Natural Resources Worksheets

Are your children familiar with the natural resources found on the Earth? If not, you can upgrade their knowledge on types of natural resources with the help of worksheets. You can download natural resources worksheets for kids to learn about mountains, water, minerals, soil, air, fossil fuels, etc. These worksheets for kids are a great way to keep them engaged and teach recognition, differentiation and the importance of natural resources for mankind.


Natural resources are formed without the intervention of humans. They are formed naturally on the Earth, providing essential things for the survival of living things. It offers good food to eat, clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe. There are two types of natural resources: renewable and non-renewable resources. You can teach children the identification of each natural resource with the help of science worksheets. These natural resources worksheets consist of exercises that enable children to understand and learn them effectively. 

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Free Printable Natural Resources Worksheets 

It would be best if you choose simple natural resources worksheets for Grade 1 kids to learn about types of natural resources and their importance systematically. They can enhance their understanding of the resources and develop an awareness of protecting and conserving them for future generations. Young children must learn about natural resources from an early age to keep them well-informed about the sustainable use of natural resources. Apart from conducting science experiments for kids, you can make learning interactive and exciting with natural resources worksheets. Some printable natural resources worksheets for kids are given below:

Match the natural resources with their products on the worksheet

Natural Resources Worksheets

Label the natural resources illustrated on the worksheet

Natural Resources Worksheets

Spot the natural resources illustrated on the worksheet 

Natural Resources Worksheets

Types of Natural Resources Worksheets for Kids

The types of natural resources worksheets for Grade 1 kids are mentioned below:

  • Coloring worksheets: Kids at this age are extremely fond of coloring. They would enhance their artistic abilities and learn at the same time while coloring. You can ask kids to color the images of natural resources to help them recognize and differentiate the natural resources effectively. They can color and memorize the pictures of the natural resources in their mind.
  • Matching worksheets: You can help your child learn natural resources and their types, such as renewable and non-renewable resources, with the help of matching worksheets. In this activity, kids need to match the images of the natural resources to their products. For example, water resources give you clean drinking water; trees give oxygen and furniture; soil gives agricultural yields, etc. Kids can match them with their respective products systematically. 
  • Sorting worksheets: There are two columns with renewable and non-renewable resources along with images illustrated on the worksheet. Kids must systematically sort the images into renewable and non-renewable resources categories. With the help of these worksheets, kids can easily differentiate between the types of natural resources. 
  • Cut and paste worksheets: You can enhance your child’s creative skills and help them learn about natural resources with the help of cut and paste worksheets. You can ask your children to cut the images illustrated below and paste them on the columns provided under each category of renewable and non-renewable resources. 
  • Writing worksheets: Kids need to write a few sentences about the types of natural resources they see around them. These worksheets help them learn the spelling of the words they use for making meaningful sentences and develops their writing skills. Explore writing games for kids to practice natural resources worksheets.  

Types of Natural Resources 

Natural resources are an integral part of the everyday life of human beings. The resources are used for commercial and industrial purposes. The types of natural resources are mentioned below:

  • Renewable Resources: These natural resources can be renewed and replenished naturally; for example, air, sunlight, wind, forest, water, etc. These resources are low cost and found abundantly in nature. Though these resources can renew themselves, it is important to use them sustainably for future generations. 
  • Non-Renewable Resources: These natural resources cannot be replenished or renewed in the environment, for example, minerals and fossil fuels. These resources are costly and less environmentally friendly. When the consumption of non-renewable resources exceeds the recovery rate, these resources are on the verge of extinction or depletion. Therefore, it is essential to use these resources wisely and recycle them for sustainable consumption. 

Benefits of Natural Resources Worksheets 

The benefits of natural resources worksheets for kids are mentioned below:

  • Builds knowledge: With the help of natural resources worksheets, kids can enhance and upgrade their knowledge on types of resources and their importance in commercial and industrial use to meet the daily needs and demands. They can learn to recognize and differentiate natural resources creatively. 
  • Improves concentration: Young children can get easily distracted, so you must come up with effective strategies to increase their attention span. In this regard, worksheets play a vital role in improving children’s concentration and increasing their knowledge of natural resources. 
  • Develops creativity: Practicing natural resources worksheets enables children to expand their imagination and creative skills. They develop new ideas to learn about natural resources systematically for better understanding and learning outcomes. 
  • Engages children: Worksheets help children engage themselves in learning for a longer period of time. They can enjoy their learning process without facing any challenges or difficulties in understanding the concept they are learning. Therefore, worksheets keep children active and motivated to learn. 

We hope this article on natural resources worksheets was useful to you. To learn more about activities, worksheets and games, explore literacy games for kids, puzzles for kids, kids learning sections at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Natural Resources Worksheets

What are natural resources worksheets?

Natural resources worksheets are a great tool for children to learn about natural resources in effective ways. They can quickly learn to color, match, trace, sort and write about natural resources, such as air, water, soil, forest, fossil fuels, minerals, mountains, forest, etc.

What are the benefits of natural resources worksheets?

The benefits of natural resources worksheets are that it helps children understand the concept of resources very well. They learn to think about the concept and practice the given exercise systematically. Most importantly, they develop essential skills, such as creativity, problem-solving, imagination, visualization, etc.