Names of Shapes 

Do your children recognize the different shapes they encounter? If not, how would you introduce shapes to kids? The best way to introduce the concept of shapes to kids is by conducting exciting activities. You can help kids recognize and memorize shapes by teaching them their names. Learning the names of shapes enables children to identify them, for example, circle, rectangle, triangle, square, cylinder, cone, cuboid, etc. You can teach shape names with pictures to kids in a creative way. Apart from practicing a 2d and 3d shapes worksheet, you can also introduce them to engaging activities to learn the names of shapes effectively. 

What are 2d and 3d shapes? The two-dimensional shapes have length and breadth, whereas the three-dimensional shapes have length, breadth and height. Therefore, kids can learn to categorize them based on these characteristics. A few examples of 2d shapes are circle, square and rectangle, whereas 3d shapes are cuboid, sphere, cone and cylinder. You can download a shapes chart for kids to teach different shape names and help them enhance their geometrical knowledge. Besides this, you can conduct various activities for kids to learn the names of shapes and retain the information in their memory for a longer time. 

Shape Names in English for Kids 

We all know that shapes are an integral part of our lives. Kids encounter different shapes in their daily life, whether it is a ball, book, table or ice cream cone. All these objects resemble some or the other shapes. Therefore, you need to teach the names of the shapes of these objects. For example, the shape of a ball, ice cream cone and book is the circle, cone and cuboid, respectively. Learning the names of the shapes will help children upgrade their vocabulary knowledge. It is needless to say that learning vocabulary words for kids enable them to communicate and express their understanding of shapes effectively with others. Check out the different shapes with names mentioned in this article. 

List of All the Names of Shapes for Kids

Below is a list of all shape names for kids. 

Circle Square
Rectangle Parallelogram 
Prism Cone 
Trapezoid Pentagon 
Cube Cuboid 
Hexagon Heptagon 
Octagon Decagon 
Rhombus Heart 
Oval Nonagon 
Crescent Diamond 
Ellipse Semi circle 
Dodecagon Chord 
Right triangleObtuse triangle
Acute triangleCross 
Arrow Sphere 
Pyramid Triangular prism
Tetrahedron Pentagonal prism 
Hexagonal pyramidOctahedron 

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Free Printable Shape Names for Kids 

Learning the names of shapes enables kids to identify and visualize objects in an effective way. Most importantly, it enhances their language skills to communicate effectively with others. Therefore, you can conduct activities to grab their attention and teach the shapes’ names systematically. You can connect the shapes with real-life objects for better understanding. This will help kids to relate and connect to the information you are teaching them. Can your children name a shape that resembles a Christmas tree? It resembles the shape of a triangle. Similarly, you can teach kids all the names of shapes with pictures by giving them real-life examples. A printable shape name for kids is given below.

Names of Shapes 

Download Names of Shapes PDF

Fun Activities to Learn the Names of Shapes for Kids

A few exciting activities for kids to learn shape names are mentioned below. 

  • Identify the shapes: In this activity, you must gather some objects and place them on the table. Kids must guess the names of shapes that resemble these objects. For example, an egg, a book and a dice look like an oval, cuboid and square, respectively. This will help kids recognize the shape names effectively. 
  • Explore the shapes: In this activity, you must provide kids with a list of names of shapes. They must explore the whole house and get the objects resembling the assigned shapes. For example, kids must gather items resembling the shape of a circle, such as cookies, a slice of pizza, a ball, etc. In this way, kids will easily identify the names of shapes with pictures. 
  • Write the names of shapes: In this activity, kids must write the shapes’ names on a sheet of paper. You can assess their performance based on the number of shape names with correct spellings. This activity will help kids to enhance their spelling skills.

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Benefits of Learning Shape Names for Kids

The benefits of learning the names of shapes with pictures for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It develops visualization skills in children. 
  • It helps children recognize, read and write the names of shapes effectively. 
  • It enables children to spell the shape names correctly. 
  • It helps children differentiate between the objects based on their length, breadth and height. 
  • It improves children’s geometric knowledge for better learning outcomes. 

We hope this article on names of shapes helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, words for kids, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Names of Shapes

What are some common names of shapes?

Some common shape names for kids are; circle, rectangle, triangle, prism, cylinder, cone, square, cube, oval, cuboid, etc.

What are the benefits of learning shape names for kids?

The benefits of learning shape names are that it helps kids identify, read and write the names of shapes effectively. Most importantly, it will help them differentiate between the objects based on their shapes.

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