Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids

Mother’s Day is celebrated across the world in order to express love and respect for mothers and motherhood. It could also be a wonderful time to spend some quality time with your children. On this special day, kids always wish to give gifts or make something creative for their mother’s. In such cases, you can suggest Mother’s day crafts for kids. If you explore, there are substantial lists of Mother’s day craft ideas for kids available online. 

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While giving suggestions on quick Mother’s day crafts for kids, make sure that it is easy and convenient for them to make. Needless to day, it improves their creativity, imagination, gross motor skills, and hand-eye coordination while making Mother’s day crafts for kids. In addition to this, art activities for kids will encourage them to explore and discover innovative ideas. 

Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Kids express their love to mothers with attractive crafts. For that, you can assist the young ones to do hands-on activities in a creative way. There are many printable Mother’s day crafts for kids available online. Apart from this, you can also encourage them to participate in drawing games for kids so that they can create something beautiful for their mothers. 

List Of Easy Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids

  • Crayon Candle – One of the Easy mother’s day crafts for kids: Here is an interesting activity for kids to give something creative to their mothers. Materials you’ll need are as follows: 
    • Wax
    • Crayons
    • Containers
    • Wicks

    Instructions: Heat a huge jar of wax and pour the heated wax into different containers. Place different colors of broken crayons into these containers too. Then, slowly pour each “layer” of colored wax into a big jar with a wick in it. You’ve now made your very own crayon candle. This is one of the most creative Mother’s Day crafts for kids.

    Mother's Day Crafts For Kids
  • Picture Frame Vase: Materials you’ll need for one of the most easy Mother’s Day craft for kids are as follows: 
    • Mason jar
    • Clear spray paint
    • Painter’s tape
    • Paints and brush
    • Flowers

    Instructions: Take your mason jar, stick painter’s tape on the jar, and paint the rest of your vase any color of your choice. Glue a picture of you and your mom (or you and your child) onto the painter’s tape. Don’t forget to make the paint on your vase more durable with some spray paint. And lastly, place your flowers inside the vase.

  • Osmo’s Masterpiece: You could also use Osmo’s interactive drawing game, Masterpiece, to draw a picture of you and your mom! With Osmo’s drawing tool, drawing becomes super easy and fun.
  • Cupcake Flowers: Materials required for this mother’s day craft for kids are as follows: 
    • Cupcake liners
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Pen

    Instructions: Use your pen to poke a hole in each cupcake liner. Then, pull your pipe cleaner through the hole. Make sure to tie a knot using your pipe cleaner. You could use another pipe cleaner to wrap your cupcake flowers and hold them together. That’s all! For more easy Mother’s Day crafts for kids, continue to read. 

  • Rainbow Footprint: Here’s one of the most fun kids’ crafts for Mother’s Day. Materials required are as follows: 
    • Watercolors
    • Pencil / Pen
    • Paper

    Instructions: Dip your child’s feet into watercolors and then have them stand on a sheet of paper. You could use their feet as the wings of a butterfly. Next, design the butterfly using your pen and pencils and you’re done. You could even make a card using these rainbow footprints.

  • Paper Plate Necklace: Materials required for this easy Mother’s Day craft for kids are as follows: 
    • Paper plates
    • Yarn

    Instructions: Cut your paper plates into tiny circles. Poke a hole in these small circles and pull yarn through them. Decorate each circle with more yarn, sequins, buttons, and glitter. Your paper plate necklace is ready. You don’t need to use paper plates if there aren’t any lying around. Even plain paper  colored paper would do.

  • Hand Painted Cactus: Looking for more Mother’s Day craft ideas for kids? We’ve got you covered. Materials required are as follows:
    • Stones
    • Paints and brushes
    • Pots

    Instructions: Collect various stones and pebbles from your backyard. Next, paint them green just like a cactus. Leave them to dry for a while, and then place them in your pot. These look pretty realistic and are a great example of super fun and easy Mother’s Day crafts for kids to make at home. If you don’t have pots at home, you could use a cardboard box and shape it like a pot.

  • DIY Soap Gifts: Materials required for this creative Mother’s Day craft for kids:
    • Soap
    • Microwave
    • Soap color/food coloring
    • Cookie cutters
    • Mold
    • Fragrance oil or essential oil
    • Ribbon
    • Letter stamps

    Instructions: First, melt your soap in a microwave. Once it’s melted, add the fragrance or essential oil to it, along with the soap color/food coloring. You could even add some honey or milk to your soap base. Next, once the mixture has cooled down, pour this mixture onto your mold. Use cookie cutters to shape your soap in any way you like. Use letter stamps to say “I love you, mom!” and poke a hole into your soap to pull a ribbon through it. Put all your handmade soaps into a basket and you’re done. This could be one of the best kids’ crafts for Mother’s Day. 

  • Flower Vase: This is something that everyone loves to decorate their house with. Materials required are as follows:
    • Color Papers
    • Watercolors  
    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Vase
    • Pencil 

    Instructions: Here, you can take a vase and make it colorful using watercolors or paints. Then, take papers and draw different types of flowers on it. Color the flowers and cut them into appropriate shapes. Paste a stick to each flower. Keep all the flowers in the vase making it visually beautiful and attractive. 

  • Heart Shaped Book – Fun mother’s day crafts for kids: Kids can create their own book filled with love and emotions for their Mother’s. Materials required are as follows: 
    • Papers
    • Scissors
    • Colors
    • Glitter stones. 
    • Threads
    • Stapler

    Instructions: Take a paper and cut it in the shape of a heart. Similarly, cut multiple heart shaped sheets. Place all these sheets together and staple it. Once it is tightly fixed, color the papers using watercolors or crayons. To make it attractive, you can add a few glitter stones or threads. Later, write your thoughts and feelings for your mother in the book. 

  • Paper Earrings: How important are Mother’s day crafts for kids to make? It basically gives a sense of happiness to express feelings for their Mother’s. Materials required are as follows: 
    • Color papers
    • Glitter pens
    • Watercolors
    • Shimmery stones. 
    • Thick threads

    Instructions: You can take a sheet of paper. Cut it in different shapes like oval, triangle, circle, rectangle, etc.  Take these shapes and paste it on the thick threads. Try to place it in such a way that it is fixed properly. Add shimmery stones to these shapes in order to make it a beautiful earring.

Tips For Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids 

Few tips for Mother’s crafts for kids are mentioned below:

  • Keep it short and easy to understand what they are creating. 
  • Use attractive materials to make it visually appealing. 
  • Try to use sustainable or reusable materials so that there is no wastage of materials. 
  • Explore ideas based on the interest of their Mother’s. 

For more creative kids learning games & activities, check the rest of our website. We’ve also got a wide range of STEM activities for kids that transform the learning experience for your little one.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids

How to make Crayon Candle for Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids?

Crayon candle is one of the simplest mother’s day crafts for kids. You can make a crayon candle by using the materials such as crayons, wax, containers, and wicks.

What are some of the tips and tricks to make Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids?

Some of the tips and tricks to make Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids are discovering some fun and simple ideas and using eco friendly materials and making sure that no items are wasted.

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