Pictograph Worksheets

A pictograph is a graphical representation of information using images, graphics or symbols. Most kids are visual learners, and they learn to visualize things easily. Therefore, teaching concepts to kids through images or pictures adds value to their learning experience. You can download pictograph worksheets for kids to practice mathematical concepts in an engaging way. They can learn lines, numbers, measurements and other arithmetic operations using printable pictograph worksheets. These math worksheets for kids are highly beneficial for enhancing their math skills for better understanding and academic achievement. 


Pictograph worksheets consist of images that allow children to learn concepts they find challenging to understand. These worksheets for kids are a great resource to learn and upgrade their knowledge of mathematical concepts. To make it interesting for kids, use real-life images for them to understand what you are teaching. This will help them visualize and retain the information in their memory for a longer period of time. Most importantly, it gives them confidence and develops an interest to learn new things every day. 

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Free Printable Pictograph Worksheets 

Worksheets consisting of images enable kids to represent the data graphically. For example, kids can answer the questions based on the images illustrated on the worksheets. Therefore, you can download pictograph worksheets to teach essential skills in children apart from teaching academic concepts, such as visualization, problem-solving, fine motor skills, etc. Some of the free printable pictograph worksheets for kids are mentioned below:

Answer the questions based on the images illustrated on the worksheet

Pictograph Worksheets

Write the number of people who voted for fruits on the worksheet 

Pictograph Worksheets

Create a number of questions from the given images on the worksheet

Pictograph Worksheets

Types of Pictograph Worksheets for Kids

A picture speaks volumes compared to words or sentences. You can practically use this technique of using images to teach concepts graphically to children. Kids can practice worksheets of different themes to understand the concept easily. The types of pictograph worksheets for kids are given below:

  • Cut and paste the images: In this worksheet, you can ask kids to cut and paste the images in the space provided. You can create questions based on the pictures and ask kids to answer them creatively. 
  • Read the images: You can ask kids to read the illustrated images and answer the following questions mentioned on the worksheet. For example, pigs, hens, cows and dogs got 4, 7, 10 and 9 votes, respectively. It would be best if they could answer the questions based on the images. For example, how many votes did pigs get? The answer is 4. Similarly, you can ask such questions for kids to enhance their mathematical knowledge. 
  • Count the number of images: You can enhance your child’s knowledge of the number system by asking them to count the number of images illustrated on the worksheet. For example, there are ten ice cream cones, four apple pies, twelve chocolate cookies, four candies, ten lemonades, twelve pancakes, etc. Once they count and write the number of images on the space provided, you can ask them to group them based on their numbers.
  • Draw images: Kids must draw the images based on the tally mentioned in the worksheet. You can represent the data through drawing. In this way, they learn to recognize, read and write numbers easily. 

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Benefits of Pictograph Worksheets for Kids

Pictograph worksheets are an excellent tool to represent data or information through images for better understanding. Practicing worksheets with visually appealing images make children interested to learn and acquire immense knowledge of mathematical concepts. The benefits of pictograph worksheets for kids are mentioned below:

  • Develops understanding of concepts: Worksheets enable children to practice reading, writing, coloring, drawing, tracing, matching or grouping images representing information. Kids learn to solve problems and understand the areas they find difficult to learn. 
  • Keeps children engaged: Kids learn to involve themselves in learning activities with the help of pictograph worksheets. These worksheets consist of visually attractive images that grab the children’s attention. They enjoy the learning process and concentrate on learning the concept of mathematics for better academic performance. It offers interactive and exciting exercises that develop an interest in children. 
  • Develops creativity: Learning mathematical concepts using pictograph worksheets enables kids to develop new ideas and solve math problems quickly. The questions asked on the worksheet encourages kids to critically think and come up with logical answers based on the illustrated images. This activity enhances creativity and visualization skills in children. 
  • Increases the concentration of children: Sometimes, it becomes difficult for little munchkins to concentrate for long periods. In such cases, they lose interest in learning important concepts. Pictograph worksheets are one of the best options for little ones to keep them occupied and increase their concentration in learning. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Pictograph Worksheets

What are the pictograph worksheets?

Pictograph worksheets for kids are a great tool to represent information through images. They learn new concepts in a creative and interactive way. In this worksheet, kids answer the questions based on the illustrated images to improve and understand the concepts.

What are the benefits of pictograph worksheets?

The benefits of pictograph worksheets for kids are that it helps them learn mathematical concepts, such as numbers, addition, subtraction, place value, measurement, etc. Besides this, it creates interest among children to learn and acquire knowledge for better learning outcomes. Most importantly, kids increase their conceptual understanding and identify their weak areas for improvement.