Nature Poems For Kids

Poems are the best way to express thoughts and feelings about the beauty of nature. Our planet has an incredible landscape with mountains, forests, rivers, flora and fauna. Kids have to be aware of the diversity around them. Most importantly, they have to appreciate and protect nature from anthropogenic activities. For that, you can explore beautiful nature poems for kids available online. 

These poems will help children to understand nature and its importance in our lives. Additionally, kids will develop good vocabulary and language skills. There will be awareness along with improvement in reading and writing skills with the help of nature poems for kids. Check out some amazing short and fun nature poems for kids here. 

In this article, explore Nature Poems for Kids,

Beautiful Nature Poems For Kids

Here are some amazing nature poems for children mentioned below:

A Dragonfly

    – By Eleanor Farjeon

When the heat of the summer

Made drowsy the land, 

A dragonfly came 

And sat on my hand.

With its blue jointed body,

And wings like spun glass, 

It lit on my fingers,

As though they were grass. 

Come Little Leaves

    – By George Cooper

Come little leaves 

Said the wind one day,

Come over the meadows

With me, and play. 

Put on your dresses

Of red and gold.

Summer is gone,

And the days grow cold. 

Soon as the leaves

Heard the wind’s loud call.

Down they came fluttering 

One and all. 

Over the meadows 

They danced and flew

Singing the soft 

Little songs they knew.

Dancing and flying 

The little leaves went

Winter had called them 

And they were content

Soon fast asleep

In their earthy beds,

The snow laid a soft mantle

Over their heads. 

First Snow

    – By Marie Louise Allen

Snow makes whiteness where it falls

The bushes look like cotton balls.

And places where I always play

Look like somewhere else today.

The Wind

    – By James Reeves

I can get through a doorway without any key,

And strip the leaves from the great oak trees. 

I can drive storm clouds and shake tall towers.

Or steal through the garden and not wake the flowers. 

Seas I can move and Ships I can sink,

I can carry a house top or the scent of pink. 

When I am angry, I can rave and riot,

And when I am spent, I lie quiet as quiet. 

The Little Rose Tree

    – By Rachel Field

Every rose on the little tree

Is making a different face at me!

Some look surprised when I pass by,

And others droop- but they are shy.

These two whose heads together press

Tell secrets I could never guess.

Some have their heads thrown back to sing,

And all the buds are listening.

I wonder if the gardener knows,

Or if he calls each just a rose?

How The Flowers Grow

    – By Gabriel Setoun

This is how the flowers grow

I have watched them and I know

First above the ground is seen

A tiny blade of purest green

Reaching up and peeping forth 

East and west, and south and north.

Then the sunbeams find their ways

To the sleeping bud and say,

We are children of the sun

Sent to wake thee, little one. 

And the leaflet opening wide

Shows the tiny bud inside,

Peeping with half-opened eye

On the bright and sunny sky.

Breezes from the west and south

Lay their kisses on its mouth;

Till the petals are all grown 

And the bud’s a flower blown. 

The Caterpillar

    – By Christina Rossetti

Brown and furry, 

Caterpillar in a hurry;

Take your walk 

To the shady leaf or stalk.

May no toad spy you, 

May the little bird pass by you;

Spin and die, 

To live again a butterfly. 


    – By Marchette Chute

Beneath the waters

Green and cool

The mermaids keep

A swimming school.

The oyster trot,

The lobster prance,

The dolphins come

To join the dance.

But the jellyfish 

Who are rather small,

Can’t seem to learn 

The steps at all. 

A Bird Came Down The Walk

    – Emily Dickinson

A bird came down the walk

He did not know I saw

He bit a angleworm in halves

And ate the fellow raw.

And then he drank a dew

From an convenient grass

And then hopped sidewise to the wall

To let a beetle pass. 

He glanced with rapid eyes

That hurried all round

They looked like frightened beads, I thought 

He stirred his velvet head. 

Like one in danger, cautious 

I offered him a crumb

And he unrolled his feathers

And rowed him softer home.

Then oars divide the ocean,

Too silver for a seam

Or butterflies, off banks of noon

Leap, plashless as they swim. 

The Eagle

    – By Alfred Tennyson

He clasps the crag with crooked hands

Close to the sun in lonely hands

Ring’d with the azure world, he stands.

The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls, 

He watches from his mountain walls, 

And like a thunderbolt he falls. 

Let’s Preserve Our Nature 

    – By Arjun

The sun is shining

The sky is blue

The birds are flying 

And the breeze is so cool.

Mother nature is trying her best

To give nothing but beautifulness

But what do we do?

Make her a mess.

Lets make her the best 

By polluting less and less

And preserve her green dress

For our kids and the rest. 

Tips To Teach Nature Poems For Kids

A few tips to teach nature poems for kids are mentioned below:

  • Choose interesting topics to write about nature. 
  • Use easy and understandable language for writing poems. 
  • Incorporate meaningful words in poems. 
  • Encourage children to recite poems loudly so that they can get acquainted with words and their meanings. 
  • Explain the content of the poems to the children in a creative way. 

Benefits Of Nature Poems For Kids

Some of the advantages of learning poems on nature are mentioned below:

  • Motivates children to read and write.
  • Develops creativity and imagination skills among the children. 
  • Encourages children to understand the importance of nature in our lives. 
  • Creates awareness about the diversity and conservation of nature.
  • Enables children to express their thoughts about nature in a creative way.
  • Develops essential skills such as vocabulary, reading and writing skills. 
  • Develops understanding of rhyming words and sentence formation for communicating the information more constructively. 

We hope this article on nature poems for kids was useful to you. Explore a collection of poems at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Nature Poems For Kids

What are nature poems for kids?

Nature poems for kids are the expression of thoughts and feelings about nature. Some of the poems are A Dragonfly, Come Little Leaves, First Snow, The Wind, The Little Rose Tree, How The Flowers Grow, The caterpillar, Undersea, The Bird Came Down The Walk, The Eagle and Let’s Preserve Our Nature.

What are the benefits of nature poems for kids?

The benefits of nature poems for kids are that it helps them to understand the importance of nature apart from developing vocabulary and language skills.