New Year’s Resolutions for Kids: New Year Resolution Ideas

New Year is celebrated worldwide with lots of happiness and zeal. Kids look forward to celebrating the New Year by participating in fun activities. One of the best New Year’s Eve activities for kids is making resolutions for the upcoming year. Making New Year’s resolutions for kids is the best way to introduce good habits to them. Are you looking for New Year resolution ideas for kids? If yes, we will help you with the best New Year’s resolutions for your kids. 

It is better to make children identify and realize what they want to add to their New Year’s resolutions. You must ensure that the resolutions your children make are age-appropriate and things they can do without facing any difficulties. If children choose New Year goals that are above and beyond their understanding and capability, it can create problems in achieving their goals. Hence, you can help them make resolutions that suit their needs and interests. A few examples of New Year’s resolutions for kids are keeping their toys where they belong, drinking lots of water daily, washing hands before and after eating, etc. Check out the best New Year’s resolutions for kids mentioned in this article. 

New Year Resolution Ideas for Kids

Making resolutions is one of the fun tasks besides learning the New Year words, riddles and poems during the holidays. Children must learn to set their goals from an early age. Making New Year’s resolutions for kids teaches them responsibility and develops their personalities. Also, they will learn to implement the resolutions they made for themselves systematically. Therefore, you can sit with children and make the best New Year’s resolutions applicable for them to follow in their daily routines. 

100 Best New Year Resolutions for Kids

Below are some amazing New Year resolution ideas for kids. 

  1. I will not fight with my siblings. 
  2. I will keep my room clean. 
  3. I will throw waste in the dustbin. 
  4. I will watch TV for less time. 
  5. I will brush my teeth twice a day. 
  6. I will show respect to the elders. 
  7. I will take care of my belongings. 
  8. I will not tease my friends. 
  9. I will share my food with others. 
  10. I will not get angry at my parents. 
  11. I will water plants every day. 
  12. I will do my homework on time. 
  13. I will help needy people. 
  14. I will keep my things organized and tidy. 
  15. I will express my feelings and thoughts clearly to others. 
  16. I will help my mother with daily chores. 
  17. I will reach school on time. 
  18. I will follow traffic rules while crossing the road. 
  19. I will wash my hands after going to the bathroom. 
  20. I will eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits. 
  21. I will not make a fuss about food items. 
  22. I will wear my seat belt while traveling in a car.
  23. I will not put my hand out of the moving vehicle. 
  24. I will take care of my health. 
  25. I will wear a helmet while riding a bike. 
  26. I will always support my friends. 
  27. I will never share my personal information with strangers. 
  28. I will not spend more time playing video games. 
  29. I will read more books to gain knowledge of various topics. 
  30. I will exercise regularly. 
  31. I will find ways to overcome my stress and nervousness by indulging in activities that make me relaxed and calm, such as playing a sport, reading a book, and spending time with friends and family. 
  32. I will do well in my academics. 
  33. I will participate in all the activities at school. 
  34. I will ask questions and immediately clear my doubts about the concepts that are challenging for me to understand. 
  35. I will go to bed early. 
  36. I will reduce my junk food intake. 
  37. I will eat all healthy foods even if I don’t like them. 
  38. I will concentrate and pay attention to what my teacher is teaching me. 
  39. I will help my mother in setting the dinner table. 
  40. I will show compassion to animals. 
  41. I will not tease animals on the street. 
  42. I will maintain silence in the library. 
  43. I will help my siblings with their homework. 
  44. I will keep things in their respective places after I finish using them. 
  45. I will participate in all the activities during festive celebrations. 
  46. I will memorize the phone number and address for better communication. 
  47. I will never shout at my siblings. 
  48. I will not compare myself with others. 
  49. I will not give back answers to my parents. 
  50. I will say thank you to people with gratitude. 
  51. I will apologize for the mistake I made. 
  52. I will practice writing a paragraph every day to improve my writing and communication skills. 
  53. I will use my daily allowance wisely. 
  54. I will play a sport every day. 
  55. I will make my bed in the morning. 
  56. I will organize my things in the cupboard. 
  57. I will donate my clothes and toys to needy children. 
  58. I will not say negative things about anyone. 
  59. I will volunteer for some charity work. 
  60. I will spend less time on gadgets. 
  61. I will appreciate the effort of other people. 
  62. I will use eco-friendly products.
  63. I will not spill food on the dinner table. 
  64. I will keep my hand on my mouth while sneezing or coughing. 
  65. I will clean my toys monthly once.
  66. I will not spend money on unnecessary things.
  67. I will learn a new vocabulary word every day.
  68. I will learn something new every day. 
  69. I will motivate myself to push harder and improve my academic performance. 
  70. I will do more outdoor activities. 
  71. I will reduce my screen time. 
  72. I will grow plants and take care of them. 
  73. I will assist my mother in the kitchen. 
  74. I will help my father with grocery shopping. 
  75. I will learn to calculate small bills and expenses. 
  76. I will spend more time with my family. 
  77. I will be more polite to others. 
  78. I will become a good friend. 
  79. I will compliment others for their achievements. 
  80. I will imbibe positive things from others. 
  81. I will be more positive and appreciative of the things I have. 
  82. I will become a better leader. 
  83. I will save water. 
  84. I will be kind to others. 
  85. I will listen to my parents, friends and teachers. 
  86. I will read a storybook for at least 30 minutes a day. 
  87. I will share my ideas with others. 
  88. I will attempt all the questions in the exam. 
  89. I will not argue for the things I do not know. 
  90. I will become a good listener. 
  91. I will eat my breakfast on time. 
  92. I will learn to keep my promises. 
  93. I will not procrastinate.
  94. I will travel to new places. 
  95. I will achieve my goals set for the year. 
  96. I will be happy and content with my life. 
  97. I will explore things to learn new things. 
  98. I will do mindful eating. 
  99. I will write letters to my loved ones. 
  100. I will believe the people I love. 

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Benefits of Making New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

The benefits of making New Year’s resolutions for children are mentioned below. 

  • It enables children to take control of their actions. 
  • It motivates children to complete their tasks successfully. 
  • It teaches children responsibility and discipline. 
  • It teaches good habits to children. 
  • It makes children feel accomplished after completing their tasks. 
  • It promotes self-esteem and empowerment in children. 

We hope this article on New Year’s resolutions for kids helps you. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, holiday activities for kids, worksheets for kids, and words for kids section at Osmo.

Frequently Asked Questions on New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

What are some common New Year’s Resolutions for Kids?

Some common New Year’s resolutions for kids are; cleaning the room, helping parents with daily chores, reaching school on time, finishing homework on time, being positive, growing plants, etc.

What are the benefits of making New Year’s resolutions for Kids?

The benefits of making New Year’s resolutions for kids are that it develops responsibility, self-esteem, dedication, positivity and many other essential skills in children.

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