Names of Insects 

Are your children familiar with the names of insects? If not, you must teach them the names of the insects in a creative way. It would be great if you could conduct interesting activities for kids to learn the insect names. Little ones often see insects and observe them closely to understand their movements, eating habits, habitats and other characteristics that make them different from other animals. For example, kids can recognize ants, bees or butterflies. But, they might not know their names. Therefore, you can teach kids all the insect names to learn and memorize them effectively. Learning vocabulary words for kids helps them enhance their communication and language skills. 

Why do you think is it important for kids to learn insect names? It helps children learn how insects play an important role in pollination, seed dispersal, agriculture activities, aeration of the soil, and the food chain. Kids must recognize the insects with names. Therefore, you can help them in this regard by teaching them the names of insects through games and activities. This helps children to recite, read and write the insect names for effective communication. Besides teaching the list of names of insects for kids, you can provide them with the names of flowers, animals, plants, etc., to upgrade their knowledge. 

Insects Name for Kids 

Insects are tiny creatures that belong to the family of Arthropoda. The main characteristics of insects are that the body is divided into the head, thorax and abdomen. Apart from this, they have compound eyes and a pair of antennae for communication. With these characteristics, kids can identify the insects and learn their names effectively. You can check out the list of insect names for kids mentioned in this article. 

List of All the Insect Names

Below is a list of names of the insects for kids. 

Butterfly Bee 
Dragonfly Ant 
Mosquito Mantis 
Fly Ladybug 
Whitefly Termite 
Moth Horse-fly 
Cockroach Grasshopper 
Aphid Cicada 
Caterpillar Wasp 
Spider Lizard 
Honeybee Beetle 
Cricket Centipede 
Caterpillar Maggot 
Tick Earthworm 
Snail Flea 
Grub Locust 
Greenfly Snakefly 
Leech Louse 
Earwig Been Weevil 

Free Printable Insect Names for Kids 

Did you know butterfly wings are transparent? And the insect ladybug bleeds from their knees? You can teach kids insect names and their interesting facts through various activities. These activities keep children engaged and entertained while learning the names of insects. Moreover, it is important to keep children updated with insect names for a better learning experience. You can download printable insect names for kids given below. 

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Download Free Names of Insects PDF

Fun Activities to Teach Insects Name to Kids

Some of the engaging activities to learn the names of insects for kids are mentioned below. 

  • Identify insects: In this activity, kids must identify the names of insects illustrated on the worksheet or a chart. This helps them recognize the insects with names effectively. 
  • Draw insects: In this activity, kids must pick a piece of paper from the bowl with insect names written on them. Then, they must draw the illustration of the insect on the board. You can assess their performance on how closely the drawing of the insect matches with their names mentioned on the piece of paper. 
  • Take a nature walk: In this activity, kids must write the names of insects they find around them on a sheet of paper, for example, butterflies, flies, honey bees, wasps, ants, etc. You can check the number of correct answers and reward them with exciting gifts. 
  • Fill in the blanks: In this activity, kids must fill in the missing letters of the names of insects on the worksheet, for example, B E E _ T L E, F _ Y, S _ I _ E R, etc. The answer is beetle, fly, spider, etc. In this way, kids can learn the spelling of insect names correctly. 

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Benefits of Learning Names of Insects for Kids

The benefits of learning insect names for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It increases children’s knowledge of different insects found on the Earth. 
  • It helps children learn to pronounce, read and write the names of insects correctly. 
  • It keeps children updated about the names of insects they encounter in their daily lives. 
  • It develops vocabulary and language skills in children. 
  • It boosts children’s confidence to learn more about insects. 

We hope this article on the names of insects helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, words for kids, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Names of Insects

What are some common insects found in our surroundings?

Some common insects found in our surroundings are ants, beetles, spiders, wasps, caterpillars, dragonflies, grasshoppers, centipedes, termites, cockroaches, etc.

What are the benefits of learning insect names?

The benefits of learning the names of insects for kids are that it helps them recognize the insects with their names easily. Besides this, kids can develop an interest in learning more about insects and their characteristics through drawing.