Math Activities for Kindergarten

Use This List Of Fun Kindergarten Math Activities To Boost Your Child’s Math Learning

Kids improve their knowledge of fundamental math principles during kindergarten. Math activities for kindergarten are a great way to improve a child’s mathematical skills with simple at-home activities. They gradually learn to practice simple addition, counting, measurements, shape recognition, and more. These simple and fun math activities for kids ensure that they learn to love math.

By the time a child finishes kindergarten, they must identify, order and count things up to 100. Other benchmarks include subtracting and adding single-digit numbers, identifying shapes, forming patterns and categorizing the objects by size. Learning all these math concepts can sometimes be dull and boring for little children. But math games for kids and math activities for kindergarten ensure that math lessons become fun and engaging.

While the little one’s teacher makes sure that they are on track, parents can also enhance cognitive skills with printable math activities for kindergarten. Here are some of the best math activities for kindergarten to add a zing to math lessons.

Fun Math Activities For Kindergarten

Make your little one learn to love math with these fun math activities for kindergarten kids.

  • Solve and cover: Solve and cover is a wonderful math activity for kids in kindergarten. Kids need to find the missing digit on the worksheet and cover the number. Here are some more number games for kids.
  • Cut and paste math activities for kindergarten: This is one of the best math activities for kindergarten kids to boost their learning of shapes and patterns. Kids need to cut and paste the correct picture to complete a pattern correctly in the worksheet. Here are some printable preschool patterns worksheets you can use for this activity.
  • Shape scavenger hunt: Summer is the best time to involve kids in a scavenger hunt. Add some math to the scavenger hunt to make the fun game a bit more educational. Hide a few shapes, like triangles, circles, squares etc in your house. Now ask kids to use them as a reference and find similar shaped objects around the house and backyard. Here are some more shape games for kids to help your child learn more about shapes.
  • Easter math activities for kindergarten:  Easter is a holiday that little kids love. There’s the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts to look forward to. An Easter Egg hunt is a great way to build your child’s number sense. Place several colorful Easter egg cutouts around your house. Ask your child to go on an egg hunt around the house and collect all the eggs. Then ask them to count the eggs and sort them according to color. To build your child’s counting skills, try counting kindergarten math worksheets.
  • Math coloring worksheets: Drawing and coloring are a favorite pastime of most kids. Use this to your advantage and help them learn some math concepts through drawing and coloring. Color by number worksheets and connect the dots worksheets are a great way to build a kindergarten’s number recognition skills.

Interactive math activities for kindergarten

Kids learn fast when they are in a group. They pick up basic social skills, such as cooperating, sharing and respecting when they work in a group. In addition to this, kids learn to communicate effectively and it also helps them learn to work as team players. Here are some interactive math activities for kindergarten kids.

  • Button Sorting: Learning to identify shapes early sets a solid foundation for geometry and predicting patterns. Provide the first child with a variety of buttons and encourage them to organize them by color. Now, the next kid can arrange the buttons based on the number of holes or size. This math activity for children helps enhance their understanding of size and color.
  • Monopoly: Learning how to handle money and make investments is a great skill. Introduce kids to Monopoly to help them learn money management and simple math in a fun and entertaining way. Try these money games for kids to teach them more about money management.

We hope you and your child enjoyed these fun math activities for kindergarten kids. Osmo has a wide range of activities for kids at home, games and worksheets to boost your kids learning.

Frequently Asked Questions on Math Activities for Kindergarten

What are the Math Activities for Kindergarten?

The Math Activities for Kindergarten are coloring the numbers, tracing the numbers, counting activities, adding the number of similar objects, cutting and pasting activities, etc.

What are some of the fun math Activities for Kindergarten?

Some of the fun math activities for kindergarten are sorting the colors, sorting the buttons, number pictionary, number monopoly, counting games, backward counting activities, etc.

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