Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids

In most countries across the world, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. The holiday is celebrated in honor of mothers across the world. This Mother’s Day, show your mom that you care and give her a wonderful present that’ll make her day. Mother’s Day gifts from kids should be something that your mom will cherish and keep forever. It can be homemade or shop-bought, but the only requirement is that it puts a smile on your mom’s face.

Confused about what to give your mom? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the most amazing Mother’s Day gifts from kids that your mom will love to receive. Whether you’re gifting them to your mom, aunts or grandmothers, these gifts will be loved by all.

20 Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids

Here is a list of some wonderful and unique Mother’s Day gifts from kids that’ll make her feel special. It’ll also show your mom how much you love and respect her. 

List of Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids

  1. Mother’s Day card: One of the best Mother’s Day gifts that moms everywhere would love to receive is a handmade card. Surprise your mom with a lovely handmade card with your handprint on it. Inside, you can write a lovely poem for your mom. You can also add a coupon for unlimited hugs and kisses from you to make her day more special.
  2. Fingerprint heart coffee mug: This is a very cute gift that your mom will cherish and keep forever. Paint fingerprint hearts on a plain white mug using enamel paint. Allow it to dry before sealing it with a dishwasher-safe sealer to ensure the paint doesn’t wash off. Make a cup of coffee or tea and serve it to your mum in this mug on Mother’s Day.
  3. Mom and me dancing flower pots: This handmade dancing flower pot is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts from kids. You’ll need a jumbo craft stick, pink and brown card stock paper, crafting knife, glue, scissors and a photo of you and your mom. Cut out a large flower from the pink card stock paper and then cut out a flower pot using the brown paper. Glue the picture in the middle of the flower. You can cut out leaves from green card stock paper. Cut a 1.5-inch wide rectangular piece of the paper and glue it to the back of the flower pot. Leave a space in between for the craft stick to slide through. Glue the flower to the craft stick and slide it between the tab behind the pot. Glue the bottom of the craft stick to the pot and write a message in the front. Your gift for mom is ready.
  4. Bedazzled flower pots: This is one Mother’s Day gift that your mom will definitely love. Bedazzle a flower pot or two with some sparkly plastic jewels and sequins to make the perfect gift for mom.
  5. Paper hydrangea bouquet: This activity is one of the best Mother’s Day crafts for kids. Make a bunch of paper hydrangeas with craft paper. Glue them on top of some green paper wrapped wire and tie them together with a ribbon. Wrap the bouquet with some colorful paper and give it to your mom.
  6. Handprint apron and oven mitts: One of the best gifts for the person who makes the most amazing things to eat is an apron and oven mitts. Personalize an apron and a set of oven mitts with your handprints on them. Then allow them to dry before wrapping them up for the best cook in the world.
  7. DIY soaps: Making DIY soaps for mother’s day is one of the best holiday activities for kids. Get a soap making kit and make some special soaps for your mom. Make it more special by embossing your mom’s name on the soap. Your mom will definitely love these sweet-smelling gifts.
  8. Succulent terrariums: If your mom loves plants, then she’ll love receiving a succulent terrarium as a gift. Get a terrarium building kit or make one of your own with cute succulent plants and give them to your mom. She’ll cherish this Mother’s Day gift forever.
  9. DIY scented candles: This Mother’s Day, don’t just celebrate and honor your mom, show her you really care by giving her a day off! Get a candle making kit and make some amazing DIY scented candles to make sure her day off is stress-free and relaxing.
  10. Heart bunting: Making a heart bunting is one of the best crafts for kids. This Mother’s Day, give mom a handmade felt heart bunting with her name on it. She’ll display it proudly for a long time.
  11. DIY Lip scrub: Mom gives the warmest hugs and kisses. Make sure her lips are well taken care of by giving her a homemade lip scrub. 
  12. Mason jar vase: A Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to be something very elaborate. Even a simple gift like an upcycled mason jar vase with flowers will do. As moms everywhere say, it’s the thought that counts.
  13. Pasta bouquet card:  Handmade cards are one of the best Mother’s Day gifts from kids for moms. Make a beautiful pasta bouquet card using colorful bowtie pasta and present it to mom.
  14. DIY bath bombs: One of the best Mother’s Day gifts from kids for moms is a day of rest and relaxation. Give her a spa day at home with some DIY bath bombs. Your mom will definitely remember this Mother’s Day gift for a long time to come.
  15. Painted rocks: Give mom some special painted rocks with cute messages as a gift on Mother’s Day. This is one of the best gift ideas for preschoolers and kindergarteners. 
  16. Bead bracelet: A bead bracelet that spells out your mom’s name is one of the best handmade gifts for mom on her special day. Make a bead bracelet using some ribbon and beads that spell out “MOM” or your mom’s name and give it to mom. Your mom will wear your gift with pride and cherish it always.
  17. Popsicle stick recipe holder: Help the best cook in your home keep her recipes safe with a popsicle stick recipe holder. This is one of the coolest Mother’s Day gifts that your mom will use for a long time to come. Also, check out these popsicle stick crafts for kids.
  18. Hand-painted bookmark: If your mom loves to read, there’s no better gift for her than a bookmark. But instead of buying her one, make one yourself. Cut a rectangular piece from white cardstock paper and paint it. You can personalize it by writing a sweet message or poem for your mom. 
  19. Breakfast in bed: There’s nothing your mom will love more than a surprise breakfast in bed gift on Mother’s Day. Make all your mom’s favorite things and fix her an amazing breakfast and serve it to her as soon as she wakes up. This is a gift your mom will love and cherish the memory forever.
  20. Heart string art photo frame: Give mom a string art keepsake as a gift this Mother’s Day. Get a string art kit and make a heart-shaped string art with a photo of you and your mom glued in the middle. Your mom will love this DIY photo frame and cherish it forever.

We hope you found these Mother’s Day gifts from kids useful. For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids

When is Mother’s Day celebrated?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in most countries.

What are some good Mother’s Day gifts?

Handmade gifts like cards, candles, soaps, lip scrubs, painted flower pots, breakfast in bed etc, are some great gifts to give mom on Mother’s Day.