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500+ Words On Personality Essay, The Different Types And Traits Of Personality And Factors That Influence Personality

The word personality has several meanings, sometimes it’s used to refer to a person’s physical appearance. While other times, personality is used to describe someone’s intellectual qualities or social qualities. The word personality has several different definitions too, but mostly it’s considered to be the characteristics, qualities, behavior and thoughts that make a person unique. These qualities help in predicting and explaining a person’s behavior. A person’s personality is shaped from various factors, which influence their lives like genetic traits, environment, personal experiences etc. 

The word is derived from the Latin word “persona,” which refers to a theatrical mask worn by performers to disguise their identities and project different roles. Personality remains consistent throughout a person’s life. Learn more about the different types and traits of personality and the factors that shape it in this personality essay.

Personality Essay: The Different Types And Traits Of Personality

No two people in the world have the same personality. Even twins or triplets, who grow up in the same environment also have a completely different personality. Additionally, an individual’s personality is not just a collection of their different characteristics, but it’s a pattern of traits. These personality traits help in predicting and explaining that individual’s behavior. 

Here are 5 essential traits that make up an individual’s personality:

  1. Physical traits: A person’s physical traits are the characteristics that make up a person’s appearance. These are characteristics that are visible to the naked eye. The height, facial features, build, complexion, hair color, eye color etc are examples of physical traits. 
  2. Emotional traits: An individual’s emotional traits like their temperament is an important trait that make up their personality. A person’s temperament is also influenced by their emotions. For example, is a person cheerful and happy, excitable or depressed, sad and gloomy, brave or timid, an extrovert or introvert etc? Other examples of emotional traits are empathy, compassion, positive outlook, anger, anxiety, openness etc.
  3. Moral traits: Moral traits are also an important factor of personality. These traits include a person’s volitional traits, will power, their integrity and other moral characteristics. For example, is a person honest or a liar? Is he or she active or lazy, strong or weak minded, humble or a braggart, persistent or they give up easily etc?
  4. Social traits: Characteristics like sociability or friendliness, agreeability, generosity, kindness, reservedness etc are social traits. These social traits are also an important part of an individual’s personality. An individual’s social traits can help predict or understand how the individual interacts with others in society. Each individual has a different level of sociability. For example, extroverts love to interact with others, whereas introverts are shy and have difficulty socializing.
  5. Intellectual traits: A person’s intellectual qualities are also vital in shaping their personality. Examples of intellectual traits are a person’s intelligence, their thinking skills, decision making and problem solving skills, way of speaking, reasoning abilities, confidence etc.

There are several other traits that make up an individual personality along with these 5 traits. Read on to learn about the factors that influence or shape an individual’s personality.

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Personality Essay: Factors That Influence Personality Development

There are several factors that influence or shape an individual’s personality. These factors can be both internal and external. Internal factors that shape personality are genetic or hereditary factors, hormones, emotions and physiological functions of the body. External factors, which affect personality development are family environment, school environment, circle of friends, mass media, religious and cultural beliefs. 

Internal Factors

  1. Heredity or genetics: Heredity and genetics are an important factor that shape a person’s physical traits. Some intellectual and emotional traits are also influenced by heredity and genes.
  2. Hormones: An individual’s hormone levels also influence their physical and emotional characteristics.
  3. Physiological factors: Physiological factors such as health, their feelings, fatigue at the time of learning also help shape personality.

External Factors

  1. Family environment: Family is an integral part of an individual. Family members are the first teachers and role models, so children try to emulate their parents and other family members. Family environment is an important part of developing an individual’s personality. This is why it is important to have a healthy, friendly and safe family atmosphere to develop a good personality.
  2. School: Next to their home, children spend most of their time in school. Their teacher’s behavior and friends in school can influence and help develop their personality. It also provides an opportunity to develop better personality traits and even correct any negative traits.
  3. Friends and peers: A person’s friends circle and peers also have a great influence on their personality. People with good, responsible friends and peers are most likely to be more responsible. Peers and friends with bad habits could negatively affect an individual’s personality.
  4. Mass media: Social media and mass media are also important factors that contribute to personality development. Tv shows, films, books and celebrities on social media platforms influence and shape a person’s behavior. It can teach good things to people, but can also have a negative effect.
  5. Religious and cultural influences: Religious beliefs, culture and ethnicity are also important factors, which shape an individual’s personality. It can affect a person’s feelings, way of thinking, decision making skills, emotional traits etc. 

Inculcating good habits and surrounding oneself with good role models will help one develop a good personality. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Personality

How do you define personality?

An individual’s personality is a set of characteristics or qualities that defines them and makes them unique.

What are the 5 essential traits that make up an individual’s personality?

The 5 essential traits that make up an individual’s personality are: physical traits, emotional traits, intellectual traits, social traits and moral traits.

What are the factors that affect personality development?

Personality development is affected by two main factors, internal and external factors. Internal factors are heredity and genetics, hormones and physiological factors. External factors are family environment, school, neighborhood, friends and peers, social media and mass media and religion, culture and ethnicity.