Motivation Essay

500 + Words Essay On Motivation In English 

Motivation plays an important role in building the personality of an individual. It provides encouragement to achieve goals in life. Needless to say, motivation is an essential part of life, which makes a person more confident to do work. It is a quality that helps in facing and overcoming hurdles. The feeling of motivation makes a person to fight during hard times and move on with life. Motivation can change the personality and perception of people. Those who are motivated tend to be stronger and more confident. Whereas, the person who lacks motivation fails to achieve success in life. Therefore, it is necessary to be motivated in whatever you do. 

How can you motivate someone or get motivated? It can be achieved through speech or actions. You can speak to someone and motivate them to do something in life. Besides this, your actions can motivate people to do something good. Being motivated will help an individual to break down their barriers and explore new paths. They will overcome and try to resolve their problems sensibly and systematically. Moreover, you can motivate people in some way or the other with a positive attitude. In this motivation essay, let us discuss a few tips to motivate people and the importance of motivation in our lives. 

Types Of Motivation

The two types of motivation are mentioned below: 

  1. Self Motivation: This basically happens when a person does not need other people to motivate them. They are self motivated individuals who work tirelessly to achieve their goals in life. Besides this, these people have their own strategies and perception towards things. They can take up and complete any challenging task with dedication and determination. 
  2. Motivation by Others: There are times when people feel low in their life. During this time, someone can motivate them and develop confidence in whatever they are doing. This is possible when they hear inspirational talks or speech from others. With this, they feel motivated and happy in their life. 

Tips For Motivation 

Motivation is an important tool that makes a person stronger and braver. To make someone feel motivated, there are certain things that you can follow in your life. Here are a few tips for motivation mentioned below: 

  • Encourage people in whatever task they take up. 
  • Speak positive words to show appreciation. 
  • Listen to other people and their point of view. 
  • Give positive feedback for their performance.
  • Surround yourself with people who are positive. 
  • Read motivation related articles and books. 
  • Watch videos or documentaries related to motivation. 
  • Break your goals into segments so that you can give enough attention to each task that you are doing. 
  • Seek motivation from the people who are experienced and well informed. 
  • Meditate to improve your mental health in order to feel motivated all the time. 
  • Keep upgrading your knowledge on goals that you want to achieve. 
  • Stay focused on things for an effective outcome. 
  • Stay in touch with your loved ones who motivate you in every situation of your life. 
  • Set goals and make a checklist of tasks that you want to accomplish. This will help you to be motivated and work towards your goals. 
  • Stick to the things that fascinate you. This will enable you to feel motivated in doing things that interest you and you are passionate about. 
  • Find ways to feel motivated in your work or task. 
  • Track your progress on a regular basis so that you can feel motivated to know how far you have reached your goals. 
  • Visit places where you feel relaxed and motivated. 
  • Interact with people who give you motivation in everything that you do.
  • Exercise to relax your mind and body. 
  • Be patient in achieving your goal. 

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Importance of Motivation 

When you feel motivated, there are abundant opportunities that come your way. It changes the way you perceive things. There is improvement in the work and desire to achieve goals in life. The importance of motivation is mentioned below: 

  • Building Confidence: When someone influences and motivates you to do something great, there will be improvement in confidence. This will enable you to work in a systematic way. Moreover, it will make you come out of your comfort zone and achieve success in life. For example, if someone is feeling nervous to take part in sports. In such scenarios, you can assure them by making them feel confident about the game. 
  • Enhances Performance: The person who feels motivated will enhance their performance. They feel and think in a certain way that will be beneficial for the task. It will enable them to put their thoughts into action. For instance, if someone is doing some project work, if he or she is motivated, only then will the performance improve. It will give abundant energy to work in an effective way. 
  • Achievement of Goal: With increased motivation, there are chances that you can achieve your goal in a systematic way. Due to this, you can improve your concentration and focus towards the task that you are doing. 
  • Improves Efficiency: The person who is motivated will work tirelessly to give their best. If you feel motivated, there will be proper planning and systemic approach towards the task that you are doing. 
  • Develops Essential Skills: When your motivation level is higher, there will be development of essential skills such as communication, problem solving, decision making and analytical skills while learning or doing some work. 


Motivation is an internal process that is initiated in people so that they can achieve anything in life. It is important for every individual to stay motivated in order to be happy in whatever they do. Being motivated makes a person happy, focused and confident. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Motivation Essay

What is a motivation essay?

It is a short write up on motivation which is a feeling that is initiated in people to stay happy and achieve their goals.

What are the tips for motivation?

A few tips for motivation are staying healthy, doing exercise, being with positive people, setting goals, breaking tasks into smaller sections, tracking progress, etc.

What is the importance of motivation?

The importance of motivation is that it helps in enhancing performance, building confidence, achieving goals and improving efficiency.

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