Ocean Poems For Kids

The Ocean or the sea is a body of salt water, which cover approximately 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. Learning about the ocean helps kids understand the characteristics and benefits of the ocean. The ocean’s currents are responsible for the carbon and water cycles in the atmosphere and the weather. Introduce your children to the beauty of the oceans and sea with ocean poems for kids. These poems for kids will help them understand the importance of the ocean for our survival and use the resource sustainably. Here are some famous ocean poems for kids. 

List Of Ocean Poems For Kids

Beautiful Ocean Poems For Kids

Here are some famous ocean poems for kids that bring the magic of the ocean to your home.

  1. The Stars Above The Sea
  2. By Amos Russel Wells

    Far, far away on mystery greets

    Another vast and high,

    The infinite of water meets

    The infinite of sky.

    The stars are singing hymns of calm

    Above the sea’s unrest;

    Can ever that majestic psalm

    Dwell in the ocean’s breast?

    What far horizon dim and low

    The sweet solution finds, 

    Where earth’s tumultuous yearnings know

    The peace of heavenly minds?

    And still the sky’s imperial grace

    The tossing ocean mars;

    We cannot see the meeting place,

    But we can see the stars. 

  3. The Ocean
  4. By Lisa A. Syroka

    Blue and turquoise

    Complexion of beauty,

    Waves that move so soft and smooth,

    In a gust of wind,

    Picks you up in inspiration,

    Of whom you are as a person.

    Deep and mellow is the ocean,

    To everything below sea level,

    Thoughts of interest,

    May provoke this feeling of greatness,

    Don’t be afraid, 

    Of what the ocean may offer.

    Hold yourself in the moment of the feeling,

    Of how good the touches of the waves feel on your body.

    Only imagine what would happen,

    If the ocean would take you, 

    And then only think of what a new and exciting adventure,

    You may behold on a journey through an ocean. 

  5. In The Sea
  6. By Kristie Raburn

    If I’d been born a whale

    No happier could I be

    Swimming, splashing, spy hopping

    Roaming the open sea.

    If I’d been born a lobster

    No happier could I be

    Crawling along the ocean floor

    Living in the sea.

    If I’d been born a seahorse

    No happier could I be

    Swimming among the rocks and plants

    At the bottom of the sea.

    But I was born a human and

    No happier could I be

    Because I can swim in the ocean

    And see what’s in the sea. 

  7. A Walk By The Sea
  8. By Kristin Martin

    I went for a walk

    Alone by the sea

    But the water kept me company.

    I whispered to it 

    As I walked on its sand

    And told it of all the things I planned.

    It whispered to me

    As I walked on its shore

    And told me secrets from long before.

    I went for a walk

    With my friend the sea

    And we kept each other company. 

  9. By The Sea
  10. By Emily Dickinson

    I started early, I took my dog,

    And visited the sea;

    The mermaids in the basement 

    Came out to look at me. 

    And frigates in the upper floor

    Extended hempen hands, 

    Presuming me to be a mouse

    Aground, upon the sands.

    But no man moved me till the tide

    Went past my simple shoe, 

    And past my apron and my belt,

    And past my bodice too,

    And made as he would eat me up

    As wholly as a dew

    Upon a dandelion’s sleeve

    And then I started too.

    And he–he followed close behind;

    I felt his silver heel

    Upon my ankle– then my shoes

    Would overflow with pearl.

    Until we met the solid town,

    No man he seemed to know;

    And bowing with a mighty look

    At me, the sea withdrew. 

  11. The Voice Of The Sea
  12. By Thomas Bailey Aldrich

    In the hush of the autumn night

    I hear the voice of the sea,

    In the hush of the autumn night

    It seems to say to me.

    Mine are the winds above,

    Mine are the caves below,

    Mine are the dead of yesterday

    And the dead long ago!

    And I think of the fleet that sailed 

    From the lovely Gloucester shore, 

    I think of the fleet that sailed

    And came back nevermore!

    My eyes are filled with tears, 

    And my heart is numb with woe, 

    It seems as if it were yesterday,

    And it all was long ago!

  13. At The Sea-Side
  14. By Robert Louis Stevenson

    When I was down beside the sea

    A wooden spade they gave to me

    To dig the sandy shore.

    My holes were empty like a cup.

    In every hole the sea came up

    Till it could come no more.

  15. Grey Rocks And Greyer Sea
  16. By Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts

    Grey rocks, and greyer sea, 

    And surf along the shore

    And in my heart a name

    My lips shall speak no more.

    The high and lonely hills

    Enduring the darkening year

    And in my heart endure

    A memory and a tear.

    Across the tide a sail

    That tosses and is gone

    And in my heart the kiss

    And longing dreams upon

    Grey rocks and greyer sea

    And surf along the shore

    And in my heart the face

    That I shall see no more. 

Tips For Teaching Ocean Poems For Kids

Here are a few tips to teach ocean poems for kids:

  • Encourage children to read poems on a regular basis.
  • Read poems loudly so that kids understand each and every word clearly. 
  • Introduce poems for kids in the form of illustrations so that they can visualize the information that they are learning.
  • Use easy and understandable vocabulary words while explaining the meaning of poems to the children. 
  • Make kids practice reading and writing poems so that they can acquire good vocabulary and language skills. 
  • Motivate children to write poems for topics of their interest. 

We hope these ocean poems for kids were useful to you. Check our kids learning section for more poems, activities and other learning resources.

Frequently Asked Questions On Ocean Poems For Kids

What are ocean poems for kids?

The ocean poems for kids are the expression of thoughts about the water resource found on the surface of the Earth. Some well known poems on the ocean are The Stars Above The Sea, The Ocean, In The Sea, A Walk By The Sea, By The Sea, The Voice Of The Sea, At The Sea-Side, Grey Rocks And Greyer Sea, Etc.

What are the tips to teach ocean poems for kids?

A few tips for teaching ocean poems for kids are that they read and recite poems on a regular basis. Besides this, kids should be taught poems in the form of illustrations so that they can easily understand the information. Most importantly, make them practice reading and writing poems to get acquainted with new vocabulary words and formation of sentences.

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