best pet animal, 

who loves me the most. 

He likes to spend time, 

and travel with me to the coast. 

My dog loves to eat

what is prepared at home. 

Their hair is so curly,

that they don’t like to comb.

Christmas Is Near

    -By Kit Kittelstad

Christmas is near.

Soon, we’ll wrap the house in lights

and watch it sparkle in delight.

Oh, how I love this time of year!

I mailed my list to santa. 

I just know he is going to grant me my one and only wish,

a pup named Trevor who will stay with me forever.”


Trees are important to us because

It provides oxygen to all. 

There are many beautiful trees

that their benefits you must recall. 

Trees provide food and shade for

all the living things.

Many of us tie ropes 

and use it like a swing. 

It never complains but 

only takes care of us. 

There are many other benefits, 

that you might want to guess. 

Ice cream

Ice cream is a sweet dessert, 

which is made up of milk and sugar. 

All the kids love to eat ice cream,

that are larger and bigger. 

There are many flavors of ice cream

that we all like to eat. 

We wait for the occasion, 

so that someone gives us a treat. 


    -By Jennifer Betts

See the star 

It shines so bright

It twinkles and glitters

Through the night 

The shining stars

Make you want to take flight 


Halloween is the most awaited festival,

that are celebrated across the world. 

People like to wear spooky clothes

with their hair messy and curled. 

Tips To Create Shape Poems For Kids 

Some tips to create shape poems for kids are mentioned below: 

  • Explore different themes and ideas on things that you want to write about. 
  • Choose the shape that you want to create a poem on. 
  • Arrange the words in the form of a shape in a systematic way. 
  • Provide different topics to the children so that they can think of writing poems. 
  • Read out poems loudly so that children can understand the words more clearly. 
  • Encourage children to read poems on a regular basis for better understanding. 
  • Explore things around you in order to come up with interesting topics to write. 
  • Choose the shape so that you can fit the information properly. 
  • Use simple and understandable language to write poems. 
  • Choose words carefully while framing the sentences in the poem. 
  • Encourage children to choose their own topics for poems. 

Benefits Of Shape Poems For Kids

Some of the benefits of shape poems for kids are mentioned below: 

  • Developing reading and writing skills: Shape poems for kids will enable them to improve their reading and writing skills. Reading poems will help them with pronunciation of words more effectively. 
  • Improving creativity: There is improvement in thinking skills among children. They will explore their ideas and thoughts more efficiently. Kids will do some research on the information that they are writing. 
  • Building vocabulary: Reading and writing shape poems for kids will help them to learn new words along with sentence structure for better language development. They will explore and discover new words so that they can use them appropriately in their writing. 
  • Building Confidence: Learning poems will help them to build confidence and motivation to learn new things. With this, they will try to work on their writing skills and eventually start writing their own poems. 
  • Learning rhyming words: While learning poems, kids will learn rhyming words. They will know how to use them while framing sentences. Though it might sound similar, the meaning of the rhyming words are different. 
  • Expressing ideas: With poems, kids will be able to express their ideas and thoughts in a creative way. 

We hope this shape poem for kids was useful to you. Check out some of the collection of shape poems for kids available here. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Shape Poems For Kids

What are the shape poems for kids?

The shape poems for kids are the arrangement of words in the shape of an object. It may include an ice cream, a tree, my dog, stars, Christmas is near etc.

What are the benefits of shape poems for kids?

The benefits of shape poems for kids is that it improves knowledge on the topic that you are writing about. Besides this, there is development of vocabulary, language, reading and writing skills. Most importantly, creativity is enhanced among children.

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