Math Activities for 2nd Grade

2nd-grade math topics might sometimes be a little complicated to understand. Children may even feel overwhelmed, drained, or exhausted while learning core math skills. Fret not, we’ve got a great selection of math activities for 2nd grade that make math a lot more fun for your little ones.

These math activities for 2nd grade take the yawn out of boring math equations. You can see for yourself!

Math Activities for 2nd Grade

Check out our fun math activities for 2nd grade below.

Place Value Stomp

To play one of our most fun math activities for 2nd grade, you’ll need painter’s tape, paper, scissors, and a sharpie permanent marker.

First, you’ll need to make your place value ‘game board’. For this, you’ll have to use your painter’s tape to make a large grid and write down the place values with your permanent marker on the tape. Next, trace your child’s feet on a sheet of paper and photocopy it so you have about 20 of those sheets. On each ‘feet’, write down various single-digit numbers.

You’ll have to call out a big number (such as 577689), and instruct your child to find the digits from the printed sheets, and place them in the grid according to place value. As they place it in the right spot, they’ll need to stomp the printed feet with their own feet!

Once your child has grasped the concept of place value, you could repeat this activity without writing down the place value on your painter’s tape.

For digital-physical math games, check out Osmo’s Math Wizard series now!

DIY Math Puzzles

Here’s another of the best math activities for 2nd grade. All you’ll need is some craft sticks and paint pens.

Write down an equation (without the answer) on each craft stick. For example, 6 + 4, 7 – 3, etc. Line up all these question sticks and gradually answer the questions on the sticks, making a chain of responses.

There’s another way to play this game. You could have a child hold up a question stick on their forehead and have the player sitting opposite them calculate the answer. Based on their answer, the child has to guess the equation/question. Visit, to explore more Math Puzzles for Kids.

Division Dice Game

Looking for more awesome at-home math activities for 2nd grade? Look no further. For this game, you’ll need some wooden blocks and sheets of sticker paper and regular paper.

First, print various single-digit numbers on sticker papers. Then, write down division equations on your regular sheets of paper. You’ll need to stick those sticker papers (with the single-digit numeral on them) on each wooden block, on just one side. The other sides of the blocks will need to have your division equations. 

To play, kids need to roll about 9 wooden blocks and see how many division equations match with the numerals. The more problems your child is able to solve, the higher his score. You could even stick a star or a smiley on a few sides of your wooden blocks. If your child rolls one of those, his score doubles. Visit, to explore more Math Dice Games.

Memory Fractions

Test your child’s understanding of fractions with one of our most fun math activities for 2nd grade.

You’ll need to make flashcards with fractions written on a few flashcards in number form, and fractions written in words on the other flashcards. For example, some flashcards might have 2 / 3, 1 / 8, and the other flashcards might have two-thirds, and one eighth, and so on.

All of these flashcards must be placed face-down on the ground. Kids need to flip them over one at a time to find the right match! In a way, they’re testing their memory too. Visit, to explore more Memory Games for Kids.

Measurement Scavenger Hunt

For yet another of our cool at-home math activities for 2nd grade, you’ll need to create a list of clues that push kids to measure objects around the room!

For example, if one clue reads “Find something between 5-10 inches long” and kids could try to measure random objects and furniture and write down their estimation on paper and bring the object to you for approval.

Geometric Drawing

A great way to review your child’s knowledge of shapes is with one of our awesome math activities for 2nd grade.

All you need to do is instruct your child to draw various objects using shapes. They could draw a cat, a train, a vegetable, just by using shapes. It’s super fun!

You could incorporate all these activities into your child’s daily routine. Trust us, they’ll have a blast playing these games, and won’t even realize they’re learning in the process! Some more great ways to add some math in your day-to-day life is by:

  1. Adding up number plates with your child when you go on a drive
  2. Asking your child to estimate the bill at the grocery store (or the bill from their pizza delivery order!)
  3. Encouraging your child to help you out in the kitchen by measuring the ingredients for your meal.

Coin Counting Puzzles

These puzzles are quite a simple yet exciting way to work on the coin values. Children must match up the images with the amounts displayed. There’s also a plain version where children can sum up their coins to the squares rather.

Roll and compare

There are different methods to use dice in the classroom. Each player rolls three dice in this game and sorts them to give themselves the highest possible number. Then they collate with their partner to see who is the winner. Excellent for place value and comprehending less than or greater than.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Math Activities for 2nd Grade

What are the Math Activities for 2nd Grade?

Some of the Math Activities for 2nd Grade are Osmo’s math wizard, division games, multiplication dice games, addition and subtraction activities, memory games to help kids learn fractions, number scavenger hunt, etc.

Why are Math Activities for 2nd Grade important?

Math Activities for 2nd Grade are important because they help in teaching kids the basics of math operations, namely, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Also, these Math Activities for 2nd Grade help kids to learn about fractions too.

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