Metric Chart for Kids

Metric system is commonly used in most parts of the world. However, there is a variation in the metric system in different countries. To denote the weight of a person, length of a cloth and volume of an object in the United States, you need to use the US or Imperial Standard Units. For example, the SI unit of weight, volume and length is pound, gallon and miles, respectively. To teach US standard units to children, you can download a metric chart for kids. These charts for kids help children to learn measurement units in a systematic way.

In this article, explore metric chart for kids

Learning measurement units helps children to solve math problems quickly. They can solve measurement related problems within a fraction of second. To develop an interest in children to learn metric units, you can use an easy and understandable metric chart for kids. To understand the concept better, your child must know that the International System of Units was adopted in France in 1790. Later, it was also used by other countries. You use metric units in everyday life right from measuring ingredients for cooking to finding the distance of the road you traveled. 

Free Printable Metric Chart for Kids

Metric system has evolved over the years, and the US metric units are also referred to as imperial units. For example, kilograms are used as metric units, whereas pounds are used as US or imperial units for weight. Teaching metric units and their conversion is not an easy task. Therefore, you need a simple metric chart for kids, which makes it easier for children to learn and understand the measurement units effectively. Here are a few printable metric charts for kids given below:

Learn metric units from the given metric chart

Metric Chart for Kids

Fill each of the conversion tables on the given metric chart 

Metric Chart for Kids

Download Free PDF of Metric Chart for Kids

Tips for Using Metric Chart for Kids

A few tips to use a metric chart for kids are mentioned below:

  • Teach metric units to children in a simple and understandable way:  Sometimes, children may get confused with the units and their conversion formulae. In such cases, you need to keep it really easy for kids to understand the measurement units. You can conduct engaging activities so that they understand the units in a much better way. 
  • Use visually appealing charts: Children get attracted to the chart, if you present them in the form of visually appealing illustrations and background. You can use illustrations of objects for measuring volume, mass, length, etc., to teach children the measurement units. This grabs the attention of children easily. 
  • Use real-life examples to teach metric units to children: Learning and understanding measurement units in the textual format is quite a challenging task. To help young children understand the measurement units, you need to use real-life examples. You can use materials or objects available in the house or classroom to teach metric units of weight, volume, length, etc. 
  • Use measuring tools to teach metric units: To teach metric units to children, you need tools that help in giving accurate measurements of the objects. For example, a weighing machine, measuring jar, measuring tapes, rulers, yardsticks, etc. These measuring tools help children in learning metric units easily.
  • Conduct hands-on activities to teach metric units to children: With the help of a metric chart for kids, you can ask them to use the measuring tools and measure the weight, length or volume of a given object. For example, measuring the weight of mangoes, height of a door, length of a cloth, etc. Once your children complete measuring the objects, they can write the readings on the chart for their record.
  • Make it accessible for children: To help children learn metric units, you can keep a metric chart for kids in such a place where they can easily access them. You can hang the chart on the wall of their study room where children spend most of their time learning. 
  • Encourage children to practice metric units regularly: Retaining the information that your child is learning is possible only through practice. Therefore, you need to encourage children to practice measurement units on a regular basis for better retention. They can either write or recite metric units for better understanding.

Benefits of Metric Chart for Kids

Some of the benefits of metric chart for kids are mentioned below:

  • Develops recognition of metric units: Using a metric chart for kids helps them to recognize and learn measurement units easily. With this, children will be able to distinguish between weight, height, length, volume, etc. 
  • Develops mathematical skills: Learning measurement units helps children to solve math problems quickly. They can convert the units and solve problems related to measurement with accurate results. These charts are extremely useful in learning and memorizing the metric units for children. 
  • Improves understanding of the concepts: With the help of a metric chart for kids, they will be able to understand the concepts related to measurement units easily. They can relate to real world examples by comparing the objects based on weight, height, length, volume, etc. Young children learn about measurement units effectively by participating in hands-on activities. Practicing measurement units using the objects found in the house or classroom is more effective. 
  • Boosts confidence to learn metric units: Kids are introduced to measurement units with the help of a metric chart. These charts boost the confidence of children in learning metric units effectively. Children are able to explore and experiment with objects in order to learn measurement units. They gain practical knowledge to develop their understanding of the concept. 
  • Develops observational skills: Learning measurement units from the metric chart helps children to develop their observational skills. They observe each and every object around them and analyze their units of measurement for better understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Metric Chart for Kids

What is a metric chart for kids?

A metric chart for kids is an amazing tool to teach measurement units to children. These charts consist of metric units for weight, volume, area, mass, length, etc.

What are tips for using a metric chart for kids?

A few tips to use a metric chart for kids is that you can keep it simple and understandable for children. Besides this, you can use measuring tools to teach how to measure the object accurately using real-life examples for their understanding.

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