Names of Household Items 

Can your children recognize the names of household items? If not, you must teach them household items names to identify and memorize the things available at home. Toddlers and preschoolers start picking up words of things found around them. Therefore, you can teach them all the names of household items individually to learn and understand the importance of using them to make their lives easier. It is needless to say that household items make everyone’s life comfortable and save time in completing various tasks. Learning vocabulary words for kids enables them to enhance their knowledge about household items or things that they use in everyday life. 

Learning the names of household items enables children to know their uses effectively. They can identify and get things whatever you want them to get, for example, a comb, broom, table cloth, hanger, basket, etc. Therefore, you can teach your children the names of household items in a creative way. You cannot expect kids to learn all the household item names quickly. Therefore, you must take up a few things in their initial learning phase and gradually increase the numbers based on their grasping abilities. You can conduct activities for kids at home using worksheets, charts or games that can grab their attention for a longer time. 

Household Items Names in English for Kids 

Using household items keeps the house organized and provides comfort in all aspects of life. For example, you can wash clothes using a washing machine, wash dishes in the dishwasher, control the temperature of the house with the air conditioner and heater, sleep comfortably on a bed, etc. You can use these things appropriately to reduce stress, time and energy in doing household chores. Therefore, you must teach kids the names of household items so that they can learn about every object that provides comfort and makes their life easier. Besides this, learning household items names will be helpful in completing the task assigned in the daily chores chart for kids. Check out the list of household item names for kids mentioned in this article.  

List of Household Items Names for Kids 

Below is a list of all the names of household items for kids. 

Blender Bucket  
Chair Bedsheet 
Bottle Broom 
Clothes stand Pot 
Light bulb Desk 
Dishwasher Lantern 
Comb basket
Refrigerator Watching machine
Microwave oven Griller 
Table Lamp
Kettle Mob 
Iron box Hanger 
Photoframe Fan 
Air conditioner Cloth
Stationery itemToaster 
Speaker Vacuum cleaner
Kitchen hood Torch 
Stove Pressure cooker
Mixer Coffee machine  
Sewing machine Clock 
Hair dryer Dog house 
Dustbin Dust pan 
Bathtub Pillow 
Bed Cradle 
Cleaning toolTowel
Cupboard Closet 
Carpet Chimney 
Fence Fireplace
Blind Remote 
Book Plastic container
Rolling pin Napkin
JarCutting board
Teapot Bowl 
Bottle opener Cutlery
Dish rack Tissue paper 
Kitchen towel Potato Masher 

Free Printable Household Item Names for Kids 

Sometimes, kids might find it challenging to learn the names of household items. In such a situation, you must make learning fun so that they can concentrate and retain the information in their memory faster. You can conduct interactive activities for kids to help them learn the household items names quickly. A printable list of all the names of household items for kids is given below. 

Names of Household Items 

Download Names of Household Items PDF

Fun Activities to Learn the Names of Household Items for Kids 

Some engaging activities for kids to learn household item names are mentioned below. 

  • Explore household items: In this activity, you must ask kids to explore the things around the house and identify the items assigned to them, for example, a frying pan, jar, key, hanger, broom, etc. This will help kids learn and memorize the names of household items by practically observing them. 
  • Write the names of household items: In this activity, kids must write the household item names on a sheet of paper. You must assess their performance based on the number of correct answers with their spellings. This activity will help kids to read and write the names of household items correctly. 
  • Guess the household items: In this activity, you must tell the children about the uses of some household items. They need to guess the names of the household items based on their benefits/purposes. For example, it is an electronic machine used for washing clothes. What is it? The answer is a washing machine. Similarly, you can ask kids to guess the names of other household items. This activity will help kids to relate the items with their functions efficiently. 

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Benefits of Learning Household Item Names for Kids

The benefits of learning the names of household items for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It helps children recognize, read and write the names of household items effectively. 
  • It improves children’s spelling skills for effective communication. 
  • It enhances the learning experience of children. 
  • It develops reading and writing skills in children. 
  • It helps children identify and learn the uses of each household item efficiently. 

We hope this article on names of household items helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, words for kids, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Names of Household Items

What are some common household item names?

Some common household item names for kids are; refrigerator, television, sofa, table, chair, bucket, basket, kettle, stove, dishwasher, broom, mob, etc.

What are the benefits of learning household item names?

The benefits of learning the names of household items for kids are that it helps them easily recognize and learn the uses of household things. Besides this, it will increase children’s vocabulary knowledge and enhance their language skills.