Names of Colors

What are colors? Colors are basically derived from the spectrum of lights. Kids observe colors around them and try to figure out the names of those colors. Do they know the names of colors that they see? If not, what can you do to teach kids color names? You need to make an effort to teach the names of colors so that they can recognize and learn to write them effectively on a sheet of paper, besides learning the names of flowers, animals, vegetables, etc. 

Learning the names of different colors enables children to use them appropriately for the images they are coloring. This helps them to get the desired illustrations they are looking for. Therefore, you need to teach kids to recognize, read and name the different colors effortlessly. Besides, using coloring pages for kids is a great way to encounter children with different colors.

Different Types of Colors Name

Do your children mix colors to get the desired colors they are looking for? If not, we are here to help your little ones provide information on different types of colors. There are three types of colors; primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue. When you mix two primary colors, you get the secondary colors, such as Orange, Green and Violet. Similarly, when you mix primary and secondary colors, you get the tertiary colors, such as Yellow-Orange, Red-Orange, Red-Violet, Blue-Violet, Blue-Green and Yellow-Green. You can teach your children to recognize the names of colors from the list given below. 

List of All Color Names 

Here is a list of different names of colors helpful for your children to develop their artistic skills. 

Green Orange 
Red Gray 
Brown Maroon 
Lavender Black  
Magenta Cream 
Violet Bronze 
Navy Blue White
Mustard Olive
Purple Burgundy 
Peach Tan 
Coral Mauve 
Rust Gold
Lime Light Green
Wheat Dark Blue 
Turquoise Aqua 
Crimson Orchid
Spring GreenAmber
Indigo Salmon
Baby PinkPink
Pea GreenIvory
Crepe Oyster 
Denim Spruce
Smoke Dove 
Firebrick Fuchsia

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Different Shades of Color Names 

Did your children hear the color name spring green? It is one of the shades of green. Similarly, there are different color names for the various shades. A few examples of different shades of color names are mentioned below. 

Pink Color Names

A list of different types of pink color names is given below. 

FuchsiaRose Pink
MagentaSoft Berry
Hot PinkBaby Pink

Purple Color Names

Here is a list of different types of purple color names for kids. 

Royal PurpleOrchid
Dewberry Fig

Orange Color Names

Here is a list of orange color names for kids. 

RustDeep Carrot

Green Color Names

Here is a list of different green color names for kids. 

Shamrock Emerald 
Pistachio Mint 

Blue Color Names 

Here is a list of blue color names for kids. 

Indigo Cobalt 
Azure Ocean 
Admiral Sapphire 

Red Color Names 

Here is a list of red color names for kids. 

Cherry RedCrimson 
Ruby RedMaroon

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Free Printable Color Names List

Sometimes, kids might get confused or not remember the names of colors while coloring particular images. To help kids in this regard, we’ve got you a free printable list of color names for kids to use for coloring and learning the names of colors effectively. 

Names of Colors

Download Names of Colors PDF

Fun Activities for Kids to Learn the Names of Colors

Some interesting activities to teach children color names are given below. 

  • Show color flashcards and ask children to identify them effectively. 
  • Ask kids to sort objects or items based on their colors. 
  • Ask kids to write the names of colors on a sheet of paper. 
  • Teach kids how to spell the names of the different colors correctly to enhance their spelling skills. 
  • Ask kids to write the names of colors on the color names chart.

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Benefits of Learning Color Names

The benefits of learning the names of colors for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It creates awareness among the children about different colors. 
  • It helps children use appropriate colors for the images to make them look authentic and visually appealing. 
  • It improves the vocabulary and spelling skills of children while learning the names of colors. 
  • It relaxes the children’s minds and bodies while learning the color names and coloring the images. 
  • It helps children connect or relate the names of color to the objects around them. 
  • It develops coloring and drawing skills in children.
  • It keeps children updated with a list of color names for better artwork. 

We hope this article on names of colors helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, words for kids, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Names of Colors

What are some of the color names?

The different color names for kids are blue, green, yellow, white, black, pink, magenta, peach, violet, purple, olive, aqua, navy blue, indigo, etc.

What are the benefits of learning the names of colors?

The benefits of learning a list of all color names help children upgrade their knowledge about different colors. Also, they will recognize and use them appropriately for coloring activities.

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