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Essay On Obesity For Children

Obesity is a condition that involves excessive weight gain in the body. There will be a higher risk of health problems due to increased amounts of body fat. It is basically an excessive accumulation of fat in the body. The height and weight of the body determines the Body Mass Index (BMI). Generally, people are considered overweight if their BMI is above 25. Moreover, it is said that a BMI above 30 is considered to be obesity. With an ever changing way of living, people are gaining obesity due to unhealthy lifestyles. Obesity results in various health conditions in humans. Due to this, a person  suffers from heart diseases, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, respiratory and other chronic ailments. 

The main cause of obesity is due to overeating and unhealthy lifestyles. In today’s world, we have seen kids from an early age exposed to junk food and reduction in physical activity. This leads to excess accumulation of fat in the body. In order to overcome obesity, kids must be introduced to a healthy lifestyle along with nutritious food. Besides this, regular exercise and physical activity would help in reducing the weight leading to a healthy life. In this obesity essay, we will discuss the causes, complications and preventive measures. 

Causes Of Obesity 

When an excessive amount of energy is consumed and returned in less quantity, then the rest gets accumulated in the adipose tissue leading to obesity. Therefore, a person consuming more food and releasing less energy results in weight gain. Some of the causes of obesity are mentioned below:

  • Overeating: Do you think eating junk food or unhealthy eating habits can lead to obesity? Yes, it has a repercussion on health. There are certain habits that result in obesity such as eating fried snacks, eating fast, eating more and eating food irregularly. Food items with high calories can lead to an increase in weight. For example, sugar, oily and fried items, processed foods, etc. These food items may taste better but eventually leads to increase in weight followed by health complications. 
  • Reduction in physical activity: Due to sedentary lifestyle, there is reduction in physical activities such as running, walking or doing household chores. With growing technology, people are dependent on machines and appliances for their work. Therefore, it leads to less movement resulting in fat accumulation in the body. People who do not burn their calories with physical activities tend to put on more weight. Nowadays, people want to eat food and relax without doing any physical activity. 
  • Hormonal change: A person tends to put on weight if they have hormonal problems.
  • Genetic factor: A person can also gain obesity due to genetic factors. Due to hereditary, a person can become obese even if they eat balanced food or do regular physical exercise. If the ancestors of the family were facing this condition, then they are more likely to gain obesity. 
  • Psychological factors: If the person is suffering from psychological problems, they tend to eat more in order to reduce their stress. During sadness or boredom, people like to eat more food. They want to eat more and forget their problems. This eventually leads to an increase in weight. 

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Complications Of Obesity

Obesity is increasing rapidly across the world. The intake of calories and outlet of energy determines the body weight. If a person is eating more and not burning their calories, it will lead to an increase in body fat. There are major health problems due to obesity. Some of the problems are mentioned below:

  • Health Disorders: Due to obesity, there will be an increase in heart related disease in humans. Besides this, people may suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, gall bladder disorders, respiratory problems, psychological issues, etc.  
  • Laziness: When there is excess fat accumulation in the body, a person tends to become lazy in doing things. They look for support or seek help in order to get their things done. 
  • Economic problems: A person suffering from obesity faces low economic growth due to their health problems associated with weight gain. They become lazy and reduce the quality of work. It leads to huge loss in work and economy. Due to increased health issues, a person tends to spend more money on diagnosis and treatment.
  • Low productivity: There might be a reduction in productivity of work. Due to this, a person will feel lethargic towards work and eventually result in low productivity of the work that they are doing. 

How To Prevent Obesity?

Obesity creates major health issues in humans. To overcome this Issue, it is important to focus on losing weight and avoiding things that can cause weight gain. Preventing obesity will help people in reducing the high risk of health problems. It is vital for everyone to stay fit, eat healthy and sleep well to avoid weight gain.  Some of the ways to prevent obesity are mentioned below:

  • Eating balanced food: To maintain weight, it is mandatory for people to eat balanced meals. It should include carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, etc. Anything in excess can lead to weight gain. Therefore, including a balanced diet in the meal will not only provide nutrition to the body but also avoid accumulation of excess fat. Avoid junk food and eat more vegetables and fruits for a healthy diet. Encourage children from an early age to inculcate the habit of eating healthy food. This will help them in growing into a healthy person. Besides this, encourage kids to eat only when they are hungry as excess food might get stored in the body as fat. Also, slow eating is one of the factors for reduction in weight. It helps in proper digestion of the food particles. 
  • Exercise regularly: Apart from eating food, it is also important for people to exercise on a regular basis. The amount of calories taken should be burned with the help of physical activities. Some of the ways to burn calories are jogging, walking, dancing, yoga or any form of exercise. Try to avoid continuous sitting while working or studying. Take up activities that require more physical activity such as using stairs instead of lift, walking to nearby stores instead of taking a car, etc.
  • Eating on time: Irregular patterns of eating may lead to overeating and weight gain. Therefore, inculcating a habit of eating on time will lead to proper digestion of food. The person eating on time will eat food in a limited amount. If there is delay, a person tends to eat food in large quantities. This will result in weight gain. Most importantly, try to eat smaller portions so that there is enough time for digestion. Drink more water to eliminate all the toxic materials from the body. 
  • Avoid unhealthy food: Though unhealthy food tastes good, it is important to avoid them. There are many food items available in the market that are processed and rich in sugar. These food products are difficult to digest leading to accumulation of fat in the body. Therefore, avoiding such food items would be the best option for a healthy life. Try to consume food which is low in calories for proper digestion such as fruits and vegetables. These food items have lots of nutrients which can help in lowering the risk of health problems. 
  • Improve physical activities: To digest food in the body, there has to be a proper workout or physical activity that people must incorporate in their lifestyles. Incorporating fun physical activities such as playing sports, working out in the gym and doing household chores will help in weight reduction. Avoid sitting or sleeping immediately after intake of food. This will reduce the process of digestion in the body leading to weight gain. 
  • Take proper sleep: It is important to take enough rest and sleep at night. Reduction in sleep may cause health problems leading to weight gain. Therefore, introduce bedtime rituals in your lifestyle in order to get proper sleep. 


Obesity is the condition which leads to weight gain due to overeating and unhealthy lifestyles. The main cause of obesity is overeating, reduced physical activities and sleep. Due to this, a person may suffer from severe health problems such as heart diseases, high cholesterol and blood pressure, respiratory problems, etc. To prevent obesity, a person must eat a balanced diet, avoid overeating, exercise regularly, eat food on time, get enough sleep, etc. 

We hope this obesity essay was useful to you. Check essays for kids for more topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Obesity Essay

What is an obesity essay?

It is a short write up on obesity which is a condition that results in weight gain leading to many health problems.

What is the main cause of obesity?

The main causes of obesity are overeating, unhealthy lifestyle, less physical activities, genetic and psychological factors.

How to prevent obesity?

The different ways to prevent obesity are eating balanced food, regular exercise, eating food on time, avoiding unhealthy food, increasing physical activity, getting enough sleep, etc.

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