Measurement Worksheets 

What would your children do if they wanted to measure a piece of cloth or compare the size of any objects? They must be looking for measuring tools that make their task easier. Apart from measuring things, kids must also learn about the difference between the measurement units, their reading, and comparing the units for effective results. To help you in this regard, you can download measurement worksheets available for kids. These math worksheets for kids are a great tool to learn how to measure and compare things based on their measurement units.  


 Measurement is a crucial part of everyday life for people. For example, they measure the length of cloth, size of a table, the volume of water, weight of objects, etc. You must start engaging your children in practicing measurement worksheets to understand the difference between length, weight, volume, distance, etc. Most importantly, they must learn to convert one measurement unit to another. These worksheets for kids are highly beneficial to build a solid foundation of concepts related to measurement. 

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Free Printable Measurement Worksheets 

Learning unit conversion enables kids to understand and solve measurement problems accurately. It boosts confidence and develops your children’s problem-solving skills for better learning outcomes. Children can make fast and accurate calculations in real-life situations once they master the concept with these worksheets. You can help kids learn, recognize, convert measurement units with the help of creative exercises on the worksheets. These measurement worksheets help kids in academic success and other events happening in their day-to-day lives. Some of the free printable measurement worksheets are given below:

Use ruler to measure the length of the pencils on the worksheet

Measurement Worksheets 

Arrange the following images based on the length on the worksheet

Measurement Worksheets 

Choose the correct measurement units for the images on the worksheet

Check the measurement worksheet

Types of Measurement Worksheets for Kids

Different measurement worksheets that help your little ones read and convert measurement units appropriately are given below. 

  • Comparison worksheets: Kids must compare the length, volume and weight of the objects illustrated on the worksheet. They need to carefully look at the images and compare the measurements. For example, compare objects like small or big, less or more, high or low and heavy or light. Also, explore metric charts for kids
  • Fill in the blanks worksheets: Kids need to read the sentences and fill in the blanks with correct measurement units for meaningful communication. For example, Michael got 5 ________ of strawberries. The answer is pounds. Similarly, you can create more such questions to teach measurement units to children. 
  • Measurement worksheets: Kids must measure the length of the objects illustrated on the worksheet. For example, they need to measure the length of pencils using a ruler and write the answers in the space provided. 
  • Cut and paste worksheets: In this worksheet, kids need to cut and paste the measuring units, such as gallons, pounds, miles and meters, below their corresponding images. This worksheet helps them learn to recognize the US metric system effectively. 
  • Label worksheets: Kids must look at the images illustrated on the worksheet and compare the length from tallest to shortest. They need to write numbers for the images that are tallest and the ones that are shortest. For example, the tallest as one and the shortest as two. 
  • Read the units worksheets: Kids need to find the volume of juice in the measuring cup illustrated on the worksheet. They need to read the volume of juice measured in ounces on the space provided. With this, kids learn to identify the measurement units quickly. 
  • Identify the units worksheets: Kids must circle the correct measurement units for the images illustrated on the worksheet. This worksheet enables kids to differentiate between the measuring units effectively. For example, the length of a tabletop is measured in inches or gallons. The answer is inches. Kids need to choose the correct answer on the worksheet.

Examples of Measurement Units for Kids 

It would be great if you could teach kids measurement units with the help of examples. These worksheets help them relate to the units they encounter in their day-to-day lives. A few examples to explain measurement units for kids are mentioned below:

  • The weight of the carton box is 10 pounds. 
  • She eats 2 ounces of cereal in the morning. 
  • You might need 3 meters of cloth to make a shirt for your son. 
  • She carried two pints of water bottles for the train journey. 
  • The length of the door is 3 feet. 
  • Sam drove 4 miles to reach his destination. 

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Benefits of Measurement Worksheets for Kids

The benefits of measurement worksheets for kids are mentioned below:

  • Develops understanding of measurement units: Worksheets help kids practice and build an understanding of the units used for measuring an object or a body. They learn to recognize and differentiate between different measurement units. 
  • Helps in measuring things accurately: Learning measurement units enables kids to measure things accurately using the tools, such as a ruler, weighing machine, measuring tape and jar. 
  • Improves academic performance: Kids can excel in their academics and score well in the topics related to measurement. They will learn to convert measurement units and solve math problems quickly. 
  • Creates interest in learning: Kids might feel disengaged if the tools and materials used for teaching are not convincing and interesting. Therefore, worksheets help them develop an interest in learning measurement units and practice exercises that enhance their knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Measurement Worksheets

What are the measurement worksheets?

Measurement worksheets for kids are a great tool to recognize and develop an understanding of measurement units and the conversion of one unit to another. They learn to identify measuring tools used to measure objects or things accurately.

What are the benefits of measurement worksheets?

The benefits of measurement worksheets for kids are that it helps them understand the different measurement units creatively. Most importantly, it improves their academic performance and enables them to solve math problems with accurate results.