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Monkeys are one of the funniest and intelligent animals in the animal kingdom. They are well-known for leaping and running through trees quickly. Like humans and apes, monkeys belong to the group of mammals called ‘Primates’. Monkeys look like apes, such as orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees. Moreover, scientists have divided them into two groups, namely, old world monkeys and new world monkeys. When kids learn these facts about monkeys, they would undoubtedly be curious to learn and color these creatures. Hence, provide kids with animal coloring pages like monkey coloring pages. There are free monkey coloring pages for kids available where they can practice coloring one of their favorite animals. 

The monkeys are clever and social creatures. There are around 200 types or species of monkeys. Also, monkeys are found in different parts of Asia and Africa. However, you can find many monkey coloring pages to print online  and provide kids to practice coloring and developing important skills. Below given is a list of monkey coloring pages for the little Picassos to practice and learn. Also, refer to Alphabet Coloring Pages, available at Osmo.

Printable Monkey Coloring Pages For Kids 

Here are few free monkey coloring pages for kids to learn about these intelligent animals.

Monkey Coloring Pages: Color the monkey holding the banana

Monkey coloring pages

Monkey Coloring Pages: Color the monkey hanging on the branch

monkey coloring pages

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List Of Preschool Monkey Coloring Pages 

It is a known fact that little children love to draw, color and make crafts. And, the right age to provide them with the monkey coloring pages is as early as 15 months. Kids start identifying colors, flowers, animals, and fruits by looking at the images by this age. Hence, it is ideal for giving them printable monkey coloring pages easily available and accessible online. Also, little minds tend to get bored when there are no fun activities, games, or coloring pages as a part of their learning session. Thus, the parents and teachers must make sure to keep the little learners’ study time a fun and exciting one. Along with that,  the monkey coloring pages engage them in Animal Games for Kids. These games help the little minds know more about the animal kingdom. Besides, cute monkey coloring pages are available in printable form too. Here is a list of free monkey coloring pages for the children to color and learn.

Monkey Coloring Pages For Kids 

Introducing the little ones to colors is fun. For instance, you can point out a white flower and ask the child to identify the color or ask them to put on their yellow sweater. By doing this, little minds learn the names and begin recognizing the colors. These color recognition activities aid children in identifying colors. Some of these color recognition activities are monkey coloring pages, coloring blocks, etcThe rule is that when little minds are developed enough to understand the idea of colors, provide them with cute monkey coloring pages. Also, free printable monkey coloring pages assist them to recognize the colors they paint. Practicing the monkey coloring pages improves their hand and eye coordination. 

Baby Monkey Coloring Pages For Kids 

Monkeys are clever and are closely associated with human beings, and their babies are also known as ‘infants’. The baby monkeys differ in weight that depends on their type. The tiniest monkey is called the Pygmy Marmoset, whose little ones weigh only thirteen to fifteen grams. Baby monkeys also rely on their mothers to safeguard and feed them. Once you have introduced the kids to these facts about the baby monkeys, provide them with the baby monkey coloring pages. During class hours or homeschooling sessions, the educators must give the kids monkey coloring pages and let them explore the coloring techniques. Also, refer to Princess Coloring Pages.

Cute Monkey Coloring Pages For Kids

Preschool kids learn ‘pre skills’, which form the foundation for the future through their coloring, drawing, singing, playing and learning. Kids attain skills that assist them in learning to write, read, build their math and science abilities, and become successful students. During this learning phase, kids can be engaged in activities like building blocks, drawing and coloring activities like monkey coloring pages, etc. Engaging kids in coloring activities help them improve their fine and gross motor skills, creativity, and different coloring approaches. When kids are involved in group coloring activities, they learn school readiness skills, which support them in comprehending the classroom routines and how to participate in group activities.

Teach Interesting Facts About Monkey With Monkey Coloring Pages 

Some of the amazing things about monkeys while learning monkey coloring pages are mentioned below: 

  • Did you know that prehensile tails are only found on new world monkeys. 
  • We cannot say that all the monkeys are primates. 
  • They are mostly found in tropical rainforests. 
  • They love grooming themselves in order to stay in groups and build strong relationships. 
  • Did you know that Mandrils are the largest monkeys in the world. 
  • They are considered to be extremely intelligent animals. 
  • Most of the monkeys live on the tree except for the few who prefer baboons. 
  • Monkeys prefer eating fruits, nuts, leaves, etc. 
  • The group of monkeys that live together are also known as the tribe or troop. 

Benefits Of Monkey Coloring Pages For Kids 

Some of the benefits of free monkey coloring pages are mentioned below: 

  • Improves concentration and focus:  With monkey coloring pages, kids will be able to improve their concentration level on what they are doing. It is highly recommended for kids to color and develop their focus for extended periods of time. This will enable them to enhance their learning experience. 
  • Develops creativity: Kids from an early age like to explore new things around them. In such cases, they start developing creativity in whatever task they take up. Kids start discovering new things and implementing them for better results. 
  • Enables color recognition: Little minds require a lot of flexibility to grasp things that they are learning. In this regard, monkey coloring pages will enable kids to recognize and learn names of the different colors. This will help them to nurture their creativity and knowledge on coloring and craft activities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Monkey Coloring Pages

What are the different types of Monkey Coloring Pages?

The different types of Monkey Coloring Pages are monkey coloring pages for children, baby monkey coloring pages, cute monkey coloring pages, etc.

What are the benefits of Monkey Coloring Pages?

The benefits of Monkey Coloring Pages are that it improves creativity, develops critical thinking abilities, enhances focus and concentration, also helps children to identify the colors correctly.