Names of Transport

Do your children know the names of every transport that passes by? If not, you can teach them the names of transport in a creative way. Transport vehicles are designed to transport goods or people from one place to another. Kids enjoy traveling in transport vehicles whether it is a bike, car, train, airplane or ferry. They have a gala time traveling in transport vehicles. Apart from these vehicles, kids might not know the other transport names. Therefore, you can conduct engaging activities for kids at home to teach them different names of transport vehicles. This will help little ones gain knowledge about various modes of transportation easily. 

Transport vehicles are widely used to perform various activities such as carrying people and goods from one place to another in a short period of time. It saves time and increases community mobility and productivity of whatever work they do. Learning transport names enables children to acquire information about different modes of transportation, such as air, water and land. Kids can easily categorize vehicles based on their mode of transportation. For example, the water, land and air transport vehicles are boat, car and airplane, respectively. You can enhance your children’s vocabulary knowledge by teaching them the names of transport vehicles. 

Transport Names in English for Kids 

Why is it important for kids to learn transport names? Learning the names of transport will help children recognize and differentiate between the vehicles. You can focus on teaching transport names alongside names of flowers, animals, vegetables and fruits to enhance their knowledge from an early age. To help them learn faster, you can conduct activities based on their learning styles and patterns. You need to assess what kids like and are interested in. You can help your children learn and memorize the names of transportation vehicles systematically. Check out the list of transport names mentioned in this article.

Transport Names List for Kids 

Below is a list of all the names of transport vehicles for kids. 

Bicycle Police car
Cement mixer truckHelicopter 
Parachute Motorbike 
Truck Ship 
Boat Yacht 
Van Scooter 
Kayak Train
Excavator Fire engine
Airplane Bullet train 
Crane Carriage 
Jet Metro train 
Taxi Sports car
Tractor Hot air balloon 
Caravan Subway 
Submarine Motorboat 
Jeep Sled 
Ferry Space shuttle 
Snowmobile Cargo ship 
Convertible Ice boat 
Forklift Cable car

Free Printable Transport Names for Kids 

Kids must’ve seen or heard about different transport vehicles on the road, water and air. But, they might struggle to recall the names of transport vehicles or might not know the names in general. You can help kids learn the names of transport vehicles creatively. You must ensure that the activities you conduct must be aligned with the needs and interests of children. Therefore, you can download printable transport names for kids as given below. 

Names of Transport

Download Names of Transport PDF

Best Activities to Learn the Names of Transport for Kids

Some engaging activities for children to learn transport names are mentioned below. 

  • Cut and paste the names of transport: In this activity, you must provide kids with a worksheet consisting of different illustrations of transport vehicles. Kids must cut the transport names from the assigned sheet and paste them below their respective images. This activity will help children identify the transport vehicles easily. 
  • Sort the transport names: In this activity, you need to keep three empty boxes for the water, air and land mode of transportations. Kids must pick up the names of transport vehicles and drop them into their respective boxes. For example, the water transport vehicles include ferry, submarine, yacht, boat, ship, etc. The land transportation vehicles include bus, truck, motorbike, etc. And the last one is the air transport vehicles that include airplane, helicopter, jet, space shuttle, etc. 
  • Fill in the missing letters: In this activity, kids must fill in the missing letters of the transport names on a sheet of paper, for example, V _ N, H E _ I C O P _ E R, T R _ I N, etc. The answer is van, helicopter and train. This activity will help little ones learn the spelling of transport names correctly. 

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Benefits of Learning Transport Names for Kids 

The benefits of learning the names of transport for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It helps children get acquainted with the names of transportation vehicles easily. 
  • It enables children to recognize and memorize the transport names quickly. 
  • It improves the vocabulary knowledge of the children. 
  • It develops language and communication skills in children. 
  • It enables children to make appropriate conversations with others related to transportation topics. 

We hope this article on names of transport helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, words for kids, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Names of Transport

What are some common transport names?

Some common transport names for kids are; bus, train, airplane, motorbike, yacht, ferry, bicycle, truck, submarine, helicopter, etc.

What are the benefits of learning transport names?

The benefits of learning the names of transport for kids are that it helps them gain knowledge about different modes of transportation, such as water, air and land. Besides this, it will enhance their communication skills by using appropriate transport vehicle names in their conversations.

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