Math Activities for Kindergarten

Math activities for Kindergarten improve the child’s mathematical skills with these simple at-home activities. They gradually learn to practice simple addition, counting, measurements, shape recognition, and more. Kids improve their knowledge of fundamental math principles during kindergarten. However, by the end of the year, they must identify, order and count things up to 100. Other benchmarks include subtracting and adding single-digit numbers, identifying shapes, forming patterns and categorizing the objects by size.

While the little one’s teacher makes sure that they are on track, parents can also enhance cognitive skills with math activities for kindergarten printable. The main activity includes math in everyday life, making it appear like a fun activity instead of a chore. (In other words: Lay off the flashcards and worksheets). Below are the five best Math Activities for Kindergarten to keep the kids engaged for an extended period.

Summer math activities for kindergarten

Who doesn’t love summer vacation? Kids are the ones who enjoy their holidays and moreover, make the most of them. It is a time for holidays and catching flies, trips to the swimming pool and firing up the grill. There are plenty of pictures and activities that cross the mind when one thinks of summer. And learning while having fun excites kids. 

Here are a few of the best Summer math activities for kindergarten.

  1. Solve and Cover:
  2. Children will solve to know the digit that is missing on the board. They have to find the missing digit on the ‘Solve and Cover’ mat and cover the number.

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  3. Cut and paste math activities for kindergarten:
  4. Kindergarteners love playing around with color pencils, crayons, glue sticks and kid-friendly scissors. Keeping this in mind, parents can turn learning sessions into fun sessions.

  5. Shape Scavenger Hunt:
  6. A kindergartener might be able to identify basic shapes. However, seeing them in real life strengthens the concept of geometry. Now, it’s time for the parents to begin a scavenger hunt in their backyard, at a house or a nearby park. Help the kid find objects in various shapes – squares, circles, rectangles, triangles and more. Later, ask them to draw, color, cut and paste the shapes on a blackboard, and name the shapes.

  7. Easter math activities for kindergarten:
  8. There is something magical about Easter eggs. Kids play with their Easter eggs just after the day has passed. They love to re-hide the eggs so they could go on another hunt. This is one reason why parents and teachers must incorporate math activities in the form of Easter eggs.

  9. Number words:
  10. Place some small manipulatives or mini erasers or pennies in each egg. Kids open the egg and count the number of items and write down the number word on their paper. Parents can write the number on the top of each egg and the number word on the bottom and have kids match that way.

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Interactive math activities for kindergarten

Kids learn fast when they are in a group. The chance for interactions with parents is quite essential for the growth of all kids. When interacting with a parent, kids learn social skills, such as cooperating, sharing and respecting. In addition to this, kids learn to communicate and enhance motor skills. Inculcating a sense of learning while interacting with their peers is an important thing.

  • Button Sorting:
  • Kindergarteners identify various shapes. However, they must classify objects based on size, color and weight. Provide the first child with a variety of buttons and encourage them to organize them by color. Now, the next kid can arrange the buttons based on the number of holes or size. This math activity for children helps enhance measurement and data abilities.

Montessori math activities for kindergarten

An excellent place to start would be to share the sequence of Montessori Math activities for Kindergarten. Parents must keep in mind that this is a path, which is not straightforward. A few tasks (Numeration and Place Value) are given in sequence, while others (Linear Counting and Math Facts) can be presented and practiced by the kid.

  • Cards and Counters:
  • The Cards and Counters math activities for kindergarten is one of the most exciting activities. Invite the kid to perform the task. Place a mat on the floor.

    • Label the cards and counters.
    • Now, place numerals out on a random basis.
    • Ask for the kid’s assistance to place the numbers in the order above the mat and to recognize the numbers.

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