Opinion Writing for Kids  

A few people like to eat pizza, and some do not. What is the reason behind it? You need to justify your opinions properly. It is about the opinion they have or feel about something. Every individual might have different opinions about the same things. Therefore, they can put that across them in the form of writing. Kids must learn to write their own opinions about certain things. Learning opinion writing for kids helps them express their reasons with evidence meaningfully. You can also conduct writing games for kids to make learning fun. 


The opinion is all about the point of view or judgment of people for the things they believe and feel. If one likes to eat a pizza might have a reason for that, and similarly, the person who does not wish to eat also has their reason. Kids can learn to share their opinions by writing them effectively. While writing opinions, kids must keep in mind certain words that play an important role in describing their opinions, for example, I believe, I think, I feel, etc. These words for kids help kids construct sentences to express their opinions correctly. 

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Structure of Opinion Writing for Kids 

The structure of opinion writing for kids is mentioned below:

  • Introduction: The first part of the opinion writing for kids is to write the introduction. The information should attract the reader’s attention. Kids must write the opening in such a way that the reader understands the opinions they want to express. Then, they need to write the name of the topic they wish to discuss. Finally, kids need to write about their opinions about the topic briefly. How will you hook your reader’s attention? You need to teach kids to start writing with a question about the topic. For example, what is your favorite travel destination? I like to visit Paris because I get a chance to see the Eiffel Tower. 
  • Reason: In this part of writing, kids need to explain the reason for their opinions about the topic they’ve chosen. Kids must include information on why they agree or disagree with certain things. They can continue writing about the reason why they agree or disagree. For example, for your favorite travel destination, I think Paris is an amazing place to visit because it has one of the wonders of the world. 
  • Evidence: Once kids write the reasons for their opinions, they can provide examples or evidence to support their reasons for the topic. Kids need to provide examples of why they feel about a certain place they want to visit. An example of your reason for visiting Paris is to watch one of the wonders of the world, the Eiffel tower. 
  • Conclusion: This is the last part of opinion writing for kids. Kids need to write about their opinions of what they believe, like or dislike. Then, write the reasons and examples to support their opinions. In the end, kids need to write their final thoughts about their opinions. 

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Tips to Teach Writing Opinions for Kids

Kids must understand the importance of expressing their opinions the right way. They need to use appropriate words to describe the situations or things they feel are right. Kids need to communicate their opinions clearly without any misunderstanding or miscommunication. Below are a few tips for teaching writing opinions for kids. 

  • Choose your children’s favorite topics to write their opinions, for example, books, television shows, food, travel destinations, sports, etc. 
  • Choose topics that they feel comfortable with and have strong opinions about. 
  • Provide valid reasons for something they feel or believe. For example, I like to watch a Cinderella movie because the characters in the movie are so cute, like the animations, visually stunning scenes, and the moral of the story. 
  • Ask children to use simple and understandable words while writing their opinions. 
  • Plan the topics initially before moving on to the writing part. 
  • Choose real-life examples as the topics for writing opinions. It helps children in relating to information that they want to convey. 
  • Be confident in topics that you want your children to write about. 
  • Assist kids if they find it difficult to phrase their opinions appropriately for meaningful communication. 
  • Follow the structure of opinion writing like introducing where you write your opinions, reasons to support your opinions, examples to prove your opinion and finally, the conclusion. 

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List of Opinion Writing Topics for Kids

Here is a list of favorite topics that you can choose for your kids’ opinion writing. 

  • Ice cream flavors 
  • TV Shows
  • Books 
  • School activities 
  • Subjects 
  • Picnic spots
  • Travel destinations
  • Seasons 
  • Role models
  • Teachers
  • Cartoon characters
  • Comics
  • Movies 
  • Songs 
  • Sports 
  • Desserts

Examples of Opinion Writing for Kids 

A few examples of writing opinions for kids are mentioned below:

  • I like playing in the rain because I can jump in the water. 
  • I like eating pizza because it is so flavorful and yummy. 
  • I think you should wear warm clothes because it is too cold outside. 
  • I feel we should plant more trees in forests to prevent deforestation. 
  • I think you should learn multiplication tables to solve math problems quickly. 
  • I like going to the beach because I get to make sandcastles. 
  • I think you should watch cartoons because it is highly entertaining and funny. 
  • I like science because I get to work on laboratory projects. 
  • I like my math teacher because she is very supportive and kind. 
  • I like to play with my pet dog because he is a very friendly and social animal. 
  • I feel you should throw garbage in the dustbin to reduce land pollution. 
  • I think you should close the tap when not in use to avoid unnecessary wastage of water. 
  • I like recess in school because I can play with my friends. 
  • I like building blocks because I can make creative and innovative structures from them.

Benefits of Opinion Writing for Kids

The benefits of opinion writing for kids are mentioned below:

  • It offers an opportunity for kids to express their opinion appropriately. 
  • It helps them write meaningful sentences to support their opinions the right way. 
  • It develops reading and writing skills in children. 
  • It improves their vocabulary knowledge to use appropriate words to express their opinions effectively. 
  • It helps children give logical reasons for their opinions. 
  • It boosts the confidence of children to communicate well with others. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Opinion Writing for Kids

What is opinion writing for kids?

Opinion writing for kids is a great way to convey things they believe, like or dislike with something. Kids can express their reasons with evidence to support their opinions for meaningful communication. An example of opinion writing for kids, I like eating ice cream because it is very sweet and delicious.

What are the benefits of opinion writing for kids?

The benefits of opinion writing for kids are that it helps them write and express their opinions effectively to others. Most importantly, it improves their writing and communication skills.